Why uPVC Windows are Best

In the market for replacement windows? Confused about whether you should go for uPVC, aluminium, or wooden frames? Not sure about the type of window you should go for – casement, sash, tilt and turn, or dual turn?

In today’s article, we’ll look at the choice of material, the types of windows you can install, show you estimates for the type of price you will pay to replace your windows depending on the size of your home, and how to find the best tradesmen for you.

uPVC vs wooden vs aluminium

There are three main reasons why you should choose uPVC windows over timber and aluminium. These reasons include:


Because it’s made in such quantities around the world, developers and manufacturers continue in a 30-40 year old arms race against each other to provide the very best materials to installers and the homeowners they serve. Compared with even ten years ago, uPVC offers robust insulation and it demands less and less care and attention.

In terms of cost to the homeowner, it is considerably more affordable than either wooden or timber frames. While wooden and aluminium frames cost more, can that cost difference be seen in a higher value to a property when it’s time to put it on the market? There is a lot of debate among estate agents on this subject.

Energy efficiency and thermal protection levels offered by uPVC windows are very comparable to wooden and aluminium frames too.


Timber frames are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking for a more traditional aesthetic than uPVC or aluminium frames.

Wood has natural insulating properties and this offers homeowners the opportunity to save significant sums of money on their gas and electricity bills each year.

Wooden windows are sold at a hefty premium to their uPVC counterparts. When well maintained, they tend to offer a longer life than uPVC windows. This maintenance is also essential for making sure that the windows retain their looks over time.


Aluminium is the strongest of the three types of frame. This strength allows for a greater surface area of glass per square foot of window together with slimmer frames on the outside.

Modern manufacturing techniques mean that aluminium windows are well protected against both discolouration and rust. They also do not require the constant maintenance and upkeep needed by homeowners with wooden windows.

Other than the price, the biggest downside of aluminium windows is that they are not as insulating as either uPVC or wooden frames. This can be offset, to some degree and at an additional cost, by the application of an insulating material on the frame’s inner.

Get UPVC Window Quotes

Type of propertyType of windowMade fromNumber of windowsEstimated full installation price
2-bed flatCasementuPVC4£1,575
2-bed flatSashuPVC4£2,800
2-bed terraced houseCasementuPVC5£2,050
2-bed terraced houseSashuPVC5£3,950
2-bed semiCasementuPVC7£2,700
2-bed semiSashuPVC7£4,700
3-bed semiCasementuPVC9£3,400
3-bed semiSashuPVC9£5,900
3-bed detachedCasementuPVC12£4,500
3-bed detachedSashuPVC12£6,900
4-bed detachedCasementuPVC15£5,550
4-bed detachedSashuPVC15£8,300

What options are available for uPVC window frames?

There are four main styles of window that you can order for you home with uPVC. These are:

Casement – these windows open from a single set of hinges. The handle is either placed on the top of the window, the side, or the bottom. They are also the most affordable type of windows that you can put on your property.

Sash – these are a much more retro style of window. The window is split into two parts – an upper and a lower segment. You can pull the lower segment upwards to open the window.

Tilt and turn – these windows are the more advanced cousins of the casement window. Instead of only being able to open in one direction, tilt and turn windows can open on either side, and in some instances, even inwards.

Dual turn – these windows are the more advanced version of sash windows. Instead of only being able to open the bottom portion of the window upwards, with dual turn windows, you can open both panes in a rotating fashion. These are the windows with the highest price points.

Compare uPVC Window Quotes

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