Why Should You Upgrade Your Wooden Windows?

Today, it has never been more essential to upgrade your old wooden windows to meet rising performance standards. Energy bills are on the rise, and our climate is becoming an increasing concern too. Updating your windows can ensure you get ahead of these problems, and you can do it for an affordable price with Compare Companies.

Rather than take a chance by going direct, we give you all the options at your fingertips to make sure you get the best deal. You can compare the whole market and use our hassle-free quoting process to get a quick wooden window price as well. That way, you can enrich your home with the best possible window, that gives your home outstanding benefits.

Some of the questions we at Compare Companies hope to answer for you include:

  • Why should I upgrade old wooden windows?
  • What types of upgraded windows are there?
  • What materials are an upgrade over wood?
  • How do windows and materials compare with each other?
  • How much does it cost to upgrade old wooden windows?
  • How worthwhile is my investment?

With Compare Companies, you can upgrade your old wooden windows with ease. We only put you in contact with trusted companies, whose services are approved by FENSA, CERTASS and other regulators. Additionally, you can be confident of working with a double glazing specialist who’ll give you high-quality windows.

Not only that but when you upgrade your old wooden windows, you can provide your home with more space, light and warmth. With a combination of innovative materials and advanced double glazing, you can save money on your household bills. You’ll also be able to reduce your carbon footprint with new windows too.

Why should I upgrade old wooden windows?

Wooden windows are an inefficient option for your home. That’s because wood is challenging to maintain, and it can lose its performance quickly. Wood can also wear away in bad weather, as water can enter any cracks in the timber and make them expand.

As well as that, old wooden windows often use standard panels of glass, with only one pane. Because of this, heat and warmth can easily escape your home, and cold air can replace it. Therefore, you end up having to compensate for this by using your central heating, costing you money and increasing your emissions.

With a new window, you can replace unreliable wood with stunning new materials. You can enhance your living space with either uPVC or aluminium, which both give you more insulation, better weather protection and even more security. Additionally, you can select window styles that mimic traditional timber joinery.

When you upgrade your old wooden windows, you’ll feel the difference straight away. As well as making your living space warmer, their double glazing will also let more natural light into your home. You’ll make your home more spacious, more comfortable, and you and your family will be able to enjoy it with peace of mind.

Thanks to Compare Companies, you can look through hundreds of specialists and their extensive ranges to find the perfect windows at the ideal price. They have a vast array of styles so that you can get a window that suits your home. Also, because we only work with trusted suppliers, you can be sure of adding real quality.

Why types of upgraded windows are there?

You can upgrade your old wooden windows with a variety of styles. Each one is a unique and bold design that can make a genuine difference to the way you use your home. With either a uPVC or an aluminium finish, these windows will also protect your living space from outside threats.

Casement Windows

By far the most popular choice in the UK, casement windows are a versatile option for your home. They use slim frames and sleek double glazing to give you stunning views and outstanding natural light. You can also customise them to open both inward and outward to make them suit any space in your home.

These windows are a significant upgrade on wooden windows, particularly when it comes to energy saving. With double glazing and durable frames, a casement window creates a thermal barrier for your home. That way, you can make your home warmer without relying on your central heating, saving money on your household bills.

Sash Windows

Sash windows provide a real flair, with an elegant upward-opening that gives any home timeless class. Thanks to their innovative design, they have an incredibly smooth functionality that won’t wear or rust over time. As well as that, you’ll add some of the highest quality hinges, springs and other internal hardware that stays robust.

Because of this, you’ll benefit from increased security in your home. With multi-point locking systems in the glass, intruders will be unable to break into your home through your window. Upgrading to a sash window gives you stunning style and equally superb performance, and for a lower price with Compare Companies.

Tilt and Turn Windows

You can upgrade your old wooden windows to a flexible tilt and turn option. Rather than have a window that only opens one way, these designs use clever hinges to tilt the window up, down, in and out. They’re brilliant for cleaning, as you can tilt them horizontally. Also, opening them inwardly also improves your home’s security.

An essential improvement these windows provide over older ones is their durability. While wood loses its performance quickly, uPVC and aluminium frames can perform for decades. They have exceptional strength and air and water-design that makes them almost bulletproof. Because of this, you can be sure they’ll enhance your home for years to come.

Bow and Bay Windows

Perfect for traditional homes, bow and bay windows use multiple panels of double glazing to create a theatrical, angled window. They extend a wall of your home outwards, giving you more space. As well as that, the design concentrates natural light into your living space, making it feel endless and at one with the natural world.

A benefit of this design is that you can add a focal point to your home, and you can tailor it precisely to you. That’s because most double glazing specialists in our network allow you to customise your design, adding as many panels as you’d like. You can also upgrade on your old window with a new colour or finish that reflects your personality.

Upgrade old wooden windows with advanced materials

Wood is a material that can’t provide your home with long-term performance. Although it can improve your home’s warmth, it far too easily twists and bends, meaning more cracks appear for cold air to rush through. With a new upgraded window, however, you’ll add air and water-right design to your home, made possible with fabulous frames.


uPVC is an innovative material that can provide any home with excellent strength. It has a flexible design so it can suit a variety of windows and purposes. uPVC is also fully recyclable and lead-free, making it an environmentally friendly material too.

uPVC is far more durable than wood and is also fully weatherproof. That means it can withstand any amount of wind and rain, without the risk of damage. As well as that, the material features stunning insulation as standard, meaning it’ll keep your living space warmer than wood ever could.


Alternatively, aluminium provides even more durability and strength. Because it’s a precious metal, aluminium is incredibly robust, and a responsible choice for securing your home. Unlike wood, which can break with enough force, aluminium is almost impenetrable. That way, you can have peace of mind in your living space with an aluminium window.

Aluminium is also able to perform for decades, even with little-to-no maintenance. That way, you’ll have more time for the things that really matter to you. Additionally, an aluminium window can also put money back in your pocket, as their energy-saving benefits can transform your home. With fewer costs, these windows are a worthwhile investment.

How do these upgraded windows and materials compare?

As always, the most important thing to consider is which materials suit you and your home best. Fortunately, Compare Companies is the ideal destination for working out what’s best for you and your budget. With our comparisons, you can see offers from hundreds of specialists to see just how windows and materials compare.

For example, you may not want to upgrade if you have a traditional home which suits old wooden windows. However, sash and bow windows are brilliant for these older properties, thanks to their Victorian design. As well as old-school style, you’ll also benefit from their outstanding energy-saving and insulation.

Upgrading your windows can also be a terrific option if you want to modernise your home. They’re not only fantastic additions as replacements but even better as new windows for your home. If you’ve been thinking about fitting a modern extension, then pairing it with new upgraded windows with aluminium can give it a beautiful, sleek design.

No matter the size of your home, you can upgrade your windows. That’s because tilt and turn windows can fit into even the smallest spaces, meaning they’re ideal as a way of brightening any room. You can upgrade windows of all shapes and sizes with double glazing and advanced frames, which can provide more excellent light and space wherever you put them.

Finally, uPVC and aluminium are significant improvements on wood as a framing option. Whichever you choose to upgrade to, you’ll be able to enhance your home’s security and weather protection. Aluminium conceals your window’s internal hardware with a robust frame, while uPVC prevents draughts and cold spots building in your space.

How much does it cost to upgrade old wooden windows?

When you upgrade old wooden windows, the price can vary depending on your chosen style. A crucial early decision is to select between uPVC and aluminium for your windows. While both materials offer excellent strength and durability, the added security and insulation of aluminium makes it a more expensive option.

As such, you can expect a slight mark-up in choosing an aluminium frame. Additionally, different window styles have different costs too. For example, casement window prices can start from as little as £160, proving why they’re a popular option across the UK.

For other windows, these costs rise. There is a £425 starting price for tilt and turn windows, a £550 starting price for sash windows and a starting price of £1000+ for bow and bay windows. These windows, however, use innovative design to give your home more than just energy savings.

Another massive advantage of upgrading to uPVC or aluminium windows is that they can be cheaper than new wooden ones. Remarkably, this means you can get more advanced insulation, security and privacy for less. Because of this, you can be sure that you’ll be making a worthwhile investment for your home.

How worthwhile is my investment?

When you upgrade old wooden windows, you’re making an investment that’ll reward you and your family for a lifetime. In particular, they can stop you from relying on central heating in the colder months, reducing your energy usage and bills. That way, you’ll start making your investment back while also being more environmentally friendly.

You’ll also be able to put money back in your pocket when you decide to leave your home. Upgrading your old windows can give your home a higher re-sell value, meaning you can make your money back when you choose to move on. That way, upgrading your window can benefit you even when you leave your living space.

Upgrade your old wooden windows with Compare Companies

At Compare Companies, you can upgrade your old wooden windows at a competitive price through a straightforward process. We’ll put you in touch with multiple trusted companies. They’ll work with you to install your new, upgraded window, and transform your home into a more comfortable space.

You can also give us a call on 0800 084 5076 today to speak to us directly about our services.

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