Why Should You Choose A Conservatory or Orangery Over A House Extension?

Why Should You Choose A Conservatory or Orangery Over A House Extension?

Why should you choose a conservatory or orangery over a house extension? At Compare Companies, we offer a stunning range of deals on these new spaces for your home. Thanks to our network of high-quality suppliers, you can get a new room that performs like a house extension for a far cheaper price.

That’s because conservatories and orangeries are now benefitting from cutting-edge technology. With double glazing, innovative design, and plenty of other solutions, these spaces are becoming more and more reliable. Not only that, but our suppliers ensure that you can use these spaces every day of the year.

Some of the questions about these extended spaces we at Compare Companies hope to answer for you are:

  • Why shouldn’t I choose a house extension?
  • Why should I choose a conservatory or orangery?
  • What styles of conservatory and orangery are there?
  • How does a conservatory or orangery compare to a house extension?
  • How much does a conservatory or orangery cost over a house extension?
  • How worthwhile is my investment?

If feel like you’ve started to outgrow your current home, there’s no need to move. Not only that, but there’s no need to shell out on an expensive house extension either. These spaces are difficult to install and can also require complex planning permission, making fitting one a stressful process.

However, a conservatory or orangery can give you many of the same benefits and more, for a lower price. You can fit most of their designs without planning permission, and they’re quick to install too. Thanks to our trusted network, you’ll also be sure to work with a FENSA and CERTASS-approved installer that’ll meet and exceed building regulations.

Why shouldn’t I choose a house extension?

Time is a major consideration why you should choose a conservatory or orangery over a house extension. If you have a busy life or use your home for work, then extensions can cause massive disruption. Fitting them can take months, and can turn your precious home into a building site for that amount of time.

Most extensions also need to connect to your mains electricity and plumbing. While a trusted installer will do this for you, it only adds more time onto the process. Not only that, but this could lead to higher energy costs, as you’ll have another room to warm up with your central heating, increasing the load on your boiler as well.

As well as that, you’ll be making a significant investment. Extensions routinely cost tens of thousands of pounds, meaning you may need to save for a while to merely start the process. That way, you can leave yourself short, leading to unnecessary worry and stress.

Another stressful element of fitting an extension is that they often require planning permission. You’ll have to work with an installer to clear dozens of regulations, often limiting the amount you can do with your space. With this lack of flexibility, you may end up creating a room that doesn’t truly reflect your style or vision.

Because of all of these reasons, it makes sense to choose a conservatory or orangery over a house extension. Not only will you save money and time, but you’ll be able to take more control over the design and installation process. Also, with their blend of smart design and materials, you can get a space that performs as well for far less money.

Why should I choose a conservatory or orangery?

If you want to expand your space while staying on top of your budget, then work with Compare Companies to get a quote on a conservatory or orangery. These spaces use a mixture of innovative doors, structures and roofing to insulate your home. That way, you can get a bright and airy space without losing its warmth.

Conservatories are infamous for having poor heat transfer, which means that the space fluctuates heavily in temperature. However, our network of suppliers uses only the highest quality materials to ensure the best possible performance. Because of this, you’ll be investing in a room that you can use all year round.

Orangeries, on the other hand, are more theatrical designs that use a solid wall to connect the room to your existing home better. These spaces use less double glazing, meaning you get more privacy and insulation. Rather than relying on the sides for natural light, they often use roof lanterns to provide a dramatic overhead view.

With both of these structures, you’ll save more money as opposed to buying a house extension. Rather than using brickwork across the entire surrounding, you can instead add smaller amounts to provide the same benefits. For example, you could add a dwarf wall to make your structure more robust.

When you use Compare Companies’ innovative comparison system, you can also save more money by finding better quotes. Our network puts you in touch with only trusted local suppliers and installers. Because of this, you’ll get a reliable installation. These fitters will also often do much of the surrounding work that arises from your setup as well.

What styles of conservatory and orangery are there?

When you choose a conservatory or orangery over a house extension, you can benefit from more freedom of choice. There are a variety of styles for both of these, each of which has unique benefits and design sensibilities. Many of these styles are common in both, meaning you can get a brilliant design whichever type of build you choose.


The Victorian style is the most popular option for both conservatories and orangeries. That’s because this design uses a tasteful blend of stylish features and functional materials. Victorian designs use finials as well, which give your home a timeless touch.

A significant benefit of Victorian designs is that they use a lot of advanced double glazing. With their slim structures and clear glass panels, you can create a bright and airy space in your home. As well as that, you can install sliding or bi-fold doors to give you a seamless connection to the outside world, paired with stunning views.


Another traditional design, Edwardian conservatories and orangeries are more symmetrical in shape. Because of this, they give you more space and flexibility to use your new room. Thanks to their advanced double glazing, you can stay comfortable and use it for whatever purpose you can imagine.

Both of these designs use a high-pitched roof, meaning you can get more concentrated natural light. As well as that, you can customise the roof with tiles or solid structures to add insulation and privacy. In an orangery, this design works well with a solid wall and makes your new addition feel tranquil and secluded.


Georgian designs are similar to the Edwardian style as they feature a square base. However, they have a different roof and finishing touches that make this design a standout addition for any home. They have high, sloping roofs that make them not only stylish but more secure as well.

A great benefit of this design is that they provide durability and protection. All the double glazing in conservatories and orangeries supplied through our network feature multi-point locking systems. Because of this, intruders can’t separate the glass from the frame, giving you and your family valuable peace of mind.


The Elizabethan design is a straightforward, cost-effective option for your home. However, that doesn’t mean it compromises on the quality of materials. This design gives you clean lines and sleek style, along with brilliant performance. That way, you can save money on your energy bills with a room you can use comfortably every day of the year.

With a conservatory or orangery, you can also get the same heating capabilities as you could in a house extension. For slightly more money, you could install underfloor heating that is separate from your home. That way, you can make sure you create a relaxed and comfortable space without shelling out the price of a house extension.


The lean-to style is exclusively for conservatories. Instead of the more traditional designs of Victorian and Edwardian builds, lean-to structures use a flat roof and squared design. They are versatile and able to fit any dimensions, making them ideal for smaller properties.

Lean-to conservatories have excellent weather protection as standard too. Because they use advanced materials, they can easily withstand wind and rain, keeping your space protected from the elements. Thanks to this, you can get similar protection to a house extension with more natural light and less cost.

How does a conservatory or orangery compare to a house extension?

If you choose a conservatory or orangery over a house extension, you won’t notice a significant difference. While you can connect an extension to your home’s electricity or plumbing, this can often lead to more complex installation and a higher price. You’ll still be able to use the space for nearly everything else and get similar benefits.

Many conservatories and orangeries use the same building materials as extensions. However, instead of brickwork or timber, they use uPVC or aluminium for their structures. While you may think these aren’t as effective, these smart materials can outperform brickwork and wood in many areas.

One of these is security. Timber can often lose its strength over time, and water can get into both brickwork and wood and cause them to misshape. Because of this, they can lose their performance, and your house can become more accessible to intruders.

Another is in durability. While brickwork can last for an exceptionally long time, uPVC and aluminium have more durable performance than timber. Not only that, but these structures are more lightweight while retaining their strength. They can even help to preserve the structure of your property by covering it from bad weather.

Can a conservatory or orangery save me money?

The main benefit for you when choosing a conservatory or orangery over a house extension is the cheaper cost. You’ll be able to save thousands of pounds by choosing the more cost-effective option. Not only that, but you can save money on your energy bills, meaning you can make money back on your investment almost immediately.

You’ll also create savings as you won’t need to add any windows to a conservatory. That’s because they use more panels of double glazing, giving you a more naturally bright space. Additionally, because these spaces are usable all year round, you won’t have to compromise on the room’s temperature.

Conservatories are cheaper than orangeries, meaning you can keep your budget down with these builds. However, orangeries use an extra solid wall to give you extra warmth and privacy. Not only that, but they blend more seamlessly with your existing property. Because of this, they’ll feel like a natural part of your home while also retaining its character.

Finally, you can get an even better deal for your new extended space by working with Compare Companies. You can save up to 30% on quotes with us when compared to going direct to a supplier. With us, you’ll also be sure to connect to trusted installers, taking the stress and risk out of the process.

How worthwhile is my investment?

When you choose a conservatory or orangery over a house extension, you’ll be getting a better deal that gives you more control of your investment. These builds cost far less and give you the same advantages. You’ll get a similar increase in space, more light, and more energy-saving, bringing your household bills rocketing down.

With our trusted network, you’ll be investing in market-leading quality, guaranteed. With many suppliers, you can also customise every aspect of your new design. You can choose from a vast colour palette, as well as finishes and other accessories, to ensure your new addition is bespoke.

Compare Conservatory and Orangery Prices

Choose a conservatory or orangery over a house extension with Compare Companies and make a wise decision for you and your family.

We can put you in touch with a range of local and trusted suppliers who will offer you competitive quotes.

You can call Compare Companies on 0800 084 5076 as well, and a friendly member of our expert team will answer any questions you may have.

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