Why Compare Double Glazing Quotes?

If now is the time to update your home with brand new double glazing then finding the best possible price for your installation should be one of your top priorities.But how can you ensure you are getting a good deal on your new double glazed windows?

In this article, CompareCompanies looks at why comparing quotes for your double glazing is absolutely critical and what you can do to ensure you get the best possible price for your new windows. We’ll look at:

  • how you save up to 40% by shopping around
  • how to find the right installers
  • letting potential installers know that they’re not the only company quoting for the work
  • the associations that reputable installers belong to

Why are quote comparisons so important?

Britain is a nation of shoppers and, as a result, we’re also a nation of bargain hunters. Supermarkets across the country are constantly engaged in price wars and these price wars give assurance to their customers that they’re getting the lowest possible price on their grocery shop. So why don’t all industries follow their lead?

These price matching and dropping tactics rely on one very important aspect; transparency. Grocery chains let their customers know exactly how much they would pay for the same item at a different store to let them know that they are getting the best price with them.

This encourages supermarkets to constantly adjust their prices to either match or beat their competitors’ offers. That means shoppers can rest assured that they are getting the best possible price on their purchases.

Unfortunately, when it comes to your double glazing, it’s not as transparent. Double glazing prices vary greatly depending on a huge range of factors and this can make it extremely difficult to know if you are actually getting a good deal or not.

That’s where double glazed window quote comparisons become so important. By showing you the real quotes from double glazing specialists in your area, you can choose the best possible price for your installation quickly and easily.

  1. Save up to 40% on your new double glazed windows

If you’re looking to replace your old, inefficient, or unattractive windows then you want to ensure you find a skilled installer for a great price.

Finding the best deal for your new windows is all about knowing where you can get the lowest price for the highest quality installation. With our comparison service, you can get access to accurate quotes from real UK double glazing specialists quickly.

Homeowners can save as much as 40% on their new double glazing by comparing installers first. Here is what the average double glazing job will cost you depending on your property type and size.

Type of homeNumber of windows that need replacingRange of prices for a double glazing project of this size
Small house8£4,080-£4,480
Medium house10£5,050-£5,650
Large house15£7,625-£8,425

Please bear in mind that other factors such as whether the new windows are to be installed on a first or second storey, the size and style of your new windows, and various other factors will impact on your final price.

We work alongside some of the top double glazing installers in the UK. With us, you can compare real quotes on the price of your project from highly skilled and certified double glazing specialists near you; so you can rest in the knowledge that you are paying the lowest possible price on your installation.

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  1. Save yourself the time and hassle

Collecting quotes directly from installers yourself can take a great deal of time and energy.

Going back to our supermarket analogy – this is like shopping at a different store each week to eventually work out where you spend the least on your usual groceries. It is simply a huge drain on your time and resources when there are much more efficient ways of knowing you’ve got the best price.

When you submit your details with us, we carefully select the double glazed window providers most suited to you and then we arrange for them to get in touch with you directly.

Within a few days, you will receive real quotes on your individual project from some of the UK’s best double glazing installers. These quotes will include everything from the cost of your new windows, the frames, and your total installation with no hidden costs or fees.

You will then be free to choose your favourite installer for your double glazed windows based on the quotes you receive. You can rest assured that you are getting the best possible price on your installation right away without wasting any time or energy hunting for quotes yourself.

  1. Keep your options open

If you’ve already started shopping around for your new double glazed windows it is likely you’ve noticed that prices can vary greatly from installer to installer. Even just looking for a ballpark price can prove impossible as total costs can depend on a huge range of different factors.

Are you thinking of replacing a single window or completely renovating throughout your home? How many windows in total? How large are they? What styles of window would you like?

All of these aspects will impact on your double glazing quote regardless of the installer you choose. That is why it is absolutely vital that you know exactly what you need before you start hunting for quotes on your project.

The style you choose for each of your windows will have a major effect on your end cost. The following prices are what you can expect to pay for the five most popular designs of windows in the UK:

Design style of double glazed windowPrice per window
Casement WindowsBetween £265 – £455
Tilt and turn WindowsBetween £405 – £680
Dual turn WindowsBetween £430 – £715
Sash WindowsBetween £530 – £940
Bay WindowsBetween £990 – £1,710

As you can see, prices for double glazed windows vary greatly depending on the style and size you choose. But it may interest you to know that each provider you go to for a quote can charge very different prices for the same product.

A recent study found one double glazing specialist charging £260 for a standard UPVC double glazed window unit and another company charging £690 for the exact same unit. That is why it is so crucial that you always compare your quotes before settling on an installer for your project.

When you compare with us, you will have access to quotes from hundreds of double glazing experts all over the UK. Simply tell us the specifics of your project (such as how many windows you require and the style you’re interested in) and we will match you up with the most suitable and best priced installers near you.

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Where can I buy double glazing?

The UK is home to thousands of double glazing installers. Homeowners often feel spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a company for their new windows and this can make it difficult to find the right provider for you.

Many of the largest double glazing firms are household names thanks to their television adverts and telephone marketing. But just because you have heard of a company does not always mean they are the best option for you.

On average, using local companies for your double glazing can greatly reduce the cost of your installation project. These smaller double glazing specialists often offer the same if not better quality than large organisations too. Please don’t rule out large organisations though – their greater buying power can bring you the very highest quality and the big companies like to do deals with homeowners just as much as the smaller companies.

If you are interested in putting your money back into the local economy, a small double glazing specialist in your area is often preferable to big national firms. These local installers also often provide the same guarantees on your new windows for a much smaller price tag.

Local independent firms also tend to fare better in terms of customer satisfaction than their national counterparts. According to a study by Which? homeowners were 23% more satisfied and likely to recommend a local double glazing company rather than a big-name firm.

Here is a summary of the report (which you can see in full here):

Double glazing companyCustomer score
Independent, local installers80% to 82%
Nationwide firm 159%
Nationwide firm 256%
Nationwide firm 354%

It is always best practice to collect and compare a variety of quotes from different providers in your area and across the UK to make sure you get the very best professional for your double glazing installation.

How many quotes should I collect?

The general rule of thumb in the home improvements industry is that you should always get at least three quotes for every home project you’re planning. As you know, prices can vary greatly depending on which company you go to. Shopping around and comparing prices is the only real way of ensuring you’ve found the best price possible.

Getting quotes from at least three double glazed window specialists means you are much more likely to get a competitive price on your installation. Just make sure that every company you speak to quotes you on exactly the same products and materials; allowing you to compare fairly and accurately.

When comparing your double glazing installation online we select the three most suitable providers local to you. They will then each give you their quotes based on your individual project. That means you can choose the provider offering the best price for your double glazing installation.

Finding a reputable double glazing specialist

The thought of unwittingly hiring a ‘cowboy’ trader is a fear shared by homeowners across the country. You want to ensure your double glazing installation will go without a hitch and that you won’t be faced with any surprise costs when your bill arrives.

The only way to make sure this happens is by choosing a trusted and highly experienced company for your double glazing project. This is another of the many benefits of comparing traders through our helpful online service.

All the companies we are partnered with are fully certified by CERTASS and/or FENSA. These authorities ensure our double glazing partners always comply with building regulations and that they offer insurance-backed guarantees on all of the work they complete.

Rather than hunting for credentials directly on each installer’s site. you can rest assured that every double glazing expert we recommend to you is fully registered, highly qualified, and has been trading for at least one year. We do the due diligence for you so you can find a trader you can trust.

Are you ready to compare double glazing prices?

Comparing double glazing prices from reputable local experts couldn’t be simpler with our easy online comparison tool. With CompareCompanies, we help you to compare prices from trusted double glazing specialists across the country to get you the very best price on your installation.

All you need to do is tell us a few details about your home and the type of replacement windows you’re looking for and we can start our comparison process.

We’ll sieve through our nationwide panel of highly skilled and experienced double glazing manufacturers and installers to match you up with the three most suitable providers near you.

We’ll then arrange for these partners to get in touch with you directly; offering their expert advice on your project, a thorough assessment of your requirements, and a competitive quotation on your installation completely free of charge.

Needless to say, these quotes come with absolutely no strings attached. You won’t need to pay a thing or accept any offers unless you want to.

The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can find the top double glazed window specialists for you to choose from. We look forward to hearing from you.

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