Why choose Compare Companies?

Here at Compare Companies, we provide homeowners with comparison quotes for a huge range of  products. A trusted partner to many since we were established in 2008, we currently help up to 6000 homeowners per week compare home improvement providers and products. But, there’s a reason why so many homeowners use our services time and time again. So, if you’re thinking of using us but are not sure why you should just yet, read on!

Get a quote for a wide range of home improvements

Why choose Compare Companies?

We provide online quotes for an extensive selection of home improvements. All you need to do is enter your contact details and a small amount of information about what you’re after into a short online form and you can get competitive quotes for the following: 

After doing this, you’ll be presented with a range of competitively priced options, so you quickly get an overview of the market. Therefore, making the process of finding a suitable quote quicker and more efficient.

Every quote is 100% free with absolutely no-obligation

<>Yes, that’s right, whenever you use our online quote system, every quote that you get from us is 100% free with absolutely no obligation from yourself. Therefore, you can take as much time as you need to compare quotes to ensure you’re happy before proceeding. And if you don’t find one that is suitable for you, you are not obligated to proceed, so there is no pressure on you.

All the information you need at your fingertipsWhy choose Compare Companies?

We believe it’s important for homeowners to be as informed as possible when it comes to improving their homes. The more knowledge you have, the more likely you are to know exactly what you’re paying for and whether what you’re getting is good value for money. Therefore, we have pages of information available on our website. Using them, you can find out about prices, different products, customisation options and more. We also have a news section containing a wealth of informative blogs and features.

We’re completely impartial and will never recommend a specific company to you

We pride ourselves on providing an impartial way for homeowners to find a quote. Therefore, we will never recommend a specific company to you; we simply provide a number of quotes and let you decide on which best suits your needs.

Customer support on hand

Why choose Compare Companies?

Should you run into any difficulties, or you just want a friendly expert to run a few questions past, you can ring our customer support centre on 0800 084 5076 or send an email to customercare@comparecompanies.com. We are more than happy to discuss any questions you might have and if sending us an email, we aim to respond as promptly as we can.

Encouragement to review the companies that we recommend

After homeowners use our quote service and they decide upon a quote, their details are passed onto their chosen company. Once they’ve interacted with their chosen company, we then invite them to rate them through our partner brand TrustedLocalSuppliers. Doing this allows us to vet these companies and feedback this information to our members, helping them and future members to make an even more informed decision.

Get a home improvement quote with us today!

Looking for a competitive home improvement quote? Look no further than us here at Compare Companies. We take extra care to ensure the information of our members is secure, so you can use our online quote system with confidence. Get yourself a quote today using the online form at the top of the page, or for more information, get in touch with us.

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