Which Window Style Is Right For Your Home?

Window Style

Deciding which window style is right for your home is a crucial choice for you and your family. Not only is there plenty to choose from, but there are also other factors like glass, frames and accessories that affect the cost. Because of this, you can get bogged down in the amount of choice on offer.

That’s why Compare Companies exists. We set up our innovative quoting service to make sure you not only get the best deal but that you also get in touch with trusted suppliers. With our network, you can choose which window style is right for you, knowing that they’ll bring your home quality and performance.

Some of the questions we at Compare Companies hope to answer for you are:

  • Why should I get a new window?
  • What window styles are available?
  • Which materials should I choose for my window style?
  • Which window style is the best?
  • Which window style costs the most?
  • How worthwhile is my investment?

Working with Compare Companies allows you to see the big picture. We put all the options at your fingertips, putting you in touch with trusted double glazing installers in your local area. Then, they’ll work around your schedule to install a stylish window without disrupting your life.

You can also be confident in installing a window style that doesn’t just make your home look better. As well as adding a sleek and innovative design to your home, these windows use cutting-edge materials to make your home warmer and safer. That way, you can make good on your investment from day one.

Why should I get a new window?

You may find that your current window is inefficient and is making your home feel uncomfortable. It could be because your window is wooden, or uses single-glazed glass. These materials, while stylish, don’t provide you with performance, and they can lose their durability over time.

As well as that, older windows can also lose their shape in adverse weather. That’s because wood isn’t weatherproof, and water can get into cracks in the material and expand them, causing the frame to twist and bend. Because of this, your windows can lose more energy from your home.

By replacing your window with a stylish new addition, you can solve all of these problems. The windows that our trusted installers supply all feature advanced technology and materials as standard. Because of this, they’ll continue to perform for decades and protect your home from even the worst conditions.

Additionally, you’ll make your home much warmer and more comfortable. With a window frame made from uPVC or aluminium, you’ll add air and water-tight design to your home that eliminates the space that cold air can enter your home through. That way, you’ll stop draughts from developing, and you can preserve your home’s warmth.

Also, you can even save more money with a new window. Thanks to their stunning insulation, you can keep your living space comfortable without relying on your central heating. Because you’ll use less energy, you’ll be able to reduce your household bills and save a considerable amount of money with a stylish new window.

What window styles are available?

Choosing which window style is right for you is an exciting process with Compare Companies. That’s because we ensure all our suppliers provide outstanding windows in a variety of designs. No matter your choice, each window has a bold look that can give your home a sense of class and complement it perfectly.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are easily the most popular choice of window across the UK. The reasons why are obvious: they provide you with a straightforward design that uses slim frames and advanced double glazing. With this, you can let natural light and warmth flood into your living space.

You can also choose from a wide range of opening styles too, so you can get a window that suits your space. For example, you can get centre-hinged or pivoted windows that are ideal for ventilating small areas. Also, you can select windows that open outward or inward, so you can have total flexibility.

Casement windows are also brilliant for energy saving. When you get a quote from us, you can talk to a supplier that uses advanced double glazing with market-leading u-values. Because of this, you’ll use more of your home’s energy with less waste, meaning you save money on bills and make your home more environmentally friendly.

Sash Windows

You can also add a touch of flair to your home with sash windows. These elegant designs most notably use a sliding opening that glides upward, providing unobstructed views and fresh air to your home. You can also select a flush sash option, meaning your glass panels will sit flush within the frame for an even sleeker design.

Because they sit on a sliding mechanism, you won’t have to worry about swing arcs, meaning you can make your home a little safer. Not only that, but these also put safety first in every aspect of their design. These include internal springs and hinges that stop the window closing straight away, making sure you can’t trap your fingers.

Sash windows offer a traditional design that’s perfect for older homes. You can also select designs and frames that imitate traditional timber joinery for an even classier look. However, these windows are timeless and can suit any home thanks to their grand opening and tremendous efficiency.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are an excellent window style that gives you total control of your living space. You can open these windows in, out, and many other ways thanks to their multiple-handle design. That means they can fit into even the smallest spaces, making them able to light up any home.

A brilliant benefit of installing this style is that they are straightforward to clean and maintain. You can tilt the window horizontally so you can get to the double glazing with ease. You won’t even have to regularly clean the window: you can select self-cleaning glass as an option with some suppliers.

Not only that, but the uPVC and aluminium frames can last for decades, thanks to their durability and weatherproof technology. Because of this, you can also secure your home from unwanted intruders. With multiple openings, you can make it harder for people to break through your windows, protecting what matters to you.

Bow and Bay Windows

When it comes to which window style is right for your home, a vital factor is space. If you want to make your home feel more spacious, then you can install bow or bay windows that make it feel endless. These grand designs use multiple panels of double glazing that extend your wall outward with their angled design.

With a panoramic design, you can transform your wall into a front-row seat to the outside world. You’ll be sure of adding stunning views and plenty of natural light to your living space. That way, you can make your home feel closer to nature, and give your home a stunning focal point to be proud of.

You can also customise your windows completely, thanks to our network of suppliers. When they give you a quote, they’ll do so for a customised and bespoke design that’s ideal for your living space. Working with Compare Companies, you can take total control of the design and installation process, making installation straightforward.

Which materials should I choose for my window style?

One of the vital decisions you’ll make when choosing which window style is right for your home is the frame. With older, wooden frames, you can often lose performance through design flaws that allow cold air to enter your space. With a range of advanced materials, you can secure your home and keep it warmer too.


With a uPVC frame, you can coat any window in a smart material that makes a genuine difference to your home. For a start, uPVC can insulate your home, creating a thermal barrier with your double glazing. You’ll be able to trap more of your home’s heat in, rendering your central heating redundant.

Because of this, you can save money on your energy bills while also staying comfortable. As well as that, uPVC can withstand wind and rain without wearing down, protecting your home from the elements. That way, no matter the weather outside, you can maintain a peaceful place for your family.


Alternatively, you can select a window style with aluminium frames. While uPVC is advanced, this precious metal is a real step up on strength and security. Your new windows will all feature internal security hardware, hinges and locks. Aluminium works to conceal it and make it a nightmare for intruders to break.

As well as that, aluminium also provides a sleek look to your windows, thanks to its metallic shine. With a durable frame, you can give your living space more protection and even help to preserve the outer property too. In combination with your double glazing, you’ll be adding a product that performs.

Which window style is the best?

When you decide which window style is right for your home, the most important thing is to ensure it fits your space. Fortunately, with Compare Companies, our extensive range of trusted suppliers takes care of that. They make sure you can get a window that’s bespoke, unique and perfect for you.

For example, sash windows are brilliantly suited to traditional homes, while tilt and turn windows can make any space feel more modern. If you have a smaller home, then the flexibility of casement windows offers you excellent performance in a compact design. Alternatively, bow and bay windows are stunning additions to larger spaces.

Another factor to consider is the choice of frame. Both uPVC and aluminium offer terrific performance, but aluminium often costs more because of its enhanced security. These frames are usually available across all window styles though, meaning you can have the freedom to choose the material that’s right for your needs.

As well as that, some installers will include the installation costs in the window price. Many of our trusted suppliers employ full-time fitting teams, ensuring your new addition gets the time and care that it deserves. They’ll also work with you to design a bespoke window, meaning you can remain on top of the costs.

The best thing to do is to explore our innovative quoting system to compare all the options. Not only can you find and get quotes from FENSA and CERTASS-approved installers, but you can see all of the options at your fingertips. With us, you can be sure of making the right call on your new window.

Which window style costs the most?

Casement windows are usually a more cost-effective option, but you can get a unique design for a bit more with other styles. In particular, tilt and turn windows give you all the benefits of a casement window with greater flexibility.

Bow and bay windows come at a premium; however, you’ll be investing in a stunning design that uses multiple panels of advanced double glazing. Not only that, but you’ll make your home feel more spacious as the window extends your wall. With Compare Companies, you can be sure of staying within your budget and saving as much as 30% on quotes.

How worthwhile is my investment?

With Compare Companies, you can ensure you get a fantastic deal no matter which window style you choose for your home. Thanks to their advanced materials, you’ll benefit from insulation and security that gives you the freedom to enjoy an enhanced space. With a new window, you can create a space that you and your family will love.

Choose which window style is right for your home

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