Which Energy Efficient Windows Are Best?

Which Energy Efficient Windows Are Best?

Which energy efficient windows are best? It’s becoming a more pivotal question by the day. Energy bills are rising continuously and, because of this, saving money and using energy effectively is vital. However, you don’t need to deprive yourself of heat to save money. Instead, you can make an investment in the best energy efficient windows for your home.

By adding new energy efficient windows to your home, you can stop losing heat unnecessarily. Older designs are less efficient, using materials like single-glazed glass or timber frames. These windows lose their performance over time, and the frames can twist and crack in bad weather too. That creates more space for cold air to enter your home and make it uncomfortable.

When you replace your windows, you’ll put a stop to all this. You’ll be able to choose from multiple glazing types that create a thermal barrier for your home. There are several durable frames you can select, many of which are weatherproof, so they won’t lose their shape. Not only that, but you can choose from one of several stunning styles to lift your home’s appearance.

As a result, you won’t just make your home more efficient, but you’ll transform it with a brand-new design. Also, your new windows can let through more light, better views of the outside world, and make your living space feel more natural too. Finally, you’ll be able to save money on your energy bills, no matter which energy efficient windows you think are best for you.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

When you decide which energy efficient windows are best for you, you should look at their individual benefits. However, each of them shares many advantages that can transform how you use your living space. Firstly, you’ll get a slimline frame with each of your windows. With a choice of uPVC, aluminium or even a composite frame, you can take control of the style without worrying about performance of which is the best energy efficient window.

You’ll also need to worry less about your home’s security. Your new windows will feature internal security systems that are incredibly firm and durable. The glazing locks into the frame with a multi-point system, and you’ll have reinforced handles and locks. Because of this, you can enjoy your warmer, brighter living space with more peace of mind as well.

Also, you can choose from several window designs with full, open apertures. For example, you can choose sliding sash windows which open vertically, or tilt and turn windows which open in various ways. As a result, you’ll be able to ventilate your home with ease in the summer while also protecting from the winter cold, giving you control of your home’s temperature with your windows’ energy efficiency.

Finally, each window in the range has a stunning design that works to preserve heat in your home. Your frames will have thermal breaks to prevent excess heat building up in your living space, and their insulation will keep the cold out too. Also, working with the trusted installers in the Compare Companies network, you’ll get a made-to-measure installation that keeps you warm and helps you save more money.

Which Energy Efficient Glazing Is Best?

The first option to consider when finding out which energy efficient windows are best for you is the glazing. Your glazing makes a crucial contribution to how your window performs. With a choice of tints and foils, including obscured glass, it makes a difference to the lighting in your space too. You can select any one of these options as replacement glazing for an existing window as well to improve your windows’ energy efficiency.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is becoming incredibly popular in homes across the UK. It works by trapping heat between two panels of advanced glazing, creating a thermal shield for your living space. You get more insulation with this glass, meaning that you’ll lose less heat from your home. As a result, it can help to save you money on your energy bills from the first day of installation, making energy efficient windows highly cost-effective.

Double glazing can fit into any window, and its affordable too. You could get a double glazing window for your home for as little as £150. While this may seem like a costly investment, you can pay that back in a few short years. Always look for your glazing’s WER, which is a rating from A+-G, which determines how efficient your glazing will be for your home.

Triple Glazing

Alternatively, triple glazing gives you more glass for higher performance. You’ll get three panels of glazing in your window, offering more insulation and protection. Triple glazing is an incredibly secure option: it’s hard to shatter and break, and the multi-point locking system will keep it fastened to the frame. As a result, your window will be an intruder’s nightmare.

Triple glazing can cost between 30-40% more than double glazing to install in your window. However, it could save up to 50% more on your energy bills, making it a worthwhile investment. There are a couple of drawbacks, including the fact that you’ll get a little less natural light. However, the insulation of this solution will ensure you don’t have to rely on your heating anymore, so triple glazed energy efficient windows are a worthwhile option to consider.

Solar Glazing

If you want to improve your windows’ energy efficiency, you can also heat your home on your own. By installing windows with solar glazing, you’ll add a window that generates energy, powering your home sustainably. While it can be a more costly investment, you’ll be able to save plenty of money on your energy bills, and you’ll set up your home for the future. Not only that, but you’ll massively decrease your carbon footprint.

Which Energy Efficient Window Styles are Best?

There is a wide variety of energy efficient window styles on offer for your home. Each one has a unique design and opening system, and you can customise almost every aspect of the window as well. If you’ve ever wanted to add personalised colours, finishes and even accessories to your windows, you can with these designs. That way, you’ll be sure to add the bespoke window that’s best for you with regards to energy efficiency as well as style.

Casement Windows

For an affordable energy efficient window to suit any home, a casement window is an ideal choice. These designs combine a sleek sheet of either double or triple glazing, as well as a slimline frame. As a result, you’ll be able to let more natural light and warmth into your home, without it escaping. Also, you’ll get better views of the outside world, and the outward opening helps with ventilation as well.

Casement windows are the cheapest option across the range, starting at as little as £150. However, that isn’t to say that you’ll get poorer performance. These windows suit traditional and modern homes equally well with their style too. You can choose an aluminium frame for a sleek approach, or a composite structure to achieve an authentic timber look.

You can also select flush casement windows for your home. These designs sit flush within the frame for a sleeker look, that also reduces the gaps that your home’s heat can escape through. As a result, you can save more money on energy bills, and also make it less likely that your window will steam up. That way, it’ll last longer, and you’ll spend less time cleaning it.

Tilt and Turn Windows

If you have any smaller rooms in your home, which are difficult to light, then energy efficient tilt and turn windows are an option that could be best for you. You’ll get an innovative design that opens in multiple ways, tilting upward, downward or inward. Because of this, you can get them into smaller spaces, lighting up forgotten rooms in your home.

There are plenty of other benefits to the opening as well. You can tilt the window towards you to make cleaning it straightforward, saving you time on maintenance. Also, these windows can make your home much safer. You can open the windows without unlocking them at the centre, meaning that you’ll reduce the open space that intruders can use to get into your home.

Tilt and turn windows do cost a bit more to install, with prices starting at around £450. However, their flexibility could mean you get better energy performance. Because you can fit them in smaller rooms, you can be more selective with how you heat your home with energy efficient windows, and you won’t have to heat those rooms to pick up the slack. That way, you could save more money overall.

Sash Windows

Installing sash windows adds timeless quality and elegance to your home. There are two main types of sash windows: flush and sliding. Flush sash windows are an authentic design that imitates traditional timber joinery. However, their performance is entirely advanced. With a choice of durable frames, you can get a classic look with none of the drawbacks of wooden windows. Both of these are worthwhile options as the best energy efficient windows.

The difference between flush and sliding windows is how they open. Flush windows have a traditional opening, whereas sliding sash windows open vertically. That means these windows have a stunning look when open, and they’re perfect for traditional homes. You can also style these windows with a range of period accessories, like handles or even stained glass, for classic styling.

One of the worries about these windows is that they can lose their smoothness over time. However, when you install these advanced designs, you’ll get a durable frame which protects the internal springs and hinges. Because of this, your energy efficient windows will open seamlessly for thousands of uses. Also, they’ll retain their performance for longer, saving more energy in your home over time.

Bi-Folding Windows

If you want your windows to make a lasting impression, then you could choose energy efficient bi-folding window designs. Much like the doors of the same name, bi-folding windows fold in on themselves, disappearing into the corner of the frame. As a result, you get plenty of fresh air and outstanding views of the outside world, and you can also get excellent insulation and warmth when you close the windows too.

These designs are ideal if you want to add a large window into your home. With a larger window, you’ll be able to brighten up your living space superbly, and you could even save more money on your energy bills. Bi-folding windows bring the outside in as well. They’ll allow you to enjoy natural warmth in the summer months, while also protecting your living space in winter.

Bi-folding windows can cost a similar price to both tilt and turn and sash windows. However, because of their intricate opening, you could expect to pay more, particularly if you want a larger window for your home. However, thanks to their innovative design, these energy efficient windows will make a superb addition that gives your living space a new focal point.

Bow and Bay Windows

Which energy efficient windows are best for adding space to your home? Bow and bay windows expand your home unlike any other design. These grand additions extend a wall of your home outward with their curved design. As a result, you can transform a part of your living space into a bright and airy window to the outside world. Also, these windows use advanced glazing and frames to ensure outstanding efficiency.

There is a subtle difference between bow and bay windows. Bow windows use more glazing and use fewer frames, and the design has a soft curve. Their design makes them ideal for period properties and cottages. Bay windows, on the other hand, have an angled design. That way, you get more concentrated natural light, and you’ll have more frames that give your home greater security. Both window styles are solid options to improve your homes energy efficiency.

One drawback is that you can expect to pay more than £1000 for both styles. But bow and bay windows can help you save even more energy in your home, while also making your living space brighter, more open and more welcoming. No matter which energy efficient windows are best for you, though, it’s what’s best for you that counts. With Compare Companies, you can make sure you make an investment that suits you.

Energy Efficient Windows Prices

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