Which Conservatory Style Should You Choose?

Conservatory Style

Which conservatory style should you choose? It’s a crucial question if you want to expand your space while maintaining its style and character. With Compare Companies, however, you can decide on a new conservatory with ease. You can search through our vast network of trusted suppliers to find a competitive price on a style that’s right for you.

There is a range of different designs for extended spaces. Whether you have a more traditional home, or you want to update your home with a sleek modern design, there’s a style that will suit you. Thanks to our comparison tools, you can be confident of getting a competitive price for your ideas too.

Some of the questions we at Compare Companies hope to answer for you include:

  • Why should I get a new conservatory?
  • Which conservatory style is right for me?
  • Which materials should I choose for my conservatory style?
  • Which roofing should I choose for my conservatory style?
  • Which conservatory style costs the most?
  • How worthwhile is my investment?

With Compare Companies, you can find out not only which conservatory style is right for you, but also which supplier is right for you. Rather than going direct, you can use our service to search through hundreds of trusted suppliers. That way, you can take total control of installing a new space inside your home.

We also hope to give you peace of mind with our service. All of our installers are FENSA and CERTASS-approved, meaning they’ll be sure to treat your home with care. If you’ve ever thought about expanding your home, then working with us and comparing prices to get the best deal means you’ll make the best possible investment.

Why should I get a new conservatory?

With our network of suppliers and installers, you can get a new conservatory for your home or a replacement one. That means you can not only create more space, but you can also turn an underperforming area into the focal point of your home. Also, with a wide range of styles to choose from, deciding which conservatory style to get is crucial.

In most conservatory styles, you’ll be able to benefit from a pitched roof with large panels of double glazing. The suppliers in our network only use quality double glazing with advanced technology to ensure your new space performs. The innovative material can prevent excess heat transfer, keeping the room at a consistent temperature.

That way, you won’t need to worry about your conservatory losing heat in the winter and gaining too much in the summer. You’ll add a space you can use every day to your home, freeing up room in other areas. If you want to replace your current structure as well, you can add these benefits along with a new style that reflects your personality.

Which conservatory style is right for me?

There are three main options when it comes to choosing which conservatory style is right for you. Each one has a bespoke look that adds different strengths and benefits for your home. However, all three forms improve your home’s energy usage, security and weather protection too, ensuring a better place to live.

Lean-To Conservatory

An increasingly popular option, the lean-to conservatory is a versatile style that can make any home feel more modern. Unlike other builds, they use a flat roof and a squared-off design that means you can fit them anywhere. They’re perfect not only for smaller homes but for updating larger, traditional properties too.

Because of their functional design, you’ll have a more spacious area in your home that you can use as you wish. Because of their outstanding insulation, these spaces will stay comfortable no matter the weather outside. You can also fit your lean-to conservatory with a dwarf wall and other brickwork to give it even stronger protection.

Working with Compare Companies, you can also make sure you get the best deal for the best quality. Our service can save you up to 30% on lean-to conservatories, meaning that you’ll make massive savings on a rewarding investment. With an efficient new space, you’ll be able to save money on household bills too, putting money back in your pocket.

Edwardian Conservatory

An Edwardian conservatory is more traditional in its design. It combines the squared, symmetrical look of a Lean-To structure with a high-pitched roof. With advanced double glazing panels, this roof creates outstanding natural light and warmth for your space.

Because of their design, you’ll also get the best possible views of the outside world. As well as that, you can pair it with doors that seamlessly connect your new space to your living room and your garden. You can also benefit from brilliant security features, including multi-point locking systems and reinforced doors, that keep your home safe.

There are three types of Edwardian conservatory models: full height, dwarf, and full height with bottom panel. Each one influences the price of your build. For example, the full height with bottom panel option uses uPVC at the bottom of the structure for increased durability and warmth.

Victorian Conservatory

A British design classic, the Victorian conservatory style is a prominent feature in homes across the country. That’s because the design suits most houses, especially traditional ones. They use an elegant shape, a pitched roof and features such as a bay front to add a classy design to your home.

The Victorian style is also a flexible option. You can customise it with a range of features, including roofing and guttering, to give it a distinctive look. At Compare Companies, we believe you should be in total control. That’s why we connect you with suppliers that often give you a wide choice of colours and finishes for your space.

You can also fit a range of materials to your Victorian conservatory. These include uPVC, aluminium and even timber frames, to get a more bespoke style as well as brilliant performance. In particular, uPVC and aluminium are long-lasting materials that can ensure your new space will stay comfortable for decades.

Which materials should I choose for my conservatory?

A vital decision when choosing which conservatory style is right for you is picking the materials for it. Some of these, such as polycarbonate, is inefficient and will make your conservatory uncomfortable throughout the year. That’s why, at Compare Companies, we offer competitive quotes from companies who use advanced materials.


You could install a conservatory with timber frames, which add a feeling of traditional style to your home. Wood is a natural insulator, meaning you can stay warm in your space too. However, wood is an expensive option and is also challenging to maintain as it can often wear and twist under bad weather.


uPVC, on the other hand, is a slightly cheaper material but has outstanding durability. It is fully weatherproof, meaning it can withstand all conditions without warping or twisting. As well as that, uPVC frames make your conservatory air and water-tight, meaning that draughts and cold spots won’t develop in your space.


Alternatively, aluminium combines those benefits with added security and robustness. This precious material is almost unbreakable, making it the responsible choice for keeping your home safe. While its a slight mark-up in price on uPVC, it’s also a better option for insulating your space.

Which roofing should I choose for my conservatory?

The roof of your conservatory comes into the most direct contact with the sun. Because of this, it makes a genuine difference in how your space performs. With Compare Companies, you can add a roof that keeps your new room more comfortable, and gives you more control of the light in your home.


This material is a cost-effective option for your roof but has several issues. For example, it only uses a single panel of plastic, meaning heat can easily escape through it, and cold air can enter your living space too. Because of this, there are plenty of more efficient options for your home that can genuinely transform the space.


You can fit a roof with advanced double glazing, that works to create a thermal barrier for your conservatory. The panels work perfectly with a Victorian design, giving it beautiful views and complementing the structure. Glass is also a brilliant choice for busy homeowners, as you can choose a self-cleaning option with many suppliers.


Alternatively, solid roofs give you a blend of glass and roofing to provide you with better control of your home’s light. No matter which conservatory style you choose, you can fit a solid roof that gives you warmth and privacy. You can also add as much double glazing as you want to light your space precisely.


Additionally, you can enhance any conservatory style with a tiled roof. These roofs are brilliant as replacement options, as the tiles fit together seamlessly and blend with your property without damaging the structure. With Compare Companies, you can also be sure of getting the best possible deal on these high-quality options.

Which conservatory style costs the most?

Each conservatory style has a different cost that varies depending on how you decide to customise it. For example, you could get a lean-to conservatory from around £8,000 with a double glazed roof. Alternatively, Edwardian and Victorian builds are closer to £10,000 with the same roofing.

Additional features to the build, such as dwarf walls, also affect the price. As well as that, you can also raise the cost of your build by going directly to national suppliers. While you’ll benefit from their reputation and excellent build quality, you’ll often get a bad deal for your new space.

Another significant factor in the cost of your conservatory is the framing material you choose. uPVC is the most cost-effective of these, but aluminium offers enhanced security with only a relatively small mark-up. Because of this, you can use Compare Companies to find a deal that works within your budget.

Finally, roofing makes a crucial difference. With tiles or glass, you can enhance your home with fantastic energy saving, as well as weather protection as well. With our network, you can get in touch with a trusted supplier quickly and get a quote that’s right for you and your family.

Regardless of which conservatory style you choose for your home, Compare Companies is the best way to get a deal that suits you. Not only will you get a competitive price for a brilliant new space, but you’ll also benefit from a professional service too. That way, we take the worry out of your investment.

How worthwhile is my investment?

With Compare Companies, you’ll be working with a group that’s committed to giving you the best value for money. We are selective about the installers in our network, doing the hard work so that you can reap the rewards. With each of our conservatory styles, you’ll benefit from brilliant quality

A conservatory can also reward you and your family as time goes by. If you have more children, for example, the increased space will be invaluable. As well as that, you can use your new space for a range of functions. You can turn your conservatory into a secluded office space, or even a playroom that keeps your kids occupied for a little while.

Finally, you’ll be able to add more value to your home when you decide to move on. Conservatories are a highly sought-after feature in homes, and that means you could benefit from increased offers. That way, you won’t just make your current home a better place to live, but this new space could help make your next one better too.

Which conservatory style should you choose?

Compare Companies is the best choice for getting affordable prices, and helping you find out which conservatory style you should choose.

We’ll put you in contact with a range of suppliers who’ll compete for your services. That way, you can be confident in getting a new space that performs for your home.

Also, why not give us a call on 0800 084 5076 today to speak to our team? We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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