Which Conservatory Roof Is Right For Your Home?

With Compare Companies, you can compare a range of products and suppliers to find out which conservatory roof is right for your home. With a brand-new roof, you can transform the space into a bright and warm area for your family to enjoy. As well as that, you could even save money on your household bills.

Many conservatories can become uncomfortable in hot or cold weather. That’s because some of these older structures use cheaper materials, which are more prone to heat transfer. Heat transfer is when warm and cold air can easily pass through a material, meaning the space’s temperature can wildly fluctuate.

However, you can solve this with a replacement conservatory roof. You can use our network to get quotes for a roof, either as a replacement for your existing space or as part of a new one. With a range of materials to choose from, you’ll be investing in quality and performance that makes a genuine difference.

Some of the questions we at Compare Companies hope to answer are:

  • Why should I get a new conservatory roof?
  • What conservatory roof styles are there?
  • How do conservatory roofs compare?
  • Which conservatory roof costs the most?
  • Do I need a new conservatory roof?
  • How worthwhile is my investment?

With Compare Companies, you can cut through the noise to find the best conservatory roof prices on the market. Rather than worry about the cost and stress of investing in a replacement conservatory roof, you can do it with ease. With our trusted network, you can take the doubt out of your investment, and reap the rewards from day one.

Why should I get a new conservatory roof?

When you start to work out which conservatory roof is right for your home, the first thing to do is to examine how your current space performs. Many older structures, however, don’t perform at all. They are infamous for losing warmth in the winter and getting too hot in the summer as well, making them uncomfortable spaces.

A conservatory roof comes into the most direct contact with the sun. Because of this, a weak roof can make a significant impact on your home’s performance. Not only can you lose heat, but your room can also become too bright to use if your roof doesn’t have adequate UV protection.

Another problem with underperforming conservatory roofs is that you can lose the feeling of privacy. Cheaper roofs don’t feature impressive sound insulation, meaning that distractions from outside could be getting in easily. As well as that, the lack of shading could expose your home to unwanted attention and prying eyes.

Your conservatory may also suffer from poor design across the structure. For example, the roof could have design flaws and gaps, which cold air can travel through to play havoc with your space. Coupled with an inefficient material, you may have to rely more on your central heating to keep your home warm, costing you money.

But a replacement conservatory roof can solve all these problems and add many more benefits to your home. That’s because they use advanced materials that give you brilliant performance and security. With a range of options and suppliers in our network, you can add the ideal roof for your space and transform it into a focal point for your home.

What conservatory roof styles are there?

At Compare Companies, we make sure to offer you the full range of styles so you can choose which conservatory roof is right for your home. No matter the design of your structure, you can be sure that these roofs will fit onto it perfectly. That’s because you’ll work with an installer that ensures your roof will be a bespoke fitting.

Glass Conservatory Roof

With a glass conservatory roof, you can add stunning light and performance to your space. These roofs feature innovative double glazing, that traps warmth inside its panels to provide your home with a thermal barrier. That way, you can keep your space warm while making it feel closer to nature.

These glass roofs don’t just make your home more efficient, but they’re also ideal if you have a busy life. With some suppliers, you can install self-cleaning glass that helps to maintain your conservatory roof’s pristine appearance. That way, you won’t need to clean your roof regularly, and you’ll have more time to enjoy your new bright and airy space.

Tiled Conservatory Roof

Alternatively, you could add tiles to your conservatory roof to make it a stylish and secure. Tiled conservatory roofs are high-quality, lightweight options that won’t weigh down your existing space. Additionally, they blend in seamlessly with your property and make your conservatory feel like a natural part of your home.

You’ll also make your conservatory feel more secluded with a tiled roof. You can cover your space with these tiles to add sound insulation to the room, making it a quiet, tranquil area for your home. Also, you won’t have to worry about unwanted attention, as the tiles will increase your privacy.

Solid Conservatory Roof

Another brilliant option for your home is a solid conservatory roof. Made from solid building materials, they add a robust cover for your conservatory that gives it outstanding insulation. That way, you can save money on energy bills and even reduce your carbon footprint, making your home more environmentally friendly.

Not only that, but you can take complete control of your home’s lighting with a solid conservatory roof. That’s because you can add as many panels of double glazing as you want to your roof with many of our trusted suppliers. With this blend of robust material and advanced glass, you’ll get light, warmth and security rolled into one feature.

Guardian Conservatory Roof

With Compare Companies, you can also use our prestigious network to get a Guardian roof for your home. These are solid conservatory roofs with market-leading materials and double glazing. Because of this, they can make a significant impact not only on your home’s comfort but on your energy usage too.

Another benefit of the Guardian roof is that they are quick to install. On average, your installers will take about three days to fit your new roof, and they’ll tailor the installation to your pre-existing conservatory. On a new build, this roofing type will also give you added weather protection, keeping your space dry as well as warm.

SupaLite Conservatory Roof

SupaLite conservatory roofs make a compelling case for consideration when you decide which conservatory roof is right for your home. SupaLite roofs have stunningly low u-values, as well as brilliant sound insulation to keep your space quiet. As well as that, they are robust and come with a 20-year guarantee, ensuring long-lasting performance.

You can also get tiled roofs from SupaLite, with a vast range of colours available. Not only that, but you can install ExtraLight tiles, a stunning innovation for your home. These tiles are up to seven times lighter than standard ones, meaning you’ll benefit from their fantastic performance without weighing your home down.

How do conservatory roofs compare?

As always, choosing which conservatory roof is right for your home depends on many factors. For example, if you have a smaller space, then a glass roof could provide the insulation you need while also giving you natural light. For larger structures, then solid and tiled roofs offer extra coverage and weather protection.

Glass roofs are best for providing your home with outstanding views and natural light. As well as that, they can make you feel closer to nature with their slim frames, often made from durable uPVC. Because of this, you’ll stay warm in winter and be able to let heat flood your home in summer.

Meanwhile, tiled conservatory roofs are brilliant if you want to blend your conservatory in naturally with your property. The tiles blend not only with brickwork but will complement a dwarf wall if you have one. Tiles also give you the most privacy and shading, meaning they’re ideal for creating a secluded room in your home.

A solid conservatory roof gives you a brilliant balance of both light and shade, however. With the option to install double glazing panels in the roof wherever you choose, you can be more selective about how light enters your space. Their flexible design makes solid roofs perfect for kitchen extensions and dining areas, offering beautiful views overhead.

Which conservatory roof costs the most?

Glass roofs are usually the most cost-effective option for your home. However, they don’t give you as much control of your space as solid or tiled options. As well as that, while you’ll benefit from cutting-edge double glazing, the glass will still be more fragile and make your home feel more open to unwanted attention.

Tiled conservatory roofs offer you exceptional privacy, security and energy-saving benefits. As a replacement option, they can start at around £7,000, going higher depending on the size of your space. Tiles can pay this investment back from day one, as they insulate your space and keep it comfortable all year round.

A solid conservatory roof can often be more expensive than tiles. However, this is because you get far more choice. As well as the option to add glass, you can make your roof from either slate, concrete or even innovative GRP. Thanks to Guardian and SupaLite, trusted members of our manufacturer network, you’ll be sure to make a worthwhile investment.

Do I need a new conservatory roof?

Perhaps you feel like you may not need a new conservatory roof. There are other ways to warm up the space that are smaller and require less installation time. No matter what you want to do, however, our network of installers will complete all the work with the right amount of time and care.

For example, you could install a dwarf wall on your conservatory. These walls feature brickwork and give you a more robust base. That way, you can work to stop heat escaping through your floor, another vital element of your conservatory.

Additionally, you could also install new doors for your space, that insulate both your pre-existing structure and the rest of your home. They feature advanced double glazing as well as a choice of durable uPVC, composite and aluminium frames. Because of this, they’ll look stylish while also providing substantive performance.

How worthwhile is my investment?

With Compare Companies, you won’t have to worry about investing in a poor quality conservatory roof. For added peace of mind, we manage our network with the utmost care, ensuring every supplier and installer we feature will do right by you. They’ll put the effort into your home that you would yourself, giving you a service that it deserves.

At Compare Companies, we believe that you should always feel in control. That’s why we put you in contact with trusted suppliers and installers, who’ll take the risk out of fitting a replacement conservatory roof. As well as that, they’ll provide you with competitive quotes up to 30% cheaper than you would find going direct.

You won’t just be able to save money when you get a quote through us, however. Because we only put you in contact with the best, you can be confident of adding a stunning roof to your conservatory that can make it warmer and more comfortable. That way, you can reduce your energy usage, and save money on bills from the first day of installation.

Get the right conservatory roof for you

Deciding which conservatory roof is right for your home is a straightforward process with Compare Companies. We will help you find the best deals with the best suppliers in your local area.

You can choose between the appealing and competitive offers in our network to get the best price.

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