Which company is best for new windows?

Which company is best for new windows?

Which company is best for new windows?Replacing your windows are an effective way to improve your home’s energy efficiency and increase curb appeal. New windows can also improve your families everyday comfort by providing better sound proofing against noise from the outside world. With so many installers available to choose from it can be hard to know who to go for to receive the best quality and service. We’ve compiled a list of points to take into consideration when choosing an installer to ensure you’re making the right choice.

What warranty is the window installer offering?

Any reputable window installation company will offer a warranty with their work. This means that, should anything go wrong or need fixing/replacing during your warranty period, you’ll be protected against the expense. It’s important to read the small print and ask questions about exactly what the warranty covers. Most warranties won’t cover any damage that comes as a result of the window being mishandled, general wear and tear, or windows that have been modified after installation. Trustworthy installers will likely offer a warranty period somewhere in the region of 10 – 15 years providing customers with peace of mind that they have made a sound investment.

What is the window installer’s experience and what certifications do they have?

Another point to bear in mind is choosing an installer with a lot of experience and a good reputation. Doing your research into reviews and testimonials of an installer will help you to determine whether they are a company you can trust or not. Company websites are a great place to start for this type of research. Installers should also be registered with either FENSA or CERTASS which recognise competent tradespeople. You can often view these certifications on an installers website, but you’re also entitled to ask to see a copy of their certificates.

What are the window installer’s costs?

Estimating the cost of double glazing an entire home is quite difficult as it will often be different for every customer. The cost will depend on how many windows you need, their size, the type of glazing you opt for (double or triple) and the frames and style of window you choose. Each of these options will determine a different price tag for your project. Our advice for finding the best possible price is to compare quotes from at least 2 – 4 different installers. You can receive up to 4 free, no- obligation quotes from us by completing our short online form. We’ll then match your requirements and in touch to discuss your quotes and options.

Does the installer offer windows with a good energy efficiency rating?

When replacing your windows it’s important to buy the most energy efficient option that you can. Better energy efficiency will keep warm air in and cold air out, keeping your family comfortable whilst reducing your energy bills. Windows are given an energy efficiency rating that ranges from G (the mostWhich company is best for new windows? inefficient) to A++ (the most efficient). Windows with a rating of B or higher are recommended where possible.

What security does the installer offer on their windows?

Advancements in technology for windows mean they are now more secure than ever before. A reputable, trustworthy installer will only offer windows that boast the best and latest security features. Look out for windows which meet or exceed the British Security Standard

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