What window material should I choose when replacing my windows?

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What window material should I choose when replacing my windows? Your windows are an integral part of your home. They help to keep your home warm by providing insulation. They can improve security levels with the right locking systems, and they can enhance the overall appearance of your home’s exterior. When you start to experience problems with your windows such as condensation between the double glazing, warped or damaged frames or noticeable heat loss, it’s time for a window replacement. When you’ve decided that your windows need replacing, the first thing you need to do is choose which material will be best for your new windows. For most homeowners there are four options:

  • uPVC
  • Aluminium
  • Timber
  • Composite

Let’s take a closer look at each material to see which one will be best for you.

Benefits of uPVC windowsuPVC Windows

uPVC windows are the most popular replacement option for UK homeowners. This should perhaps come as no surprise. They are the most cost-effective option and in recent years their performance standards have greatly improved thanks to modern advancements in technology. With new uPVC windows you can expect:

  • Window Energy Rating (WER) on most systems
  • Low maintenance exterior finish
  • Outstanding weather resistance
  • Compatibility with double or triple glazing
  • Excellent acoustic insulation (especially with triple glazed)
  • Realistic timber effect finishes
  • Multi-point locking systems for enhanced security protection

uPVC windows are the go-to solution for many modern homes. They are used in a high percentage of new-build properties and are usually guaranteed for 10 years.

aluminium windowsBenefits of aluminium windows

  • Slimline frames for increased natural light intake
  • Thermal break technology to reduce heat loss
  • Low maintenance exterior finish
  • Superb corrosion resistance
  • Powder coat finish in almost any colour imaginable
  • Sleek contemporary appearance
  • Available with marine grade protection for coastal locations

When you want a luxury window installation for your home, aluminium windows are an excellent choice. They are generally more expensive than uPVC windows but thanks to thermal break technology can now rival uPVC windows for thermal performance.

Benefits of timber windowsTimber windows

Timber windows are the essential choice for many period property renovation projects. If you live in a conservation area or listed building you may have no choice than to opt for timber windows. Timber windows can also be used in modern homes to add charm and character. They are the most expensive window material but also the best in terms of insulation and longevity. With timber windows you get:

  • Naturally insulating material
  • Hardwood (more expensive and stronger) and softwood (more cost-effective) options
  • Engineered timber to resist rot, warping, and insect attack
  • Beautiful wood grain appearance
  • Stained or painted finish
  • Can be painted in any colour and changed in the future
  • Compatibility with conservation area protection guidelines

Timber windows require more maintenance than other window materials. They will usually need sanding down and re-painting every five years. They will, however, last upwards of 100 years when properly cared for. If you choose timber windows for your home, be sure to look for FSC certified timber to ensure that your timber windows have been made with sustainable wood.

Benefits of composite windows

composite windowsComposite windows are made from timber with either uPVC or aluminium cladding on the exterior side of the frame. This combines the attractive appearance and enhanced insulating capacity of timber with the low maintenance exterior of aluminium or uPVC.  The combination of materials used in composite windows is designed to enhance performance and appearance. They are an increasingly popular alternative to single material windows and provide the following benefits:

  • Enhanced energy efficiency performance
  • Low maintenance exterior
  • Outstanding durability
  • Different appearance on the interior and exterior
  • Strong and weather-resistant
  • Wide range of colours and finishes
  • Excellent security performance
  • Composite windows are a great way to combine the benefits of two different materials and are well worth considering for your home improvement plans

Now you are more confident about your top material choice for your new windows it’s going to be important you find a trusted installer. We compare companies for you and the quotes will come direct to you. But how do you choose which quote to go for? Click here to read the next article for top tips on choosing the best window installer for you.

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