What is an average price for an L-shaped conservatory?

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As lockdown restrictions continue to lift across the country, the appetite for summer-ready spaces designed to let vast amounts of fresh air and natural light in whilst staying warm and dry is growing day by day.

Modern conservatories come in many different styles and, of course, the size of your conservatory will make a difference to its final price tag. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of simple Lean To conservatories and classic Victorian conservatories, but what about L-shaped conservatories?…

What is an average price for an L-shaped conservatory?

What is an L-shaped conservatory?

L-shaped conservatories are designed to fit around the corner of a property, seamlessly connecting to other parts of your home. Also known as a corner infill conservatory or a wrap-around conservatory, l-shaped conservatories combine the sleek Lean To conservatory design with the elegantly styled, high-pitched Edwardian conservatory layout. The Lean To section runs along the rear wall of your property, leading into the larger Edwardian-inspired space.

Often split into two different areas, L-shaped conservatories work well on larger detached properties whilst offering real potential for saving garden space too. Popular L shaped conservatory ideas include an extra lounging space alongside a designated children’s playroom, a kitchen conservatory extension with an adjoining dining room, and a designated home office space complete with an adjacent home gym to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

What is the average price for an L-shaped conservatory?

For every additional 50 cm² you add to your new L-shaped conservatory, you can expect to add an additional 8.6% to the price. To give you a rough idea of how conservatory prices vary by size, in the table below we look at average price ranges for uPVC-framed conservatories with glass roofs for Edwardian, Lean To, and L Shape conservatory styles.

DimensionsTypeAverage prices range fromPrice increase% increase
3.5 m x 4 mEdwardian£11,425-£13,175£1,20010.8%
4 m x 4 mEdwardian£13,125-£14,875£1,70013.8%
3.5 m x 4 mLean-To£11,925-£13,675£1,0008.5%
4 m x 4 mLean-To£14,025-£15,775£2,10016.4%
3.5 m x 4 mL Shape£13,975-£15,725£1,1558.8%
4 m x 4 mL Shape£15,275-£17,025£1,3008.5%

Is a wrap around (L-shaped) conservatory a good investment?

Quite simply, yes, it is! Able to increase your home’s value by at least 5%, it’s safe to say that L-shaped conservatories are much more cost effective than building a full extension space. Delivering the perfect fusion of modern and traditional architectural stylings, you can benefit from an L shaped conservatory in a variety of ways, including:

  • A functional and flowing floorplan
  • Multiple designs and finishing touches
  • Transforms awkward outdoor spaces
  • Real potential for saving and enhancing garden space
  • No planning permission required, as long as it doesn’t exceed 4 m tall and 3 m/4 m wide (in Scotland, Wales, and NI) or 4 m tall and 6 m/8 m wide (in England only).

Can I change the shape of my conservatory?

What is an average price for an L-shaped conservatory?

If you’re restricted by budget or want to capitalise on an existing conservatory space, changing its shape is a fantastic way to modernise and improve your home. This could involve replacing its roof with a state-of-the-art tiled system complete with illuminating glazed sections or adding an Edwardian conservatory to an existing Lean To structure to transform it into a roomy L Shape conservatory. Plus, as long as you stick to the latest permitted development rules, you shouldn’t need to apply for planning permission either.

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So, now you fully understand what an L Shaped conservatory is and what the average price is, if you’re wondering which home improvements add the most value for UK homes, find out by clicking here to read our next article.

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