What is a T-shaped conservatory (and the main differences)

White uPVC T shaped conservatory exterior

A T-shape conservatory is a type of combination conservatory that combines a long section with a central projection. This creates a T shaped conservatory, hence the name. The long section is usually in the style of a Victorian or Edwardian conservatory, with the central projection being Victorian, Edwardian or Gable in style.

What are the benefits of T-shaped conservatories?

White uPVC T shaped conservatory exteriorOne of the main benefits of T-shaped conservatories is their size and versatility, with homeowners being able to create two distinct living spaces within one room. Whether this is a dining/living room, games/office space, or something else entirely is up to the homeowner.

As their central part projects into the garden, they really blur the lines between the home and garden too. The central projection can also create a porch-like effect, making for impressive entranceways, especially when they are fitted with French doors and feature steps leading down to the garden.

How much do T-shaped conservatories cost?

With so many factors affecting the cost of conservatories, including the roof, size, windows and doors, there is no set cost for T-shaped conservatories.

However, to give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for a T-shape conservatory compared to the other conservatory styles, a price comparison table is available below:

DimensionsTypePrices range fromPrice increase% increase
3.5m x4mEdwardian£11,425-£13,175£1,20010.8%
4mx 4mEdwardian£13,125-£14,875£1,70013.8%
3.5m x4mGable End£13,075-£14,825£1,0508.1%
4m x 4mGable End£14,325-£16,075£1,2509.0%
3.5m x4mL Shape£13,975-£15,725£1,1558.4%
4m x 4mL Shape£15,275-£17,025£1,3008.8%
3.5m x 4mLean To£11,925-£13,675£1,0008.5%
4m x 4mLean To£14,025-£15,775£2,10016.4%
5m x 3.5mP Shape£15,425-£17,175£1,3008.7%
5m x 4mP Shape£16,725-£18,475£1,3008.0%
5m x3.5mT Shape£14,825-£16,575£1,50010.6%
5m x4mT Shape£16,325-£18,075£1,5009.6%
3.5m x4mVictorian£12,225-£13,975£1,0008.3%
4m x 4mVictorian£13,925-£15,675£1,70013.0%

What is the difference between a T-shape and P-shape conservatory?

White UPVC P Shaped conservatory largeLike P-shaped conservatories, the T-shape is very well suited to large properties with lots of outside space. However, the main difference between the two is the location of the doors; on T-shaped conservatories, the doors are located centrally, which creates a porch-like effect; on P-shaped conservatories, the doors are usually located at either end, although sometimes doors are fitted at both.

How can I use a T shaped conservatory?

Because they have a long section and a central projection, many homeowners choose to use these areas for different purposes. How you wish to use them is up to you, but if you are stuck for ideas, we have listed some possible combinations below:

  • Using the large section as a dining room and the central projection as a garden room
  • Using the large section to extend the kitchen and the central projection as a children’s play area
  • Using the large section to add extra space to the lounge and the central projection as a workout area
  • Using the large section as a home office and the central projection as a seating area, where you can relax in the sunshine and enjoy views of your garden

Can I change the shape of my conservatory?

It is possible to change the shape of your existing conservatory. For example, if your current Lean-to conservatory is no longer providing enough space, you might have a Victorian conservatory built on the end of it to create a P-shaped conservatory. You could also have a central projection added onto an existing Victorian or Edwardian conservatory to change it to a T-shaped conservatory.

What properties are T-shaped conservatories best suited to?

White UPVC T Shaped conservatory largeT-shaped conservatories are renowned for their impressive aesthetics and they can work with properties of all styles and ages. However, because they are quite large, they tend to work better with bigger properties. Because they project away from the house and into the garden, properties with lots of garden space are ideal locations for them too.

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