What is a lean to conservatory? (and other lean-to FAQs)

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Space, light, and warmth. The humble lean to conservatory remains a firm favourite amongst UK homeowners. It’s the perfect addition for those who wish to improve, not move.

Ready to take the life-changing step towards a quality conservatory installation or replacement? one of the most important choices to make is the style of your new conservatory space. The style of your conservatory will affect its final price tag.

What is a lean to conservatory?

Lean to conservatories are typically rectangular-shaped structures that run along the back of the property. They’re also known as a “garden room”, “sunroom” or “Mediterranean conservatory”. The perfect addition to homes restricted by space, their flat sloping roof is easy to spot. They’re ‘leaning’ between the dwarf wall and the primary building’s exterior wall.

Manufacturers angle the pitched roof between 2.5° – 10°. From traditional to modern, the versatile lean to style suits all types of property. This includes awkward shallow pitched bungalows.

Is a lean to conservatory cheaper?

With simple designs, minimal materials, and reduced installation times, lean to conservatories remain the nations favourite conservatory style. They deliver the greatest indoor floorspace for a conservatory on a budget.

Of course, the final price will depend on a range of factors. Generally speaking, lean to conservatories work out as the cheapest conservatory style.

How much should a lean to conservatory cost?

The quotes shown below are for contemporary uPVC framed, glass-roofed lean to conservatories:


Prices range from

Price increase

%age increase

3.5m x 2.5m




4m x 2m




4m x 2.5m




3.5m x 3.5m




3.5m x 4m




4m x 4m




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Does a lean to add value?

All well-built conservatories have the potential to add up to 5% to a property’s value. On average, this works out around £15,000. A low-cost installation that adds value, lean to’s provide excellent return on investment. What we’d advise, however, is that you get a professional to install. Pursuing a DIY lean to conservatory could result in unnecessary damages.

Do you need planning permission for a lean to conservatory?

As long as you follow these guidelines, it’s likely your new lean to conservatory won’t need planning permission:

  • Lean to conservatories for detached houses no longer than 8m (England only*)
  • Lean to structures for semi-detached or terraced houses are no longer than 6m (England only)
  • The property is not located on designated land or a Site of Specific Interest, e.g. a conservation area or a listed building
  • Your Permitted Development Rights (PDR) remain intact. E.g. local authority has put an ‘Article 4 Direction’ in place to restrict specific development rights in the area
  • The lean to’s roof is no higher than 4m’s and isn’t higher than the existing roof
  • No balconies, verandas or raised platforms included
  • It is built at the same level as the ground
  • It is separated from the rest of the house by a door
  • Prior approval granted via The Neighbour Consultation Scheme (applies to large single-storey rear extensions).

Please be aware that these rules only apply to conservatories for houses. Different rules apply for planning permissions on glazed extensions for flats, maisonettes, and converted houses.

*Different rules apply outside England. E.g. to side-step seeking planning permission in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales, lean to conservatories for detached houses must be no longer than 4m. The full height of lean to installations for semi-detached or terraced houses must not exceed 3m from the original back wall of the property.

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Adaptable, cost-effective, and illuminating, lean to conservatories offer minimal effort for maximum return. To avoid any extra unnecessary costs, we advise that you get at least 4 quotes to find the best lean-to conservatory price. Get those quotes with Compare Companies. Terms and conditions apply.

So, now you fully understand what a lean to conservatory is and how it can benefit you and your family for many enjoyable years to come. Click here to find out how to replace a lean to conservatory roof.

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