What is a gable conservatory? (and the costs)

Conservatories come in all shapes and sizes. When you’re thinking about extending your home, it’s essential that you choose the best type of conservatory to meet your needs and complement your home’s design. A gable conservatory is an excellent choice of glazed extension.
It is often considered to be a premium conservatory style and can be installed onto both traditional and more modern properties. To help you to understand more about the gable conservatory style, let’s take a closer look at its characteristics.

Gable conservatories unique features

Gable conservatories are so called because the front of the conservatory features a triangular gable end like the front or side of a house. Symmetrically designed, they tastefully replicate the style of a Georgian property with their ornate features and classic aesthetic. The apex of a gable conservatory protrudes from the original property to create a high ridged sloping roof. This helps to maximise natural light intake and create a feeling of height and enhanced space inside the conservatory.

Outside, a gable conservatory really does create an impressive visual impact. The high vaulted roof can be topped with a decorative crenellated apex for a stylishly classic feel while the entrance doors can be positioned just below the gable end to further accentuate the symmetrical design. As mentioned above, gable conservatories are often selected for installations on period properties where their classic Georgian style is perfectly in keeping with the more traditional architecture. They are, however, becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners wanting to add a touch of classic charm to their more contemporary home.

How much does a gable conservatory cost?

When undertaking any home improvements, perhaps the most important factor to consider is the cost. There are many factors that will affect the price of a conservatory from its size and style to the materials which it is made from. To give you an idea of how much a gable conservatory will cost to install, we’ve compiled this handy table which compares the cost of a gable conservatory with other popular conservatory styles.

DimensionsTypePrices range fromPrice increase% increase
3.5m x4mEdwardian£11,425-£13,175£1,20010.8%
4mx 4mEdwardian£13,125-£14,875£1,70013.8%
3.5m x4mGable End£13,075-£14,825£1,0508.1%
4m x 4mGable End£14,325-£16,075£1,2509.0%
3.5m x4mL Shape£13,975-£15,725£1,1558.4%
4m x 4mL Shape£15,275-£17,025£1,3008.8%
3.5m x 4mLean To£11,925-£13,675£1,0008.5%
4m x 4mLean To£14,025-£15,775£2,10016.4%
5m x 3.5mP Shape£15,425-£17,175£1,3008.7%
5m x 4mP Shape£16,725-£18,475£1,3008.0%
5m x3.5mT Shape£14,825-£16,575£1,50010.6%
5m x4mT Shape£16,325-£18,075£1,5009.6%
3.5m x4mVictorian£12,225-£13,975£1,0008.3%
4m x 4mVictorian£13,925-£15,675£1,70013.0%

As you can see, a gable conservatory is generally considered to be a mid-range option in terms of cost when compared to other conservatory styles. Larger T-shaped and P-shaped conservatories will usually cost more because of their more complex floor plan while an Edwardian or Victorian style conservatory will usually be slightly more cost-effective.

Why choose a gable conservatory?

Gable conservatories offer homeowners a range of benefits. Their geometric shape is easy to furnish and can be specified in almost any size to fit all property types. Here are some features of a gable conservatory that make it a great choice for a glazed extension.

  • High vaulted roof to create a bright and airy interior and a visually impressive exterior.
  • Elevated gable end to create a stately appearance and focal point for your property exterior.
  • Multi-purpose living space which can be used as a combined dining/relaxing area.
  • Your choice of entrance doors to complement the style of the conservatory.
  • Compatibility with any type of home including bungalows and dormer style properties.

Gable conservatories continue to be a popular choice with homeowners across the UK. Their simple square-based or rectangular design makes them easier to install than other conservatories and also helps to optimise the use of floor space.

Now that you know more about gable conservatories, it’s the perfect time to compare some quotes and potentially save up to 40% on your glazed extension installation. Alternatively, you can call the team at Compare Companies directly on 0800 084 5076. There’s always someone on hand to discuss your project requirements and offer professional advice on the best options available for you.


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