What colour options are available for conservatory roofs?

Victorian conservatory

What conservatory colours options are available for roofs?

For many, the typical idea of a conservatory is white uPVC, cold winters and blazingly hot summers making them difficult to furnish and a hard to use space. With modern thermal technology and improved conservatory colours and finishes, conservatories have become a beautiful, inspired space with customable designs and bespoke finishes.

You can add warmth and style with your design choices with coloured frames and tailored roof finishes as a white alternative. To help you understand your conservatory design options, let’s look at some trending conservatory styles.

There is now a much wider range of conservatory roof options. We have created a helpful guide to help you make an informed decision.

Tiled conservatory roof

You can replace your existing conservatory roof with a tiled alternative. A solid roof helps your conservatory with thermal efficiency and creates a usable room all year round. A new roof consists of installing rafters and batons in the existing roof framework and installing a false ceiling. Tiled options come in a range of colours, from modern Anthracite Grey to traditional terracotta.

Titled Roof Conservatory

Fibreglass conservatory roof

Fibreglass is a popular option for a new conservatory roof. It gives homeowners the option for bespoke designs and gives great views of your outdoor space. Its top benefits include flexible design options that give a high-quality long-lasting finish.

Lean to conservatory

Blue glass conservatory roof

Blue glass is a great alternative to traditional conservatory roofing. It is more cost-effective than conventional glazing options and has great visual appeal. The tinted blue glass helps regulate the internal temperature of your conservatory as it repels harmful UV rays, stopping the greenhouse feel in your conservatory.

Edwardian conservatory interior

Polycarbonate conservatory roof

If you are looking for a budget-friendly, lightweight option for your conservatory roof, polycarbonate is your answer. Polycarbonate conservatory roofing is the cheapest option and gives a good lifespan. Whilst polycarbonate roofs are cheap and easy to install, they’re not thermally efficient and can be noisy with bad weather.

Conservatory colour trends 2022

Black conservatories

On trend, the colour black embodies prestige, influence, and elegance. The contrast of a bright, light room with the framed black structure delivers a captivating result suiting traditional and contemporary homes alike. Dual coloured frames give the best of both worlds, creating the possibility for a minimalist white interior and black exterior.

Black Conservatory

Green conservatories 

Green framed conservatoires are peaceful on the eyes, giving country chic and connected with the feel of freshness, creating a sense of peace and serenity. The conservatory industry colour chart RAL has the colour RAL 6021, known as ‘Chartwell Green’, which offers a great choice. Its light and soothing tone gives the most modern properties some vintage flair.

Solid conservatory roof green frame

Grey conservatories

Grey is a highly popular home trend with Anthracite Grey conservatories (RAL 7016) taking the home improvement movement by storm. Grey has a wide spectrum from the subtle, light tones such as ‘Agate Grey’ RAL 7038 to neutral darker colours. Grey conservatories have an unquestionably modern finish that many homeowners desire when creating a contemporary look.

Grey Conservatory

Do I need planning permission for a new conservatory roof?

Replacing your conservatory roof commonly doesn’t need planning permission. However, always check, a reputable installer will be aware of current planning legislation and will be able to advise you. Our conservatory building regulations guide can help you and give you an idea of when planning permission may be required.

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