What are Solidor doors made of?

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Composite doors are one of the UK’s most popular types of entrance door. For both installers and homeowners, composite doors provide outstanding levels of performance in terms of security and thermal efficiency and are aesthetically attractive with a wide variety of customisation options. There are several companies in the UK who manufacture composite doors. They are all alike in that they use a combination of materials in their composite door’s construction. The materials used, however, can be very different from company to company, resulting in considerable differences in quality.

One of the UK’s leading composite door manufacturers is Solidor. Solidor composites are respected across the glazing industry for their superior performance capacity and are one of the most popular options. So, what makes Solidor so popular? Are they any better than other composite doors and what are they actually made of? Let’s take a closer look.

What are Solidor doors made of?

Solidor solid timber core

Many composite doors feature a polyurethane foam core. These types of composite doors provide great levels of thermal performance and weather resistance but when it comes to security, they are not quite as secure as a Solidor door. That’s because a Solidor composite door has a 48mm solid timber core. Timber is far denser and stronger than the insulating foam used in other composite doors and helps Solidor doors to withstand far more intense levels of impact.

ABS outer skin

The outer layer of a Solidor composite door is made from a 1.7mm PVC skin. Where most composite doors feature a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skin, Solidor’s ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) skin is coloured during manufacture to create an integral colour which runs through the material. This makes it far more resistant to surface scratching and weathering. ABS plastic is actually the same material used to make the rigid plastic bricks used in Lego which are renowned for their almost unbreakable characteristics.

Ultion locking cylinders and multi-point locks

All Solidor composite doors are fitted with high security multi-point locking systems as standard. Avantis multi-point locks ensure that each composite door is secured at several points along the door’s frame. They also feature a high tech Ultion locking cylinder to further boost security. 3-star Ultion cylinders are designed to protect and will enter super secure lockdown mode if forced entry is attempted.

Secure and energy efficient glazing

Solidor composite doors can be specified in a range of styles from the contemporary to the traditional. They can also feature a selection of glazed sections to increase natural light intake and create a unique appearance. Whereas a glazed section could, in some doors, be seen as a potential weak point, this is certainly not the case with Solidor. All Solidor glazed sections are either double or triple glazed and incorporate argon gas filled sealed units into their design. They use warm edge spacers to enhance thermal performance and have a low-E coating to help to regulate internal temperature.

Thermally efficient 5-chamber outer frame

Finally, to ensure that each Solidor composite door fully maximises its performance potential, the outer frame is designed to keep warm air in and cold air out. Featuring a 5-chamber lead-free design, Solidor’s outer frame ensures that the overall performance of the door is not compromised. Instead, the multi-chambered outer frame helps to optimise performance by enhancing the door’s insulating capacity.

Combining materials for customer satisfaction

The use of a combination of materials in designing and building the latest home entrance doors has helped to revolutionise home security and energy efficiency performance. Solidor composite doors epitomize this use of different materials to create a single product which is far more than the sum of all its parts. Solidor composites are used in residential replacement projects across the UK and are also the door of choice for many new build projects.

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