uPVC vs Composite Windows and Doors

uPVC vs Composite Windows and Doors

Working with Compare Companies is the ideal way to search the market for new uPVC and composite windows and doors. If your home is starting to feel uncomfortable, or you want to refresh it with a new addition, then these advanced products are a brilliant solution. With us, you can get quick and competitive quotes from a wide range of trusted suppliers.

uPVC is a durable material that you can fit in all windows and doors to give it more protection and performance. With uPVC, you’ll be able to create a thermal barrier for your home that keeps it warm no matter the weather outside. That way, you can make your living space more comfortable while also saving energy.

However, uPVC has a worthy competitor. With our network, you can work with double glazing specialists that offer composite windows and doors. Composite structures use a blend of materials, including uPVC, to provide a robust frame with outstanding security and weather protection.

At Compare Companies, we believe your windows and doors are a crucial part of a beautiful home. Not only will you benefit from their performance, but you’ll also be able to get a stylish and sleek addition that makes your space stand out.

With many of our suppliers, you can customise nearly every aspect of your windows and doors. That way, you can tailor the designs with a range of colours, finishes and accessories to get a bespoke design that reflects your personality. At Compare Companies, we put you in control of your home and your budget with durable frames at brilliant prices.

Why should I upgrade my windows and doors?

uPVC and composite windows and doors can genuinely transform the way you use your home. These advanced materials are a marked improvement over older, wooden options. When it comes to wooden frames, you often find that they lose their performance after only a few years.

In wooden windows, their frames can also break down over time and lose their shape. A significant reason for this is that wood often wears away quickly when exposed to excess wind and rain. Water can seep into any cracks in the timber and expand within them, causing the frames to crack and leave more space for cold air to enter your home.

Wooden doors can often experience similar issues. Another problem that wooden doors in particular have is that they aren’t as resistant to massive forces. That means that they may not provide as much protection for your home if any unwanted visitors try to intrude.

With older windows and doors, you can also miss out on a remarkable number of benefits. For example, older designs aren’t as efficient as today’s cutting-edge technology. Because of this, you can lose your home’s heat and spend far more money on central heating trying to replace it.

However, our network of double glazing specialists can show you another way. With uPVC and composite materials, you can insulate your home effectively. Because of this, you can make your living space warmer, more comfortable and more enjoyable. Not only that, but you’ll be able to cut your heating usage and save money for the privilege.

uPVC vs Composite Windows and Doors

uPVC vs Composite

When it comes to upgrading your home, the decision between installing uPVC or composite windows and doors is a vital one. You can be confident that both materials will perform for your home, but there are differences in the costs and the benefits. With our vast network, however, you’ll guarantee yourself a great deal on a brilliant product.


uPVC has been a remarkable development in home improvements. This smart material acts as a coating for windows and doors, making them more efficient by providing them with insulation. Because of this, uPVC can prevent heat transfer in your space, meaning that you can trap your home’s warmth inside.

With this insulation, you can transform your living space into a comfortable area for you and your family to enjoy. You’ll have a more stable space that doesn’t fluctuate in temperature too much. As well as that, uPVC frames are slimline while maintaining their performance so that you can get stunning views and natural light in your home also.

In windows, uPVC can help them not only keep your home warm and bright but can also protect your space from even the worst weather. uPVC is exceptionally durable and has an air and water-tight design. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about draughts and cold spots developing unexpectedly.

When you fit a uPVC door to your home, you’ll also add long-lasting performance. The durability of uPVC makes them perfect for a front door, as they’ll continue to perform for decades. That way, wherever your life takes you, you’ll be able to go home to a stylish and welcoming door that stays reliable.

As well as making your home warmer, uPVC can help you to become more environmentally friendly as well. With our network of suppliers, you can get 100% recyclable uPVC windows and doors that are lead-free and sustainable. Therefore, you can ensure you do your bit to help our planet with uPVC.

uPVC vs Composite Windows and Doors

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