Top 10 Advantages of uPVC Windows

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The advantages of uPVC windows are endless. These modern solutions can help you enhance your home’s style, improve your lifestyle, and save plenty of money in the process too. You’ll be investing in windows that use new glazing and an energy efficient uPVC frame. As a result, you can make your home warmer and protect it more effectively as well, thanks to the robustness of these windows’ designs.

uPVC windows are a real step up on older designs, such as wooden windows. With a timber frame, these windows can wear down and lose their performance quickly. Unlike these outdated frames, uPVC can deal with almost any weather conditions. Water won’t be able to expand the frame and create gaps like with timber. That means you’ll continue to insulate your home against whatever nature throws at it.

Also, the uPVC frame isn’t the only advancement your new windows will have. You’ll get a choice of several remarkable glazing options, including double, triple and even solar glazing. That way, you can take control of how you channel energy inside your home, and how you create it as well. Not only that, but you can add features to your windows to make them unique to you, such as handles, accessories and even vibrant colours.

Additionally, one of the most significant advantages of uPVC windows is the price. You can invest as little as £150 per window to get fully-fitted, wide-opening uPVC windows in your home. These designs can help you save over a hundred pounds a year on energy bills too, making them a worthwhile investment alone. However, you’ll also benefit from other advantages of uPVC windows that make them even better.

Advantages of uPVC Windows

There are so many advantages of uPVC windows that it can be a challenge to break them all down. However, some crucial ones can make an enormous difference to your home. You’ll not only be able to enhance how your home looks and feels, but your investment will put money straight back in your pocket from day one. That way, you’ll be making a decision with uPVC windows that benefits your family straight away.

1. uPVC Windows are Cheaper than Wood/Aluminium

Firstly, the cost of uPVC windows isn’t only affordable for the benefits you’ll get. It’s also a cheaper window than both wooden and aluminium designs. While wood has more traditional appeal, uPVC outperforms it in several ways. For a start, uPVC is more durable than wood, and you don’t need to repaint or revarnish it. Also, you won’t have to clean uPVC windows to maintain them, and they’ll last longer without you needing to spend money on repairs.

Not only that, but uPVC windows are also more affordable than aluminium. Aluminium windows are impressive designs, with remarkable strength and efficiency that beats uPVC in some areas. However, it can cost up to 20% more to fit one of these frames, which can be heavy and more cumbersome than uPVC. As a result, you can let more natural light and warmth into your home with a uPVC frame, making your living space feel more welcoming and comfortable.

2. uPVC Windows are Thermally Efficient

uPVC windows are an efficient option that can help you save money inside your home. Unlike wooden frames, uPVC has no gaps in its design, and the material is durable and robust. Because of this, the natural heat inside your home will have little-to-no room to escape. Not only that, but uPVC has superb insulation too, meaning you’ll be able to give the cold shoulder to cold weather, protecting your home from it.

As a result, you can make your living space more comfortable without needing to rely on your central heating. You’ll make rushing to turn the radiator on a thing of the past, and you’ll do the same for rising household costs. With uPVC windows, you can get on top of your energy bills, bringing them down and putting more money in your pocket for the things that matter. You’ll even decrease your carbon footprint, helping you help the planet.

3. uPVC Windows Can Reduce Noise Pollution

In your home, privacy is crucial. That’s why uPVC windows help you create a living space that’s free from distractions. uPVC doesn’t just insulate your home from cold weather, but it can also block out noise from outside. You won’t have to worry about commotion from across the street affecting how you use your home. This insulation works both ways too, giving you the freedom to fill your space with noise without worry.

uPVC windows can also give you more privacy in various other ways. You can invest in obscured glazing for your windows that block your home from prying eyes. Furthermore, uPVC is a durable frame that people who you don’t want to enter your home can’t break through. Because of this, you’ll be investing in you and your family’s security too, making the people you care about a little safer. Because of this, uPVC windows can give you invaluable peace of mind.

4. uPVC Windows Do Not Warp or Rot

Another of the significant advantages of uPVC windows is their durability. While wooden windows are known for wearing down in bad weather, uPVC is a material that takes these conditions in its stride. No matter how bad it gets out there, you can rely on a durable uPVC frame to withstand any conditions. Because of this, you won’t be worrying about your new windows warping, rotting, cracking, twisting, or losing their shape at all for years.

As a result of that, you won’t have to worry about replacing these windows for a long time ahead. uPVC windows are long-lasting builds that protect your home for decades. uPVC is a frame that can last for up to 30 years, while still giving you the very best of its performance. Due to this, you can continue to save energy inside your home and make it feel more comfortable without having to worry about repair costs. These windows can genuinely last a lifetime.

5. uPVC Windows are Low Maintenance

Because of this, uPVC windows are low-maintenance as well. With older windows, particularly timber ones, maintenance can be a time-consuming thing. Wooden windows often need repainting and revarnishing to maintain their look and their performance. However, that’s probably the last thing you want to be doing with the time you have at home. Instead, you can get uPVC windows that do most of the work for you once you install them.

You won’t have to clean them much at all. You’ll only have to wipe the windows down with a damp cloth once a month to stop stains building up on your uPVC window frames. But the innovative design takes most of the hassle away. Your glazing, for instance, won’t be prone to condensation, and you can choose a self-cleaning glass option as well. Self-cleaning glass has a special coating that breaks down dirt and muck, so you don’t have to.

6. uPVC Windows are User-Friendly

uPVC windows are easy to install and straightforward to use. They are a product that you can get to grips with the moment you install them, and you can customise your window to make how you use it suited to your needs as well. For example, there are many uPVC window styles for which you can customise the opening systems. That means you can take control of how you open the windows, you can fit them into smaller spaces, and they’ll work for you.

Not only that, but the entire design of uPVC windows puts you first. These windows don’t have cumbersome hardware in the way. Instead, your slimline uPVC frames protect it from view. Because of this, your windows can also last longer too. As uPVC is a weatherproof material, it can defend hinges, springs and security features from rusting in water and wind, meaning that you can rely on your windows for much longer than older designs.

7. uPVC Windows are Stylish

Thanks to their design, uPVC windows are also incredibly stylish options. With many uPVC window styles, you’ll be able to combine a clear panel of double glazing along with a slim frame. That means you can let in more natural light and warmth from the outside world, heating your home and making it feel closer to nature as well. Also, there are several ways you can enhance their look, making their style one of the most significant advantages of uPVC windows.

Your new windows will be sleek and streamlined, with clean uPVC frames that won’t lose their vibrancy over time. Their durability means you can add bold colours, authentic finishes, and other design features, without worrying about them fading away over time. Not only that, but there is an almost endless range of style options you can choose from, meaning you’ll be in complete command of the look of your uPVC windows.

8. uPVC Windows have Lots of Style Options

When you invest in uPVC windows, you’re investing in giving your home a bespoke look. As we put so much of our lives in our homes, shouldn’t we be able to make them unique spaces? With brand-new uPVC windows, you can do just that. You’ll be able to select colours, finishes, accessories and more for your windows. But there is also a range of designs too, using different opening systems and more of the unique advantages of uPVC windows.

You could choose a regular casement window. However, there are also tilt and turn, sash, bow, bay, and even bolder options that you can add to your living space. Each one can feature a uPVC frame, any type of advanced glazing, and have wide apertures too. That means your new windows will stand out whether you open or close them, making a lasting impact on your home’s look and elevating the style of your living space.

9. uPVC Windows are Endlessly Customisable

Another one of the enormous advantages of uPVC windows is the sheer amount of ways you can style them. When you get uPVC windows for your home, you don’t start with a product that comes off the shelf. You can design these stunning solutions to suit your style sensibilities from scratch. Whether you want to add a window that looks modern or traditional, bold or muted, the choice is entirely in your hands.

You can customise not only the frame but almost every aspect of the design. If you want a window that has period styling, you can add period-accurate features like handles and patterned glazing to achieve a stunning, old-school look. Alternatively, for a more modern approach, you can accomplish that with vibrant colours and other futuristic features. Either way, their endless customisation is one of the most significant advantages of uPVC windows.

10. uPVC Windows Cost Less with Compare Companies

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We’ll also put you in touch with installers from an extensive and trusted network. That means you won’t have to spend time finding a supplier on your own, taking away the risk of overpaying for unsatisfactory service. Not only that, but we ensure that these specialists are from your local area, meaning you don’t have to pay as much in travel costs. Many of them also have certifications from bodies like FENSA, Which? and Checkatrade.

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