Stylish white & grey windows & doors ideas to modernise your home this year

Stylish white & grey windows & doors ideas to modernise your home this year

Over the years, advancements in window and door manufacturing methods have opened up untold possibilities to UK homeowners when it comes to sourcing stable and striking home improvements. uPVC grey windows and other colours have probably experienced the biggest breakthrough, catching up with and surpassing their timber and aluminium counterparts to deliver endless colour choices that complement a wide range of property styles and tastes.

That said, refreshing white uPVC windows and doors remain the most popular colour choice of the moment, closely followed by sophisticated grey uPVC windows and doors. Other than their classic and adaptable traits, it can’t be ignored that white uPVC products cost around 15%-20% less than the exact same window or door in coloured uPVC.

So, if you’re having trouble deciding between white or grey home improvements, carry on reading for a range of stylish grey and white windows and doors ideas to modernise your home this year.

Timeless pure white uPVC windows & doors

Stylish white & grey windows & doors ideas to modernise your home this year

Pristine, fresh, and bright, the popularity of white uPVC windows lives on in over 80% of UK window installations. Neutral in appearance, the way subtle pure white uPVC windows and doors seamlessly harmonize a range of modern homes makes it a shade that will never go out of fashion.

User-friendly, ultra-efficient and secure, modern pure white casement windows will complement and modernise virtually any setting.

Vintage cream uPVC windows & doors

Softening, snug and stylish, cream’s delicate yellow hues are best suited to classically styled homes in search of the most cost-effective solution for replacing original wooden windows and doors that are beyond repair. Available with a range of authentic features, such as historic Georgian bar detailing and satisfying woodgrain textures, high-quality uPVC windows and doors can modernise a wide range of traditionally styled properties, from quaint cottages to classic coach houses; replicating heritage windows and doors with ease and finesse, along with a range of modern performance benefits.

Time-honoured cream sliding sash windows and smooth cream flush sash windows finished with authentic Georgian bars never fail to add value and kerb appeal, whilst retaining classic sightlines.

Contemporary Anthracite Grey uPVC windows & doors

Modern, edgy and chic, Anthracite Grey is the most sought-after shade of grey for modern windows and doors in the UK. Uniting exquisite hues of blue, green and purple, homeowners love Anthracite Grey uPVC windows and doors as it allows them to create the striking look of aluminium without the additional cost. Neutral yet compelling, Anthracite Grey pairs well with a variety of colours and shades – most notably alongside lighter shades of grey or white.

Flush sash windows and doors that finish ‘flush’ with the outer face of the frame, as well as innovative tilt and turn windows, look particularly smart and sleek when finished in Anthracite grey.

Muted Agate grey uPVC windows & doors

Pale, energizing and versatile, also known as ‘Painswick’, Agate grey windows and doors have become a firm favourite within heritage homes across Britain that are looking to modernise yet retain classic aesthetics. Incorporating a unique fusion of pastel greens and greys is a refreshing alternative suited to a variety of buildings, especially those with light coloured facades and stonework.

Enhancing a variety of window and door styles, Agate grey is an ideal shade for classic bay and bow window arrangements; creating a gorgeous focal point that refuses to detract from the property’s original features.

Diverse dual colour white & grey windows & doors

Stylish white & grey windows & doors ideas to modernise your home this year

Dual colour frames are a growing trend amongst homeowners who require a different look inside. Providing the ultimate finishing touch, dual colour frames define interior and exterior stylings without compromising on essential visibility and illumination levels. Pairing the latest shades of white and grey is particularly fashionable – neutral white interior frames and smart Anthracite grey exterior frames are a popular dual colour combination in modern households, whilst Agate grey and white and Agate grey and oak effect frames are attractive dual-colour combinations within more traditionally styled homes. More white and grey shades to research include light grey, pebble grey, slate grey, oyster white, light ivory and papyrus white.

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