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With spring on the way, it’s a brilliant time to invest in home improvements. As the sun comes out and the weather warms up, you can revitalise your space so that it can take advantage of spring. If you want to make your home brighter, warmer and more comfortable, investing now makes sure you’ll be able to get your new home improvements for when spring rolls around.

Spring means warmer weather, more light for longer, and less usage of your heating. But, if you live in a smaller or older home, you may not be able to take advantage. Your living space may lack light, with small windows and a lack of connecting doors. As a result, you might feel like the outside world feels miles away from your home.

Not only that, but an older home loses more heat than it gains. If you’ve been feeling uncomfortable inside your living space, or you’ve had to use your central heating regularly this winter, then investing in home improvements is a wise choice. Today’s new products use advanced materials and designs that trap heat, making your home warmer, more comfortable and more efficient. Our spring home improvement suggestions will serve you well all year.

With Compare Companies this spring, you can invest in several innovative home improvements, such as:

  • New Window Styles
  • New Doors with Glazing
  • Replacement Conservatory Roofs
  • Garden Rooms
  • Extensions and Conversions

Unlike going direct to a supplier, we put you in touch with several trusted ones for you. That way, you save the time and hassle you’d spend finding one yourself, and you won’t have to worry about a poor installation or an inferior product. Most of the installers in our network are Which? Trusted Traders or Checkatrade members, meaning they’ll provide brilliant service – and for less than you may think, making your planned spring home improvements even more affordable and cost-effective in both the long- and short-term.

Working with Compare Companies, you can transform your space this spring with fantastic home improvements that make a genuine difference.

Spring Home Improvements – New Windows

The best thing about spring home improvements is that they can help you bring the outside into your space. Many older homes don’t have this connection, with a lack of space and light that makes your living space feel drab and unwelcoming. However, you can transform it by adding new windows or replacing your old ones. With plenty of beautiful styles on offer, you can give your home a new look too.

You could choose a standard casement window for a design that suits any home. However, for spring, you can afford to be bold with your home improvements. Choose tilt and turn or sash windows for plenty of glazing, slimline frames, as well as innovative openings that help you ventilate your space. And, for a truly standout addition, bow and bay windows add traditional grandeur and stunning light.

Why Install New Windows this Spring?

With brand new windows, you can change the way your home channels energy. In the spring, the English weather has a habit of being temperamental, turning at the drop of a hat. Older windows can lose their shape and performance in these conditions. But with an advanced design, you can protect your home from the elements and insulate it against any colder temperatures.

As a result, you’ll rely on your central heating far less this spring with one of these home improvements. A brand-new window will use either double or triple glazing, as well as a durable uPVC or aluminium frame. Because of this, the whole design will work to not only trap heat inside your home but keep cold air out. That way, you’ll be able to save on your energy bills every day, making your spring home improvements excellent investments.

Also, you can take control of your home’s style. If you want to modernise your space, you could choose a flexible tilt and turn window that opens in several ways. However, you can also create a traditional paradise with flush or sliding sash windows that recreate timber joinery. You’ll be able to customise your windows with colours, finishes and accessories too for a unique and personal touch.

Spring Home Improvements – New Doors with Glazing

Another way to transform your home this spring is to add new doors with plenty of glazing. Your doors let you into your home, and so you should make your entrances stand out. With brand-new designs, you’ll be able to style your home from front to back with a range of style options. And, with spring on the way, investing in doors that use tons of glazing is an ideal choice.

For your front door, you can add a new design with side panels that let light into your landing, or an art deco door with stained glass in the frame. If you want a brand-new back door though, you can get styles that seamlessly connect your living space to your garden. Both sliding and bi-fold doors use multiple panels of glazing that disappear when you open them, revealing a wide-open walkway to your garden.

Why Install New Doors this Spring?

By installing brand new doors, you can open up your home to nature. With more sunlight for longer in the day, your living space will become a front-row seat to the outside world, brightening up your whole home with home improvements to prepare for spring and beyond. However, they’ll also make you feel more secure. Both the front and back doors in this range use internal security hardware and robust frames to keep intruders well away.

You’ll also get terrific privacy when you need it. Your doors will have a thick build, with superb sound insulation. As a result, you can enjoy a warmer and more comfortable living space in peace. For added seclusion, you can also add features to your back doors that help conceal your home and give you control of the light, such as glass foils and elegant blinds.

Finally, the doors for your spring home improvement will also last a lifetime. You’ll not only get advanced glazing but a choice of durable frames. You could choose composite, which gives an authentic timber look but doesn’t come with any of the drawbacks, or the regular maintenance. That way, your doors can last for decades without losing their performance, and the frames will protect the hardware to ensure thousands of smooth uses.

Spring Home Improvements – Replacement Conservatory Roofs

One of the best spaces to take advantage of warmth is a conservatory. At least, they are in theory. That’s because older builds are infamous for becoming too hot and too cold as the weather changes. If you already have one of these spaces, you may not use it at all because of this. But you don’t have to replace the whole build to get a comfortable conservatory this spring.

By replacing your conservatory roof, you can reduce a lot of the heat transfer in the space. You can choose from not only glazing, but solid or tiled structures to give you better insulation and control of the light in the room. That way, you’ll be able to preserve more natural heat, and you’ll feel the benefits across your home. A brand-new roof can even help you cut your energy bills down too.

Why Install Replacement Conservatory Roofs this Spring?

Adding a replacement conservatory roof this spring is a fabulous home improvement. Not only will your new roof keep your conservatory warm, but it can also keep excess heat out. In a tiled roof, the lightweight tiles fit together but leave small gaps in the design for heat to escape through. Also, with both these and solid roofs, you can stop heat bouncing off the ceiling as much.

As a result, you can use your conservatory not only in spring but throughout the year. Even when the winter months roll back around, you’ll be able to get more from your space. Modern conservatory roofs are weatherproof, and you can get self-cleaning glazing across the range. This innovative technology breaks down dirt, saving you the hassle of cleaning it yourself.

Finally, you can customise your roof for a stylish and personal addition to your home. You can even mix and match materials, such as a partially tiled roof that leaves panels of glazing for sunlight to rush through. You’ll also be able to use your space for more purposes, including dining and socialising, creating a bright new living area.

Spring Home Improvements – Garden Rooms

Many spring home improvements bring the outside of your home into your space. But, with a garden room, you can add a new space into the outdoors. Garden rooms are usually detached builds that offer a quiet, chic space to enjoy the spring sunlight. Also, they are fully customisable, and you can choose a range of RAL colours and finishes to make the room pop.

Garden rooms are also cost-effective, making them an affordable way of providing your home with extra living space. Not only that, but you can install these builds quickly and easily, as you don’t have to connect them up to your home if you don’t want to. Also, garden rooms are unlikely to require planning permission, although you should make sure with your council before building.

Why Install Garden Rooms this Spring?

Garden rooms are perfect for enjoying your garden in comfort. Not only can you open the doors to let the room be flush with fresh air, but you’ll also get protection from the elements when you need it. You’ll be able to customise the build too, adding as much glazing as you’d like. As a result, you can style it to suit your needs. These spaces are perfect for getting a little bit of peace.

Another benefit of garden rooms is that you could also convert one into an annex. If you have the budget, you can turn it into a little home with furniture and even bedding. Spaces like these are perfect if you have guests round, or if you have someone in your family that needs a bit of independence. Because of this, a garden room is a useful build to add to your property as part of your planned spring home improvements.

Spring Home Improvements – Extensions & Conversions

If you’ve been thinking about getting a bigger space, spring is the time to invest in home improvements that make your ideas a reality. You and your family may feel like you’re outgrowing your home. Instead of upping sticks and moving to a new house, which can cost a lot and be destabilising for your family, you can build an extension or convert an unused room in your home to get the space you need.

House extensions are unique in that you get total control of each aspect. You can add new windows and doors into these designs, ensuring the whole build is bright and welcoming. Also, you can design the space to suit you and your family’s needs precisely. Whether you want a new kitchen, living area, bedroom, home office or whatever else, extensions and conversions make it possible.

Why Install Extensions or Conversions this Spring?

Getting an extension means you can take advantage of spring with a brand-new space. You’ll have brighter days that let you entertain guests and socialise in comfort and light. Also, as the weather turns warmer, you’ll be able to ensure you not only get fantastic insulation but ventilation as well. Design an open-plan space with spring home improvements in mind, full windows and doors that let fresh air rush in for a natural feeling in your new room.

Conversions have a similar effect. With these builds, you can transform spaces you don’t usually use, like a loft or a garage, into new focal points for your home. You could easily convert an attic into a warm master bedroom by installing cavity wall insulation, tilting roof windows and other features. Alternatively, you could transform your garage and connect it to your home with a glazed walkway.

This spring, if you decide to add home improvements, the most crucial thing is staying in control of the design and the budget. That’s where Compare Companies is so useful. We put you in charge of the whole process. You can choose home improvements, customise them and compare their prices online. Then, you can speak to several specialists from our network and compare their offers to get the best deal.

Spring Home Improvements with Compare Companies

Use Compare Companies’ spectacular service to invest in home improvements this spring.

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