Save Money By Installing Double Glazing Windows

Are you thinking about investing in your property and, at the same time, do you want to cut the costs of running your home by hundreds of pounds a year? High quality double glazed windows can both refresh the appearance of your home and increase the value of your property. However, you don’t have to sell your home when you install double glazing to experience a major and positive impact on your family finances.

If you’re thinking about installing new double-glazing now or in the near future, this article shows you how much a standard fitting will cost and the amount of money you’ll save every year with reduced heating bills.

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So how do double glazed windows really save you money?

Let’s say that you live in a slightly older property and you have chosen to retain the original wooden windows from when your home was built. Whilst original fixtures certainly do add character, there are plenty of downsides.

Of course, when you replace your old windows, you’ll need to take the cost of the modern units and their installation into account. However, so that you don’t pay a large lump sum upfront, many installers allow you to spread the cost of an installation over up to 10 years.

What are the benefits of installing new windows?

  • They can increase the resale value of your property,
  • New double glazed units are much easier to maintain,
  • Less condensation and damp,
  • More secure and safe,
  • Modern windows are much more attractive,
  • Reduced outside noise levels within your home,
  • Fewer draughts,
  • Keep your home warm in winter,
  • Stay cool in summer, and
  • Reduce your fuel bills every year.

Single pane windows often allow condensation to accumulate in your home which puts you and your family at the risk of damp. This tends to occur during the winter when the contrast between the warmth inside your home and the cold on the other side causes a mist to form on your window.

Having two panes instead of one means there is a double barrier between the inside and the outside; greatly reducing the chances of damp forming from condensation.

In itself, this can save you a great deal of money over time. How? By protecting your furniture and wallpaper from damp and moisture in the air. There’s also the added benefit that, because your windows are modern and built to provide increased protection, you don’t need to spend time and money on window frame maintenance every few years or so.

On top of this, modern design windows are much more secure than their older counterparts. A break-in could cost you thousands of pounds as you’ll need to replace your valuable and treasured possessions as well as pay increased insurance premiums. It makes sense to be proactive and bolster the security of your home not just to prevent theft but to make sure you and your family feel safe.

Because double glazed windows are much harder for intruders to break in through, many security experts actually believe that the increased security that new windows offer will help you to avoid being targeted by criminals.

Greatly improving energy efficiency

Double glazed windows have long been celebrated by environmentalists for their energy saving capabilities but how do you know they’re actually doing what they claim to be able to do?

Just like the many of the white goods you may have in your home, such as your fridge or washing machine, double glazed windows come with their own energy rating.

That means all of the new windows out there will have their own score, ranging from A++ to G, based on how good they are at insulating your home.

For the optimum levels of thermal efficiency, there should be at least 16 millimetres of spacing between each pane in your double glazed window unit. This cavity is then filled with an inert gas, such as krypton, and this gas works as a barrier to greatly reduce the transfer of heat from inside your home to the outside world.

It’s this space between the window panes which makes double glazing so energy efficient. With standard single glazed windows, there is only one thin layer of protection for your home. This means that the heat can easily escape through the glass resulting in a large proportion of the heating you actually pay escaping.

In fact, it’s believed that a typical house loses as much as 25% of its heat through having inefficient windows. Not only does the grade and thickness have a major impact on your home’s heat loss but outdated window frames often also have gaps in their seals; leading to both warmth escaping from your home and cold draughts finding their way in.

As the price of gas seems to be constantly on the rise, installing double glazing in your home is a really cost-effective solution to saving money heating your home for many years to come saving you thousands of pounds.

Savings all year round

You can see just how valuable double glazing is for insulating your home during the bleak British winters. The inside of your property will be kept warmer as all draughts from the outside are effectively stopped from coming inside and heat is unable to leak out through your new windows.

You’ll feel the full effect of your heating systems when you use them, perhaps for the first time. You’ll save even more on your energy bill because you won’t need to put your heating on as often or turn it up as high to keep your home at the just the right temperature.

What about during summer? Won’t your home turn into an oven? No. Your double glazed windows will still be worth their weight in gold during the warmer weather. Whilst their insulating powers may sound like they’d make your home even hotter in the summer, that extra layer of glass you get in double glazing also helps to reduce the heat coming into your home by the sun.

If you rely on costly electric fans or air conditioning units to cope with the heat, double glazing keeps the refreshing cooler air inside your house for longer.

That means your home will keep the heat in when it’s cold outside and they’ll also provide you with a cool shelter when it’s too hot. Come rain or (if we’re lucky) shine, your double glazing will maintain the temperature inside your property to keep you comfortable.

First-rate savings

Double glazed windows are clearly an extremely energy efficient addition to your home but how much do they cost? Well, to work out exactly how much you could save from your double glazing, you’ll first need to look at the initial investment you’ll be making.

The amount your double glazed windows cost will depend on a number of things. First, you’ll need to establish the size and type of windows you need. Average prices in the UK are as follows:

Style of double glazingSize of windowAverage price
Casement windows50cm x 50cm£275 to £360
100cm x 100cm£325 to £420
120cm x 120cm£375 to £465
Sash windows50cm x 50cm£540 to £750
100cm x 100cm£640 to £820
120cm x 120cm£750 to £950
Tilt and turn windows80cm x 80cm£415 to £590
100cm x 100cm£490 to £625
120cm x 120cm£525 to £690
Dual turn windows80cm x 80cm£440 to £675
100cm x 100cm£525 to £670
120cm x 120cm£550 to £725
Bay windows240cm x 120cm£1,000 to £1,100
240cm x 150cm£1,100 to £1,200
300cm x 150cm£1,400 – £1,500
300cm x 150cm£1,500 – £1,600
360cm x 120cm£1,500 – £1,600
360cm x 150cm£1,600 – £1,700

Of course, every project will be different and prices can vary greatly depending on your chosen double glazing provider. That’s where we can help. Simply use our handy online form to receive double glazing quotes from local installers near you so you can find the best possible price for your new windows.

In the meantime, here is what the average double glazing installation will cost you depending on your property type and size.

Property typeTotal number of windows to be replacedAverage cost

h2>How much will I save on energy bills?

Because the real savings made from your new double glazed windows will come over time, you should view your project as a long-term investment in your home.

If you were to install double glazing in an entirely single-glazed, gas- (in England, Scotland or Wales) or oil- (in Northern Ireland) heated home, you could save the following each year. Savings will vary greatly depending on the rating of your new windows and where you live in the UK.

In England, Scotland and Wales

And, when you consider that your double glazing units will typically last more than twenty-five years before they’ll need replacing, the total savings you’ll make are impressive.

Research has also found that dwellings with Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) A and B ratings sold for 14% more than similar properties rated EPC G. So, should you come to sell your home at some point in the future, having energy-efficient, modern windows installed will increase the value of your property.

Saving money on your installation

Of course, the price of your double glazing will depend on the installer you choose. These prices can vary greatly from provider to provider, and it can be difficult to know when you’re really getting a good deal.

If you’re ready to cut your energy bills and boost the value of your home, click here. We have a nationwide panel of expert double glazing manufacturers and installation specialists for new windows.

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Needless to say, these quotes come with absolutely no strings attached. You won’t pay anything for our service and you won’t be obliged to accept any offers unless you are completely satisfied with them.

The sooner you get in touch, the sooner you’ll be on your way to having your brand new double glazed windows fitted. Click here to get started.

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