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Fast-growing in popularity among UK homeowners is the replacement of their current glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with a solid conservatory roof. Standard solid conservatory roof replacements range between £7,150 and £19,400 in price whereas the newer lightweight replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof cost solid conservatory roof replacements will cost you normally between £1,250 and £3,550 plus installation.

In this article, the Compare Companies team looks at:

  • Solid conservatory replacement roofs
  • Lightweight solid conservatory replacement roofs (Supalite conservatory roofs)
  • Which is the best solid replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof?
  • Solid conservatory roof replacement FAQ
  • Find the best conservatory roof replacement installer

You can save £1,000s by replacing your current conservatory roof with a solid conservatory roof by getting no-obligation free-of-charge quotes from 3 or 4 national and local installers who work in your area. Did you know that replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof has become big business in the last two to three years and there are hundreds of qualified companies wanting to be the biggest in your local market? Competition raises standards and forces prices down. Click here to get your three or four solid roof quotes or please do read on to find out more – our contact details are also at the bottom of this page.

Supalite square extension

Solid conservatory roof panels

What are solid conservatory roofs made of?

You have a choice – concrete tiles, slate, composite tiles, or insulated tiles. You even have detailing options with each roof type for the ultimate in personalisation.

However, the actual choice you have might be restricted because of the weight load your new solid roof puts onto your conservatory as a whole. Many conservatories need their structures strengthening prior to the installation of a solid conservatory roof.

The most popular choice for homeowners when opting for a solid conservatory roof is concrete. Concrete actually absorbs water and that absorption can make the roof significantly heavier over time. That’s a problem if your conservatory was installed in 2005 or earlier. Your installer may not be willing to install a concrete solid roof because of the growing risk of collapse over the years.

If concrete is an option for you, ask your installer to help you match the tiles to the tiles on the roof of your home. There are plenty of styles and colours to choose from so unless your roof tiles are unique or bespoke, you should have no issue in maintaining a consistent aesthetic style for your property.

Solid conservatory roof green frame

Visually impressive conservatory roofs

If the visual impact of your solid conservatory roof is of particular importance to you and you have a bigger budget to spend, ask your installer about slate tiling. Slate tiles look amazing and they really accentuate the visual presentation of both your conservatory and your home as a whole. Even in the rain, slate tiles stand out as being something special.

Fairly new to the market are synthetic “slate” tiles – not the real thing but an incredibly close approximation to real slate. They can be installed at a significant discount to genuine slate tiles – make sure you ask your installer about them.

Composite roof tiles come in a range of styles and colours and they’re very lightweight. This is a developing sector so all the choices available to you on colours and styles that you have with concrete tiles may not yet be available.

Last, but not least, you can choose insulated panels for your conservatory roof. They fit onto your existing roof panels, they’re relatively inexpensive, and most panel installations can be completed in a day meaning lower labour charges for you on your final bill.

Your installer is there to help you achieve the result you want so ask him or her all the questions you need. For a genuine company, it’s never any trouble to help you as much as you need helping.

Can I put roof lights on my solid conservatory roof?

Yes. You just need to choose how many roof lights you want, how big they should be, and where you want them to be positioned on your roof.

The more rooflights you have installed, the more light will penetrate your conservatory. Each roof light, however, will increase the amount you pay for your solid conservatory roof through increased labour and parts charges.

What does a solid conservatory roof look like from the inside?

It’s not just how it looks outside that’s important – its aesthetic appearance inside your conservatory is also an important consideration.

As with the choice of visuals and detailing you have on the exterior of your conservatory roof, you have lots of choices on the internal appearance too. Most homeowners choose either a minimalist and white plasterboard finish or a timber-effect finish.

Guardian P Shape internal with roof lights

Is there a minimum or maximum size of conservatory that can have a solid roof?

No. Solid conservatory roofs can be installed on conservatories of all shapes and sizes. The bigger and more complex your roof, the more your final bill will be, however.

How long does it take to install a solid conservatory roof?

Generally up to three days for most standard sized conservatories – four or five days for larger conservatories. Most jobs will require you to pay per day for two labourers although bigger jobs will require up to four labourers to be on site at your home.

Depending on the policies of the company you decide to use, you or someone in your family may need to be at home while the work progresses and to sign it off on completion.

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Solid Replacement Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof Cost range

When budgeting for a standard solid replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof cost, here’s an indication of what installers are currently pricing certain jobs at depending on the size of roof being replaced:

Installation height

Installation width

Lowest and highest returned quotes

Replacement with a tiled roof




Replacement with a tiled roof




Replacement with a tiled roof




For the price, it is well worth getting a proper roof for your conservatory.

Lightweight solid conservatory roof

As we’ve seen, replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof with a solid conservatory roof is a big job requiring multiple labourers over a few days. The reason it takes this length of time is that your roof is essentially assembled and installed on site on top of your existing conservatory.

In recent years, a number of different lightweight solid conservatory roof systems have launched onto the market offering homeowners with a lower budget the chance to benefit from a new solid conservatory roof. One such company is Supalite – instead of your conservatory roof being assembled at your home, it’s actually assembled in full at Supalite’s production headquarters and shipped as a whole and intact unit direct to your home.

Supalite tiled roof with spot lights

Benefits of a lightweight conservatory roof

With standard solid replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof, your existing roof has to be dismantled and disposed of. The structure of your conservatory will normally then have to be expertly strengthened – all of which takes time and costly expertise to achieve.

Lightweight roofs, such as those provided successfully by Supalite over a number of years, don’t require any modification to the roof that’s already on your conservatory meaning it takes a lot less time to install to the highest standards.

If you choose a Supalite roof, your chosen installer will take your existing conservatory roof dimensions and then send those measurements off to Supalite’s production facility for manufacture.

Existing Supalite customers generally express delight with their installation, much of which is derived from the important and reassuring 20-year standard guarantee the company gives on its work. As with standard solid replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof, you can choose the number of skylights you want for your new roof as well as a range of tiling colours and slates so that your conservatory can look just the way you want it to look.

Supalite’s lightweight conservatory roofs are Building Regulations compliant, they provide superb temperature control and noise insulation, and you’ll be surprised at just how much light they allow into your conservatory. You should see your conservatory heating charges reduce after installation and ask your installer about lighting (internal and external) and flashing options too.

To give you an idea of the type of budget you should set aside for a Supalite lightweight conservatory roof, please find below standard quote ranges for lean to, Victorian, gable, double-hipped, and Edwardian conservatories of varying sizes:


Roof frame material

Supply-only quote

Lean to lightweight roof replacement

3m by 2.5m



Lean to lightweight roof replacement

4m by 3m



Gable fronted lightweight roof replacement




Gable fronted lightweight roof replacement




Gable fronted lightweight roof replacement




Edwardian lightweight roof replacement




Edwardian lightweight roof replacement




Edwardian lightweight roof replacement




Victorian lightweight roof replacement




Victorian lightweight roof replacement




Victorian lightweight roof replacement




Solid conservatory roof replacement FAQ

Conservatory solid roof regulations

New conservatories with double-glazed or polycarbonate roofs often do not need a final certificate under building regulations because 75% or more of the roof is made from a translucent or transparent material.

If replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof with a solid conservatory roof means that less than 75% of the roof is now made from a translucent or transparent material, you will need to get a Building Regulations final certificate. If you do not get a final certificate, you may find it difficult or impossible to sell your property at a later date because of this.

Planning permission for solid conservatory roofs

It’s complicated and we would advice that you seek advice prior to making any financial commitment. It all comes down to whether the installation of a replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof would turn that conservatory into an extension. It nearly always doesn’t but it’s always safer to check – phone the local planning office for the final word. Your installer will be used to helping their customers obtain the necessary permission if needed.

What should I look for on my quote?

You should insist with every potential installer that the quote they give you is full and final and that they will take responsibility for any cost or time overruns without coming back to you for more money.

Your quote should include the cost of getting rid of your old roof, how much you’ll be charged for strengthening the structure of your conservatory, all parts, all labour, and VAT.

When getting your quotes, your potential installer may advise you that further electrical work and/or plastering may need to be carried out. Also, the fascia and guttering on your conservatory will likely need to be replaced and subsequently repositioned. You may also need to pay a building inspector to provide you with your Building Regulations final certificate.

When you’re given your quote, make sure it is a “quote” and not an “estimate”. If you can, ask the potential installer to sign their quote stating that there will be no additional charges to be paid unless you change the specifications of the job. If you do change specification, go through the process again of asking for a new final quote and ask them to sign it.

Very few of us like to be project managers but you should always take care that you’re not leaving yourself exposed to unexpected and unwanted bills.

Read this article to find out the 9 most important questions to ask when looking for conservatory roof replacements near you.

Should my installer belong to any official or trade bodies?

Ideally, your installer should be approved by either CERTASS or FENSA.

By choosing an installer approved by either of these bodies, you can be assured that your solid replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof will be carried out to the highest, most up-to-date professional standards. Many installers also offer an “insurance-backed guarantee” which gives you peace of mind that, should your installer cease trading, your solid conservatory roof will be repaired and maintained by an expert if needed.

What effect will a solid conservatory roof have on noise coming in from the outside?

Less sound from the outside will be audible in your conservatory, particularly the extremely loud noise of heavy rain or sleet hitting your conservatory roof when there is bad weather.

Will a solid conservatory roof help me with the condensation that’s coming in?

Solid conservatory roofs are much more able to resist the ingress of condensation than glass or polycarbonate roofing because of the number of layers of materials that are also installed during the fitting of your new solid roof.

Get quotes for replacing your current conservatory roof with a solid conservatory roof

There are plenty of solid conservatory roof reviews available online for you to review when making your choice. With so many solid replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof companies to choose from, who do you go for and how do you decide? Compare Companies has partnered with hundreds of reputable and established solid replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof companies across the UK. Let us put you in touch with 3 or 4 of them so that they can provide you with the information you need and the quote you want – all free of charge and with no obligation to make a purchase.

When contractors know they’re in competition with other contractors, you’ll see prices come down (sometimes by up to as much as 40%) but still enjoy the very best in quality parts, labour, and after-care. To get 3 or 4 quotes on solid conservatory roofs free of charge with no obligation to buy, please click here.

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