Replacement Window Customisation

When you get a replacement window, you’ll find endless customisation options for your new addition. When you moved into your home, you may have gotten windows that are bland, old and with poor performance. That could mean that your living area is uncomfortable and that it doesn’t suit your style. With a replacement window, you can style your space to get the look you’re looking for.

You can customise almost everything in your replacement window. That can range from the basics, such as the size and the style, to even the most subtle features. For example, you can add stylish handles and accessories that reflect classic design or for a futuristic feel. Also, you can choose from a wide range of colours and finishes to get a unique look for your window.

With Compare Companies, you can find endless options for replacement window customisation, and find out about:

  • How can I customise my replacement windows?
  • What replacement window styles are there?
  • Replacement window glazing customisation
  • Replacement window frames
  • Replacement window colour customisation
  • Replacement window accessories
  • Replacement window customisation prices

Using our services, you’ll be able to take control of the design of your replacement window. Not only that, but you can make sure your new addition has market-leading quality, so it helps your home perform. With a new, advanced window, you can keep more heat inside your home, protect your living space from the elements, and even make you and your family a little safer.

That way, you’ll be able to invest in a new window with confidence. These innovative designs can make an enormous difference, particularly in how your home uses energy. You can even save money on your household bills with a brand-new window, cutting your energy costs. And, with replacement window customisation, you can enhance your home in style.

How Can I Customise My Replacement Window?

Replacement window customisation is more straightforward than you may realise. If you work with Compare Companies to get a quote for your window, then you can get a unique window with ease. Firstly, you can use our interactive cost calculator to compare prices on a range of features. That way, you won’t only see the options on offer, but how they’ll affect the cost of your window.

Using the tool, you’ll be able to not only pick the dimensions and style of your window, but you can choose your colours and finishes. There are loads of RAL colours and authentic finishes to choose from, including anthracite grey and woodgrain options. You’ll also be able to choose from a range of materials for your frame, including uPVC, aluminium and composite. There are lots of options available for your replacement window customisation.

Another option you’ll be able to customise is the glazing in your new windows. If you live in an older home, then you may only have single-glazed glass, which doesn’t offer a lot of insulation or weather protection. As a result, you can lose more of your home’s heat, and draughts can develop more quickly too. With the option of double or triple glazing, you’ll add a thermal barrier to your home that keeps it warm if that is one of your replacement window customisation needs.

Once you’ve customised all the options in your replacement window, your personalised service won’t stop there either. We’ll put you in touch with our trusted network of local installers and suppliers, many of whom are Which? Trusted Traders and Checkatrade members. They’ll work with you to install your new window around your schedule, for a service that puts you first.

What Replacement Window Styles are There?

The first decision to make is the style of your new window, before you get too far into the replacement window customisation process. It’s also probably the best one, as there are several innovative designs out there. With each of the window styles in this range, you’ll get a unique opening system, internal security hardware and smart springs and hinges. Also, with advanced glazing and frames, you can be sure of investing in long-lasting performance.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are the UK’s most popular style for a reason. Their straightforward look suits any home and gives you all the benefits modern windows have to offer. As a replacement window, their design makes them ideal for customisation. You can add new handles, openers, glazing, frames and a range of colours and finishes to ensure your new window reflects your home’s personality with your chosen replacement window customisation options.

One of the best ways to customise your windows is to choose unique glazing. You can select from double or triple glazing for your window, with double providing two panels of advanced glass and triple providing three. You’ll be able to trap more of your home’s heat inside the panes, creating a thermal barrier for your home and saving you money on your energy bills.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are customisable in their design. Unlike many other windows, you can open them in several ways for more flexibility. These windows can tilt up, down, in or out, meaning you can decide precisely how you’d like to use them. This design makes them ideal for smaller spaces, as well as high-rise buildings where height can be an issue.

That’s because, when you open your window, it stays locked to the central mullion. As a result, you can ventilate your home with fresh air while also keeping it secure. Not only that, but you can choose from plenty of durable frames to ensure the opening stays smooth for thousands of uses. With uPVC or aluminium, you can get decades of performance with little-to-no maintenance, so you can be sure that your replacement window customisation will not affect its outstanding functionality.

Sash Windows

Sash windows are a replacement option that combines the traditional with the modern effortlessly. You can choose flush sash windows that sit flush within the frame, for a sleek design that imitates timber joinery and reduces gaps for your home’s heat to escape through. However, there’s also the option of sliding sash windows, which open vertically and have a timeless quality.

You can customise sash windows with a range of accessories that suit traditional design. For example, you can add period-accurate handles, or go for a composite frame that has the appearance of timber but without the drawbacks. These windows have outstanding performance that belies their old-school look. They’re also weatherproof, so wind and rain won’t affect them whatsoever.

Bow and Bay Windows

Alternatively, you can get a replacement window that replaces a wall of your home. Bow and bay windows extend one of your walls outward to fit their bold design. Bow windows have a soft curve and use minimal frames so that you get outstanding views of the outside world and plenty of natural light. Bay windows have a more angled design, using more frames for better strength and security.

Bow and bay windows are an expensive option, costing over £1000 to fit. However, they offer you a beautiful centrepiece which can open your whole living space up to nature. Also, by installing one of these as a replacement window, you’ll get plenty of customisation options. You could even choose stained or patterned glass to create a truly unique look for a standout window.

Replacement Window Glazing Customisation

Once you’ve decided on the style of your replacement window, another crucial choice to make for further customisation is your glazing. The glass in your design is a brilliant way to give your window a bespoke look, but it also affects how your window performs. That’s why, with Compare Companies, you can choose from double, triple or even solar glazing, as well as several other options for the style of your glass.

Double and triple glazing provide much better insulation than standard glass. Not only that, but your glass will be weatherproof, meaning that it can withstand poor conditions, and it won’t mist up as quickly. Also, you can choose self-cleaning glass as an option in all the windows in the range. Your glazing will break down dirt and muck for you, saving you time and hassle.

While most advanced glazing lets in vast amounts of natural light and warmth, you can also customise it to get a little more privacy. You could choose obscured glass, which has a foil on the glazing so that people outside won’t be able to see what’s inside your home. Finally, you can also choose glazing that makes your home environmentally friendly. Solar glazing generates energy for your home for superb savings on your bills.

Replacement Window Frames

In these modern times, wooden window frames won’t do. Timber frames have a habit of losing their performance over time, and wind and rain can get into any cracks in the structure and cause them to expand. Because of that, your windows will be losing energy for your home, and they’ll need more repairs over time. With a replacement window, however, your customisation options will include the frame.

Instead of having to deal with timber, you can choose uPVC or aluminium. These materials are more flexible, durable, and you can customise them in several RAL colours and finishes. Both materials won’t lose their shape in wind and rain, and aluminium is particularly robust, offering excellent security. Also, both frames will last for decades at peak performance.

Both uPVC and aluminium if you want to give your living space a fresh look. However, to preserve the traditional look of your home, you could choose a composite frame. These innovative designs faithfully recreate the timber look but have all of the benefits of a modern structure. As a result, you can make regular maintenance and repainting a thing of the past.

Replacement Window Colour Customisation

Once you’ve decided on the materials for your replacement window, colour customisation is where you can add the truly unique touches. Using our interactive cost calculator, you can choose the colour or finish of your choice as you pick the rest of your window’s features. Not only that, but you can choose from a series of finishes, including woodgrain options, to take control of your window’s style.

You can invest in colours and finishes without fear of them fading, either. With advanced frames, the structure won’t fade for decades. As a result, your colours and finishes will retain their vibrancy as your windows maintain their performance. That way, you can add a splash of personal style to your replacement window with complete confidence.

Replacement Window Accessories

Finally, you’ll be able to customise your new window in subtle ways. There are loads of accessories and additional features you can select for your window, and endless ideas on what to do with them. For example, you can achieve a period look by adding traditional handles, a woodgrain finish, and patterned glass. For a modern look, however, there are also plenty of options.

You can also modify how your windows open if you choose. You can select windows without openers if you don’t need the ventilation and that way you can save money on the initial price. However, you can also choose window styles with multiple forms of opening, such as the tilt and turn window, to give you the flexibility of opening your window in various directions.

No matter how you style your new windows though, the choice is entirely up to you. At Compare Companies, we believe in putting your ideas first. That’s why you’ll be in control when you get a window using our services. You can control which suppliers you talk to, the features you want and the style you select as well. You’ll be sure to install the window of your dreams.

Replacement Window Prices

For a replacement window and full customisation, get in touch with Compare Companies.

Use our online service today to compare prices of an endless range of features. Once you’ve selected the features you want, we’ll give you an instant baseline quote and connect you to our network. You’ll be able to speak to several suppliers in your local area and compare their offers too so that you get the best deal on your investment.

To find out more about replacement window customisation and our services, get in touch with us using our online contact form or call us today!

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