Our full home security checklist to go through if you are stuck for things to do at home

You would be forgiven for thinking that staying in means you’re less likely to be burgled, because worrying new data released by the ONS reveals that 64% of burglaries in England and Wales occurred while residents were at home! Here are some more shocking home security statistics:

  • In the UK, burglaries take place every 106, which works out as 34 burglaries per hour or 816 burglaries per day!
  • The average cost of a residential burglary is £3,030
  • £181 million is stolen from homes in London every year
  • 70% of intruders get in through a door
  • 24% of residents don’t lock doors while at home
  • 45% leave windows unlocked in unoccupied rooms
  • Burglaries increase by more than a third between November and February
  • 63% of burglaries happen to homes without a basic security system in place
  • 3.1% of break-ins lead to a convictionIf effective security measures are in place, home insurance premiums can be reduced by 5%.

Keep the whole family safe and sound and start the new year as you mean to go on, with the help of this full home security checklist.

Window, doors & glazed extensions security checklist

Do your windows and doors meet the latest British standards? Take a look at the table below – if they don’t satisfy the following security standards it’s time for an upgrade.

Lock typeMinimum British Standard
uPVC / composite doorsMulti-point lockTS007 3*
Timber doorsMortice & night latchesBS 3621
Replacement doorsPAS 24 ‐ 2012
Replacement windowsPAS 24

More window and door security concerns:

Q. Recently moved in? A. Change all the locks.

Q. Does your door have a door viewer / spyhole? A. Install one or upgrade your front door.

Q. Does your door have a door chain? A. Install one or upgrade your front door.

Q. Does your letter box have a restrictor / brush draft excluder? A. Upgrade your front door or install a lockable wall mounted letter box.

Q. Have you considered smart door locks? A. Smart sensor locks (like Kubu) notify you if your door is locked or unlocked via an innovative smart phone app, so you can check whether your home is secure no matter where you are.

Q. Can your windows be securely locked from the inside? A. Upgrade windows with modern lockable handles.

Q. Effective curtains or blinds in place? A. Install manual or electronic black-out shades, shutters, or consider modern windows with in-built blinds inside (encased in between the glazing cavity).

Q. Are your windows and doors internally beaded? A. Externally beaded windows and doors can be accessed from the outside. Internal beading is positioned behind the glass, so it can only be bypassed by smashing the glass or prising a vent open.

Glazed extensions and older patio doors can also be tempting points of access for potential thieves, especially 1980s/1990s conservatories that have seen better days. Upgrading conservatory window and door locks or replacing tired polycarbonate roofing with durable double glazing or a modern tiled conservatory roof replacement are worthwhile considerations too. Or, depending on your budget, you may prefer to start from scratch and replace the entire structure. Anti-lift devices can also be installed to prevent sliding patio doors being lifted out of their tracks.

 Gardens, gates, sheds and garages security checklist

There are several ways to make your outside spaces more secure.

Q. Trees and/or hedges? A. Keep trimmed to eliminate hiding places for opportunist thieves lurking in the dark.

Q. Garden barrier that deters burglars? A. Thorny and prickly bushes and shrubs around the perimeter will put intruders off. Adding noisy gravel sections / paths will also deter burglars from entering.

Q. Pergola or gazebo? A. Avoid positioning near upper windows.

Q. Weak spots in fences/gates/boundaries? A. Check and maintain defences regularly. Always close and lock gates at all times.

Q. Low level fence at the front? A. 1m high fences and gates at the front of the house will allow you and your neighbours to easily spot potential burglars.

Q. Fencing at the rear of the property? A. Rear fencing around 1.8m or 1.5m with 300m of trellis will provide natural surveillance from neighbours, whilst the trellis is tough to climb.

Q. Garage or garden shed? A. Keep closed and locked at all times. Lock with a closed shackle padlock for absolute peace of mind.

Q. Impact resistant doors? A. Replace doors.

Q. Ladders? A. Conceal ladders securely, either in the garage, shed or padlocked to an exterior wall.

Q. Expensive tools? A. Lock tools in robust boxes, ideally fixed to the garage or shed floor. Visibly and permanently mark personal property with your address and /or purchase a stand-alone alarm system.

Q. Security lighting? A. A well illuminated home should include the outside as well as the inside. So, rather than overpowering and reactive flood lights, it’s worth considering proactive path lights and down lights.

Living room security checklist

Whether your kitchen or living room is the hub of your home, its highly likely that the most valuable, portable items will be found in the living room. Sit back and relax with these helpful living room security tips.

Q. Can you see your valuables from the street? A. Stop burglars ‘window shopping’ by hiding Christmas presents, cash, jewellery, electronics, etc firmly out of sight. A cleverly concealed safe is another option worth considering, e.g. an imitation plug socket wall safe.

Q. Can you see who’s at the front door from your living room? A. A smart video doorbell camera may be the answer.

Q. Want to look like you’re in when you’re not? A. Leave lights on, making sure the curtains are shut to conceal valuables. Smart plugs and smart lights also let you manage your lighting and devices with your smart phone when you’re away, or set timers to control appliances automatically.

Q. Do you have a full home security system? A. If you opt for a full home security alarm system, it’s important to put to do your homework and choose quality above cost, as several false alarms from the same location may result in the police not responding in the future.

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So, now you’ve got your home security sorted out, why not get clued up on the most secure uPVC window style? Read our next article to find out more, by clicking here.

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