Most Secure uPVC Window Style

Finding the most secure uPVC window style can help protect your home and give you peace of mind. uPVC windows are a brilliant modern solution to home security which put you in a better position to deal with threats around your home. Today, it feels like there’s no end to the risk of keeping what matters most to you safe. But by investing in new windows with robust uPVC frames, you can keep intruders further away from what you care about.

uPVC is one of the most revolutionary changes to occur to window design in years. Unlike old timber windows, uPVC is durable and secure without wearing away. These frames can also withstand poor conditions, as they are fully weatherproof. Because of this, water won’t cause any cracks in the structure, and your uPVC won’t weaken. Also, this material improves your security immediately, thanks to its robust design.

You can fit uPVC frames to any window style. As a result, you’ll be able to benefit from this material in classic designs or modern ones too. uPVC also suits both of these sensibilities. It’s a flexible material that you can customise with bold colours and authentic finishes to get the perfect look for your home. These customisable colours won’t fade for years either.

That’s because uPVC windows are much more durable than wood. The frame protects the internal hardware from rusting, particularly the security hardware. In modern windows, you’ll be able to get leading technology like shoot bolts, anti-jimmy locks and multi-point locking systems throughout the design. And, with Compare Companies, you can find the most secure uPVC window style options available anywhere.

The Benefits of Secure uPVC Windows

In your current home, you may have old wooden windows. While these designs are sturdy at first, they can become worryingly fragile over time. Through the years, the wooden frame can take a beating from wind and rain, as the material isn’t weatherproof. Because of this, water can get into any cracks in the wood and expand them. That means your home loses more heat and more protection as the window weakens.

Also, the whole design of old windows doesn’t put security first. A burglar can target old windows, as they know they’ll be easier to break through. Thee windows don’t have many internal locks or hardware options to prevent intrusion, and the handles aren’t firm either. Not only that, but many older windows have gaps in the design that a burglar can use to prise through your window, or separate the glass from the frame.

With brand-new uPVC windows, though, you can stop the worry. Thanks to the combination of a robust frame and innovative new design, keeping burglars out is much more straightforward. uPVC won’t weaken for decades to come, maintaining its strength. That also means it can protect the internal hardware of the windows from rust. As a result, the window will open smoothly again and again, and lock firmly.

Also, the entire window will be an air and water-tight design with leading security hardware as standard. Because of this, a burglar will have a nightmare trying to prise the window open, or picking the locks. Your locks, handles and glazing will all have extra layers of protection. The most secure uPVC window style options will all have these as standard, keeping intruders well away from your home.

Secure uPVC Window Styles

There are many types of uPVC window that you can fit in your home. Their styles may vary, but their commitment to securing your home doesn’t. With each option, you won’t only get terrific hardware as standard, but you can add high-security options like toughened glazing and additional locks as well. That way, you won’t need to leave anything to chance, and you’ll get a secure uPVC window that suits your style.

uPVC Casement Windows

uPVC casement windows are the most popular window style in the UK. It’s easy to see why: not only are these designs versatile, but they are affordable too. In a casement window, you get a single panel of glazing and a durable uPVC frame that doesn’t block your views. As a result, you can let more natural light and warmth into your home through the wide aperture, and you’ll still get superb security too.

Glazing can help you protect the things that matter as well. You can choose from toughened and obscured glass options which both improve the window’s strength, privacy and even sound insulation. Not only that, but you could select triple glazing, which puts another pane of glass between you and any threats. Your glazing will have a multi-point locking system as standard, keeping it fastened to the frame.

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

Alternatively, you could go bolder with a uPVC tilt and turn design. Tilt and turn windows are one of the most secure uPVC window style options out there. That’s because they have a unique opening system which lets you tilt the window in several ways, without unlocking it. Because of this, you can fit the windows into smaller spaces, you can take control of how you open them, cleaning is straightforward, and your security is guaranteed.

Tilt and turn windows minimise the space that intruders can get through as well. Even when you open the windows, the central mullion stays in place to stop burglars making a move. That way, they can give you stunning peace of mind. Your uPVC frame is also a lightweight option while also having impressive strength. That means it won’t creak or wear down with each tilt, ensuring that it’ll protect your window’s hardware.

uPVC Sash Windows

uPVC sash windows are also a brilliant option for your home. There are two main types of sash windows, which you can distinguish depending on how they open. There are flush sash windows, which have regular openings, and sliding sash windows which have a beautiful upward-opening that has a timeless quality. Both of these windows sit flush within the uPVC frame, reducing the gaps intruders can use to prise your windows open.

Because of this, sash windows are an incredibly secure option. However, they also improve safety inside your home as well. Because there are no protruding elements to the design, they work well as seamless fire escapes. Additionally, these windows have little features that protect you while you use your home. For example, sliding sash windows have weighted springs and finger traps that stop you getting your hands stuck in the opening.

uPVC Bow & Bay Windows

Finally, bold additions to any home, uPVC bow & bay windows are a real statement. These stunning designs mostly prioritise light and warmth, and they open up space in your home by extending one of your walls to fit their curved design. However, these windows are no slouches when it comes to security either. You can still benefit from the same level of protection thanks to toughened glazing and a robust uPVC frame.

Bow and bay windows are both fully weatherproof designs too, meaning that they won’t weaken over the years. Not only that, but you can customise the uPVC frame with colours and finishes. You can add handles and other accessories to your windows as well. That way, you can create a unique window that protects your home in style, meaning you’ll be able to invest in secure uPVC windows with confidence.

Ways to Improve Your uPVC Windows Security

Getting the most secure uPVC window style is a process that doesn’t stop when you fit your windows. You can invest in further security measures to protect your belongings even more effectively. You could invest in new locking systems, durable handles or get secondary glazing. Also, you can make subtler changes, like going for obscured glass so that you draw attention away from your windows and stop people looking into your home.

You can also improve your uPVC window’s security by cleaning and maintaining it. While most uPVC windows don’t need regular cleaning to perform at their peak, it can help them last much longer. All you’ll need to do is wipe the windows sometimes, and check the locks once or twice a year. That way, you won’t have to worry about any burglars breaking into your home, day or night.

uPVC Window Safety

When people think of the most secure uPVC window style options, they often think about how they deal with threats outside your home. However, dealing with threats inside your home is just as crucial. That’s why, when you invest in modern uPVC windows, you’ll be investing in designs that put you and your family’s safety first. You can get fire-tested windows that double up as fire escapes, and each style has subtle features that make you a little safer.

For example, opening tilt and turn windows outward stops you from falling through them. That makes these windows ideal for high-rise buildings or upper stories in homes. Also, sliding sash windows have weighted springs and hinges that stop finger trapping, which you can find in many other designs too. Because of all this, you can make your living space a safer place to spend your time, especially if you have a young family.

Is uPVC the Most Secure Window Frame?

With a uPVC frame, you can get windows that are a brilliant combination of security and affordability. uPVC is a material that can protect your windows and make them last much longer, and you won’t have to spend too much to get them. However, for 15-20% more cost on average, you could invest in aluminium windows. Aluminium is a precious metal with exceptional strength that can be more secure than uPVC.

Also, composite frames have excellent security, as they use uPVC in their design along with other materials like GRP. However, both aluminium and composite windows are pricey, and you can give your uPVC windows even more security with additional locks and other features. In the end, the most secure uPVC window style is the one that suits your needs and your budget best.

How Much Do Secure uPVC Windows Cost?

Secure uPVC windows cost less than you might think, too. For a uPVC casement window, you could pay as little as £150 for a design that features double glazing, internal hardware and a durable frame. However, the cost can rise depending on what window style you choose and the size of the design. For example, tilt and turn windows can cost around £450, sliding sash windows £550, and bow and bay windows start above £1000.

You can reduce these costs in various ways, however. You could choose supply-only windows, meaning you fit them yourself without having to pay an installer. Alternatively, you can select a local supplier to install your windows for you, saving money on both travel and labour when compared to some national brands. Finally, you could even purchase windows without openers, saving money and ensuring intruders can’t open them themselves.

Finally, the best way to save money on getting the most secure uPVC window style for your home is to compare the market. It’s helpful to get multiple quotes for your windows so you can get a better idea of what you should be paying. That’s where working with Compare Companies makes a crucial difference. Instead of searching for suppliers yourself, we can help you get in touch with the best specialists in your local area with ease.

Secure uPVC Window Prices

For the most secure uPVC window style options, for the best possible prices, work with Compare Companies so that you can work with the best.

Start by using our online uPVC window cost calculator today. This interactive tool lets you select every aspect of a window, including the style, size and customisable accessories, and compare the prices of each option. That way, you can get an accurate online quote within minutes for a secure uPVC window.

Then, we’ll go even further. We’ll refer that quote to an extensive network of suppliers and installers from your area. You can talk to several of them to compare their offers too, meaning you can negotiate the best possible price for your investment. Also, they’ll install your window as part of your quote. Many of the fitters in our network have approval from bodies like Checkatrade and Which? as well!

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