Is Window Glass Replacement A Good Idea

Is Window Glass Replacement A Good Idea

Is window glass replacement a good idea? It is if you want to stop losing heat inside your home for less. In your home now, you may not realise how much damage poorly performing windows can cause for your comfort. Older windows can wear down more quickly, as they use materials like single-glazed glass, which are thin and don’t offer a lot of insulation. As a result, you could lose up to 10% of your home’s heat through worn-down windows.

However, replacing a whole window can be costly. Not only that, but your home may have the same windows across the property, meaning the price can rise enormously if you need to change all the windows in your home. Also, you may not need to replace the window frame. Sometimes, the glazing in your window can chip and crack, creating gaps for cold air to rush into your home.

As a result, getting window glass replacement could be more than a good idea. You’ll be able to revitalise your old window with an advanced option that transforms how it performs. There are double glazing and triple glazing options available, and you can customise your new glass as well. If you value your privacy, you can choose from obscured designs, and you could even invest in glazing that generates energy for your home.

Not only that, but you can enhance your home and improve your lifestyle while also saving money. Window glass replacement can start from as little as £50 per window, making it a much more affordable option than a set of new designs. You’ll be able to retain your home’s character too, ideal if you live in a traditional property, cottage or in a conservation area. Also, you could save money on bills every single day.

The Benefits of Window Glass Replacement

Firstly, window glass replacement is less disruptive. You won’t have to take out any part of your wall to fit it, as most new glazing can slide into your window reasonably easily. The process will take much less time than installing an entirely new window and can take less than a day for a skilled fitter to complete. Not only that, but you could even save money by fitting the glazing yourself if you have some DIY experience.

Additionally, window glass replacement is guaranteed to save you money over time. Advanced glazing options are far more durable than single-glazing, using more panes of glass to insulate your home. Double glazing is the standard in homes across the UK, as it can save energy wherever you put it. Not only that, but it lets in vast amounts of natural light and warmth. As a result, you can warm up your home naturally, without relying on your central heating.

That way, you can reduce your energy usage, and get on top of rising costs. If you install triple glazing as a replacement option in all the windows of a detached home, then you could save more than £150 every year on your bills. That’s an incredible saving, thanks to glass with stunningly low u-values and excellent efficiency. All these glazing options are weatherproof too, stopping draughts and damp spots developing in your living space.

Modern glazing is also far more robust than single-glazed designs. With more panes of glass, you’ll be investing in terrific sound insulation, and top security features too. You’ll have a multi-point locking system as standard, ensuring nobody can separate the glazing from the frame. As a result, you can make your home safer from intruders, giving you peace of mind as well.

Window Glass Replacement Options

So, what window glass replacement options are a good idea? The best approach is to go with a unique one. You’ll have endless amounts of choice when adding new glazing so that you can make your windows bespoke to you. That way, you’ll be able to make your living space stand out while also preserving its character. Window glass replacement will light up your whole home, and it will save you money too.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is the most popular glass option across the UK. It’s a perfect blend of excellent design, superb performance and an affordable price. While it’s the cheapest option to add to your windows, that doesn’t mean it lacks performance. You’ll get two panes of energy efficient, toughened glass with a space in the middle to trap heat. This space becomes a thermal barrier for your home, that keeps warmth in and the cold well away.

As a result, it can help you save money every single day on energy bills. Not only that, but double glazing is also the brightest replacement option you can get. These designs are as transparent as possible, meaning you can get slimmer sightlines from your living room as well. You’ll have a gorgeous view of your garden or the outside world, and the light will lift your living space too. That way, you can make your home feel more spacious and comfortable.

Triple Glazing

Alternatively, you could go one step further with your window glass replacement. Rather than merely add two panes of stunning glazing to your window, why not add three? Triple glazing uses more glass in its design to give you more robust insulation, weather protection and security. You could save more money on bills, and also make your home feel more private. You’ll have superb sound insulation which blocks out commotion from outside, ensuring your living space stays as quiet as you’d like.

However, triple glazing doesn’t let quite as much light into your home. That means it’s more suited to homeowners looking for a bit of seclusion. But if you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of light, you’ll get a lot more warmth. You could save as much as 50% more per year on your energy bills than with a comparable double glazing unit. And, for only 30-40% more cost on average, three panes can prove more cost-effective over time.

Solar Glazing

Window glass replacement is a good idea for how much energy it can save for your home alone. But imagine having windows that created power for you! Solar glazing is the solution, a glazing option that has a coating of PV cells. PV cells work by channelling sunlight from outside and turning it into energy for your home, meaning it can take some of the strain off your heating bill. Also, the solar coating fits onto a double glazing unit, meaning you’ll still get the same performance all around.

You may think that solar glazing isn’t suited to a home in the UK. However, installing solar cells in the UK makes more sense than fitting them in a hot country. That’s because the cells can start to wear down in more extreme temperatures, meaning they’ll last much longer in our milder climate. Solar glazing is more expensive than standard glass, but the savings you’ll make on energy bills will be remarkable.

Window Glass Replacement Customisation

No matter which window glass replacement option you choose, you can customise it to suit you precisely. You’ll be able to select from an endless range of foils, tints and other features to make your new glazing unique. For example, you could choose tinted glass which allows you to control the lighting in your living space. Not only that, but you could fit it with unique patterns and shapes that set your home apart from the rest.

Another alternative is to fit secondary glazing for your window. Instead of only replacing the glass, you’ll add a protective window over it that uses advanced materials. In effect, this creates a double glazed window, but with another frame over the top to protect the old design. Installing this can help you massively enhance the lifespan of your old window too. Either way, you’ll have all the options at your fingertips to get a unique window glass replacement.

Is Replacing the Whole Window a Good Idea?

Window glass replacement is a good idea if you have weakened or damaged glass. However, the first element of your window to show signs of strain is often the frame. If you have a traditional or older home, you may have windows that use timber. Timber windows have an authentic design, but the material isn’t weatherproof or efficient. That means that wind and rain can create cracks in the frame, leaving gaps for energy to escape around the glazing.

Because of this, it may be wise to replace the whole window. While it does cost more, you’ll be able to add a brand-new frame along with your glazing. Instead of putting up with the old materials you have, you can fit your windows with uPVC and aluminium options, and even a composite design that blends timber with uPVC. With a brand-new window, you can also choose from a broad range of unique and innovative window styles that can change how you use your home entirely.

While it does cost a lot more to add new windows into your home, you’ll feel more impact from them. That’s because the combination of modern glazing and frames makes an enormous difference. You’ll not only have glazing that can protect your home from the cold weather but a structure that can withstand anything too. Also, new materials won’t require regular maintenance like painting and varnishing, but they can last for decades, making them ideal for those with busy lives.

Window Glass Replacement Installation

Window glass replacement is even more of a good idea when you consider the installation time. It’ll take less than a day to fit some new glazing, meaning you can feel the effects of your investment almost instantly. Also, you could even consider installing your new glazing yourself. You won’t have to do any work to the rest of your home, so it’s far more straightforward than replacing the entire design.

However, it’s always wise to hire a trusted installer to fit your windows for you. Although it costs more, you’ll cover yourself off against any issues. If you install the window yourself, you can forfeit the liability of the manufacturer, meaning they don’t have to pay you back if you get the installation wrong. An installer can take on this risk for you, ensuring that if they get it wrong that they’ll pay you back, securing your investment.

Window Glass Replacement Costs

Perhaps the most significant benefit of window glass replacement is the cost. It’ll cost as little as £50 to replace the glass in a small casement window, compared to £150 for a brand-new one. However, that doesn’t mean you should expect to pay that. If you have larger windows, or ones that have unique opening systems like a sliding sash or tilt and turn design, then the price can rise.

However, there’s plenty of ways to keep the costs down and make your investment go further. For example, you can invest in double glazing as opposed to triple glazing. Double glazing lets in more natural light, and although it doesn’t save as much energy as its triple-paned counterpart, it’ll still cut your bills considerably. If you want to brighten your living space and make it feel more natural, then that’s a much more affordable way of doing it.

With Compare Companies, though, you can get a window glass replacement that suits your style and your budget. You can pick and choose each element of your glass and compare the cost, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Not only that, but we refer you to local installers in your area that you can trust. They’ll charge you less on travel costs, and provide you with friendly and personalised service. Many of them even have approval from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS!

Make Window Glass Replacement A Good Idea with Compare Companies

With Compare Companies, getting a window glass replacement for your home is more than a good idea.

You can start the process in minutes, too. Our online quote builder lets you compare the prices of several glass options, and you can input your window’s dimensions for more accurate results. Once you know what features suit you best, we can give you an instant bassline quote for your idea and refer it to our network. Then, you can speak to several local specialists and compare their offers, so you get the very best deal on your new glass.

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