Is A Burglar Alarm Enough To Keep My Home Safe?

A burglar alarm sometimes isn’t enough to keep your home safe. While they work tremendously well, burglar alarms don’t offer the complete protection you need. Today, it feels like there are more threats in the world that we have to deal with to protect what matters most to us. Although modern burglar alarms can provide a solid layer of protection, it could be worth securing your home even further.

Fortunately, you can. Several security systems have made their way into the home market in recent years, becoming more and more affordable. Systems like these are good enough to secure businesses, retail spaces and more. Now, you can add features to your home that protect it like you would a company. And, after all, you are the CEO of your own home. Because of this, you should protect it with everything.

You can invest in CCTV cameras, monitored alarm systems, as well as new products that don’t only secure your home, but enhance it too. You can get more security and privacy in your space with new glazing, windows or doors as well. However, investments like these don’t only give you invaluable peace of mind. These products can create valuable savings too, making your home warmer and stopping you relying on your central heating.

If you feel like a burglar alarm alone isn’t enough to keep your home safe, then investing in new features is the responsible choice. Also, the more features you add, the more you can connect them. You could even create an integrated home security system, with alarms, sensors and other parts of your home working together to keep you safe. That way, you can enjoy your home, and everything that matters to you, without worry.

Can a Burglar Alarm Keep My Home Safe?

A burglar alarm can make your home far more secure. These alarms use smart sensors to detect any movement around parts of your home that a burglar would be likely to target. Nowadays, modern systems have also fixed the old issue of sensors being too sensitive and going off for non-threatening reasons. Also, the wireless network has improved dramatically, meaning you get a much quicker and more dependable response from the sensor.

Another enormous strength of these alarms is that they can provide proof of an incident. Your burglar alarms can send a direct message to the Police, meaning they’ll get out to your home quickly and provide additional help if you need it. Furthermore, some smart alarms can store a record of the sensor, giving you proof that protects you down the line. However, while a burglar alarm can let you know there’s a threat, it can’t protect you from it all that much.

Because of this, a burglar alarm may not be enough to keep your home safe. But a burglar alarm can be terrific when paired with other security systems. A burglar alarm can put pressure on an intruder, as they’ll know that they only have limited time to get into your home. That’s why installing other systems is so crucial. It’ll make it much more of a challenge for them to break in, giving you the precious time you need to stop them.

CCTV Systems

CCTV systems are growing in popularity by the day in the UK. While they used to be more for business and commercial use, the cost of these systems has become affordable for homeowners everywhere. CCTV adds another layer of protection onto your burglar alarm, meaning you can see threats as well as hear them. You can fit multiple cameras on the inside and outside of your home and link them together in one system.

In fact, with some modern designs, you can view the camera feeds from a smartphone or tablet. That means you can always stay in control of your home’s security with the touch of a couple of buttons. Also, much like a burglar alarm, you can get valuable evidence of an intrusion with CCTV cameras. You can place them on record so that they’ll always capture the moment of an incident. Along with your burglar alarm, you’ll have a compelling case.

Additionally, CCTV systems can be incredibly affordable. You could spend as little as £20 on a security camera, although better systems usually cost hundreds of pounds. However, because of the sheer number of cameras out there, you can stay in control of the budget with ease. With a CCTV system, you’ll add a second layer of security for your home that acts as a deterrent for burglars and could end up catching them in the act as well.

Monitored Alarm Systems

One burglar alarm may not be enough to keep your home safe, but a system of them might. Investing in a monitored alarm system protects your home from all angles. The system can use either a wireless network or hard-wire links to connect the sensors, meaning that nobody will get close enough to your home to cause damage. The whole system will go off at once, instantly waking you up and hopefully startling the burglar.

Also, monitored alarm systems can immediately send out a distress signal to the emergency services. That means your alarm system will spark theirs, ensuring a quick response to any threats. Not only that, but you can also control these alarm systems with ease. Using a hard-wired system, they can all link up to a central control panel in your home. You could even put the camera feeds up on a screen, so you always have eyes on what’s around you.

Alarm systems can also keep you safe when the worst should happen. You can also invest in fire alarm systems that use similar technology to connect up to your smoke alarms. Because of this, if a fire should start in your home, your alarm system can alert your family and the emergency services at the same time. It could make a crucial difference in both saving you and the house. Due to all this, monitored alarm systems are essential for homes today.

Double and Triple Glazed Windows

Burglar alarms can do enough to keep your home safe. However, you could give you and your family even more protection by enhancing your home. If you live in an older property, your windows can often be fragile. That’s because they might use timber frames or single-glazed glass, both of which can break with ease over time. As a result, intruders often target older windows as they won’t put up much of a fight against their methods.

That’s why installing brand-new windows can make a huge difference. With these modern, advanced designs, you’ll be investing in durable glazing and a robust frame that can keep intruders well away from your home. However, you can save money by only replacing the glass in your window. You could choose from double glazing, which puts an extra layer of glass between you and any threats, and triple glazing, which adds another one.

Triple glazing is the most secure option, and you can choose obscured glass that stops prying eyes looking into your living space too. But triple glazing can cost 40-50% more to add than double glazing, and it can be less bright, making your living space feel a bit darker. Also, if you do have a timber frame in your window, it can be not very easy to fit new glazing for an installer. Because of this, making sure you invest in a secure frame is just as vital.

Durable Window Frames

With a brand-new window frame, you can get a material that’s far more secure than timber. For example, you could invest in a uPVC frame. uPVC windows are durable options that are much more challenging for intruders to break through. These windows feature internal security hardware that a durable frame will protect. Also, a new structure will have a multi-point locking system that fastens the glazing to it, meaning no intruder can separate the glass from the window.

However, you can invest in frames that offer more security than uPVC. Aluminium frames can cost only around 15-20% more to install but are far more robust. As aluminium is a precious metal, it provides outstanding protection for your home. It almost makes your window bulletproof, thanks to its innate strength. With one of these frames, an intruder will have no way of tampering with your window or breaking through the structure either.

With a brand-new window, you can get toughened glazing and reinforced frames, as well as security hardware that is a nightmare for intruders. Because of this, you’ll take away a weak point in your home and replace it with a firm security measure. If an intruder decides to target it still, then you’ll have enough time to scare them off and ensure that you keep your belongings safe. That way, new windows are an excellent way to protect what matters most.

Secure Front Doors

The most likely way a burglar will try and break into your home is through your front door. Even with a burglar alarm, your current door might not be secure enough to keep your home safe, though. If you live in an older home, you might have an old wooden door or one that uses cheap and thin materials. Not only that, but uPVC doors sometimes aren’t enough to protect your home either. Although these doors are more durable, there are better options out there.

The best way to secure your front door is to invest in an aluminium or composite replacement. Aluminium doors are exactly like aluminium windows, except they offer even more of this incredible material. With one of these designs, you’ll ensure that no intruder can walk through the front door. You’ll also get durable handles in the design, as well as secure locks that use anti-tamper technology. Because of all this, you’ll have outstanding protection.

Composite doors have similar strength to aluminium doors. They use a blend of materials, including wood, but protecting it with uPVC and GRP. That means that wind and rain can’t weaken the wooden core, meaning the door will retain its strength for far longer. Both of these front doors are long-lasting investments that can perform at their peak for decades. Because of this, you’ll be able to keep your home safe for a lifetime.

Home Security Systems

If a burglar alarm isn’t enough to keep your home safe, then what should you get? The answer is all of them. Instead of picking and choosing where you’d like to secure your home, you can lock your whole living space down with a home security system. These innovative systems are a combination of burglar alarms, CCTV and monitoring, meaning you’ll have eyes and ears around your home at all times.

Not only that, but your home security system can also incorporate windows and doors. While you’ll have to buy them separately, you’ll invest in high security locks for both of them that come with your home security system. You’ll add an extra layer of protection to the front of your home and around it. Also, your locks will be high-security options that stop tampering, and link to your alarm system. That way, you’ll be able to catch more intruders out.

With a home security system, you’ll get so much more than a burglar alarm, and it’ll be enough to keep your home safe. Also, with Compare Companies, you can get that level of security for a lower cost. You can work with us to get free online quotes for security systems, and compare offers from local suppliers that are part of our trusted network. We make sure our suppliers thoroughly test their security features, and many of their products have certifications such as PAS24.

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