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How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

06 Sep 2018, Pavani

Have you ever noticed while shopping that two different stores can manage to sell the exact same item for completely different prices? Double glazing is no different - it’s all about knowing …

Why Compare Double Glazing Quotes?

19 Oct 2018, Pavani

If now is the time to update your home with brand new double glazing then finding the best possible price for your installation should be one of your top priorities.But how can you ensure you are g…

Best Frame & Best Glass For Windows

19 Oct 2018, pavani

If you’re considering replacing your existing windows with brand new double glazing, which materials should you select for the frame and for the glass itself? With six main types of frame and…

Energy Efficient Double Glazing Windows

25 Jan 2019, Pavani

For many homeowners, the desire to improve the appearance and comfort of their home is balanced by a wish to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Because installing double glazing onto a hom…

Why uPVC Windows are Best

03 Dec 2018, Pavani

In the market for replacement windows? Confused about whether you should go for uPVC, aluminium, or wooden frames? Not sure about the type of window you should go for – casement, sash, tilt a…

Triple Glazing Cost

14 Dec 2018, Pavani

Triple glazing is the very newest and latest development in window technology for the home. Companies having been trying to bring a commercially viable and affordable version of it to the market fo…

Double glazed windows prices by size

17 Dec 2018, Pavani

The bigger your windows, the pricier they’ll be – this sounds like common sense. However, it’s not always true, especially if you’re having all (or nearly all) of your home …


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