How To Make Your Home Secure

How To Make Your Home Secure

When you make your home secure, you invest in you and your family’s future. The most crucial thing to consider when making any changes to your home is whether they can keep your family safe. As your home gets older, its security systems can also start to weaken. Not only that, but your windows and doors could also be losing their strength, meaning your home could be becoming more fragile.

However, you can improve your security with ease. There are plenty of fabulous additions you can invest in to make your home secure. You could replace the windows and doors in your home with robust modern designs, or you could add new features that help you keep an eye on the outside world. Each one can make an enormous difference in you and your family’s safety.

With Compare Companies, you can find out how to make your home secure for less, with solutions such as:

  • Burglar Alarms
  • CCTV
  • Securing Extended Spaces
  • Secure Windows
  • Secure Front and Back Doors
  • Secure Glazing
  • Home Security Systems

With these additions, you can invest in your home’s security and have confidence that intruders won’t get near your space. It’s hard to put a value on safety, but the feeling of freedom and peace of mind it will give you is truly priceless. There’s nothing more precious than knowing that the things that mean the most to you are safe because you’ve protected them by securing them firmly.

Not only that, but you can make an even better investment with Compare Companies. When it comes to security, the last thing you want to do is take risks. That’s why our service reduces it. Instead of you finding a supplier to install your new products on your own, costing more time and money, we’ll put you in touch with trusted suppliers who’ll get it done expertly, and for less cost.

Ways to Make Your Home Secure

There are almost endless ways to make your home more secure. These could be significant new additions to your home, but they could also be more subtle features. For example, you could work to secure your windows and doors by adding new locks to them. Padlocks are a reliable addition for many parts of your home, putting an extra seal of security on the rooms that matter most.

However, you can choose from several types of locks to secure all aspects of your home. If you have a front door made from timber or plastic that’s a little weak, for example, you can add a new deadbolt or Euro profile cylinder. These locks run throughout the door, locking it in place. Some styles even do this automatically when you leave the house, meaning you won’t leave it unlocked.

As well as locks, you can also make subtle changes to your home’s design to make it more discrete. If you’re worried about prying eyes in your home, then installing obscured glass or blinds could be an option. They reduce the visibility of your living space, meaning that intruders may be less likely to target it. You’ll also keep your most precious belongings hidden from view.

Finally, the best way to keep your home secure perhaps is to keep your safety in your thoughts. Sometimes we can take our security for granted. However, if you make sure you lock doors and windows, ensure any alarm systems you have are in good working condition, and replace any faulty locks, then you’ll already be in good stead. But with new technology, you can make your home much more secure than that.

Make Your Home Secure with Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms are a superb first line of defence for your home. With modern technology, these systems have come a long way forward from their older counterparts. Nowadays, you can choose both wireless and wired burglar alarms, and even connect multiple sensors into one complete system. You might not need a key-fob either, as some systems connect directly to your smartphone.

You can install wireless burglar alarms across your home, particularly around the front door and windows as these will most likely be the intruder’s first port of call. These systems are battery-powered, but that doesn’t mean regular changing. The alarms will use so little electricity that they can last for years on a single cell. That way, they’ll ensure your home continued security.

A wired system can make your home even more secure, however. In these systems, everything connects to your mains power supply, and you can control them from a central panel. The control panel receives all the signals going off in your home. As a result, these systems can keep your family safe day and night. A burglar alarm system can cost anywhere between £69-410.

Make Your Home Secure with CCTV

CCTV systems are another step up for your home’s security. You can fit multiple cameras to your home both inside and out to give you a permanent eye on the world around you. While you could only see CCTV in retail or business for many years, the costs of these systems have come down to such a degree that they’re affordable for homes too.

CCTV systems can cost as little as £20. However, for a system that truly makes your home secure, you can expect to pay hundreds more. When it comes to investing in security systems, you do get what you pay for, but the benefits far outweigh the overall costs. With CCTV, you’ll get a range of easy-to-fit wireless security cameras that give you peace of mind and act as a deterrent too.

You could also pair cameras with your burglar alarms, connecting them into one exceptional system – more on that later. However, on their own, they can let you reclaim control of your home. You’ll always be able to have an eye on the inside and the outside, meaning you won’t miss any threats. That way, you and your family can use the space without worry.

Make Your Home Secure by Securing Extended Spaces

If you have a conservatory, orangery or garden room, then securing these could also be crucial. Many homeowners don’t think about securing their extended spaces. However, if you don’t, they could become easy ways for intruders to access your home. Fortunately, there are plenty of straightforward ways to lock down any extended spaces in your home.

The issue with conservatory security is that these builds use lots of glazing. That makes them open and visible, and intruders could be more likely to target these spaces. One way to solve this issue is to add brickwork around a wall of the conservatory. It’ll make it much harder for anybody to try and break into it, and it’ll offer you better insulation for your conservatory too.

Another issue with extended spaces is their doors can often be fragile. But you can reclaim control of the room’s security by installing a durable, advanced replacement door. You can choose from a range of robust designs. These include stunning aluminium and composite frames, which have exceptional strength. As a result, you’ll stop unwanted visitors from tampering with the door’s hardware.

Make Your Home Secure with Strong Windows

In your current home, you may have windows that are fragile and starting to break. That could be because they use timber frames, which can weaken over time as they aren’t able to withstand wind and rain. Because of this, water can get into the cracks in the timber and expand them, causing the whole frame to weaken. That means intruders could break the window quite comfortably.

With new replacement windows, you can make your home secure from every angle. You’ll have a choice of uPVC, aluminium or composite frames that fasten to the glazing, stopping intruders from separating the glass from the structure. Also, you’ll benefit from the choice of reinforced handles, durable locks, and even opening systems that keep your home closed off.

There are plenty of styles to choose from too, so you can add superb designs to your walls without compromising on security. For example, a tilt and turn window can open while staying locked at the central mullion. Also, these windows can make you safer inside your home too. Sliding sash windows open upward, so they don’t swing in your way, and they have springs to stop young children from trapping their fingers.

Make Your Home Secure with Durable Doors

Your front door is the main barrier between burglars and your living space. Because of this, you should make sure it’s a powerful one. With a brand-new front door, you can not only choose a robust material and design, but you can fit it with locks and handles that keep intruders well away. Also, you can install these durable doors anywhere in your home to make you a little safer in every room.

You’ll be able to customise your front door in dozens of ways when you work with one of the suppliers in the Compare Companies network. You can add new locks and even integrate the door with security systems and alarms as well. Also, you’ll get a choice of durable frames and glazing options, with the materials robust enough to protect your living space effectively.

Also, you can ensure all the doors in your home are at the same standard. You can install composite doors as connecting options, giving each room an extra barrier of protection. Not only that, but you can choose options that add natural light to your living space. Sliding and bi-fold doors use plenty of glazing but are also on an in-line slider that keeps them locked down, making it hard for intruders to get underneath them.

Make Your Home Secure with Advanced Glazing

Adding glass to your home doesn’t only keep you warm. With new, advanced glazing, you can also strengthen your home against any potential threats. Modern double glazing already makes it challenging for intruders to get through your windows. But you can add more panes of glass, and get them toughened, to get even better protection for what matters most to you.

You can install triple glazing, which gives your windows and doors three layers of reinforced glass. They’ll be harder to break, almost impossible to separate from the frame, and fully weatherproof as well. Triple glazing can also improve your home’s insulation as well, and it could even help you to save money on your energy bills. As a result, this glazing is a worthwhile investment in many ways.

Also, you could add secondary glazing to some of your windows. Secondary glazing works by adding another window on top of your existing one, with a larger gap between them. Because of this, even if a burglar breaks through the first window, they’ll have a much harder time reaching the second. With the right glass, your security worries could pass.

Make Your Home Secure with a Home Security System

You may want to add some, or even all, of these features to make your home secure. That’s why home security systems are the ultimate choice. Instead of getting a series of features individually, you can get a system that connects them. You can choose wireless options and get them to work with your smart devices too, so you can get security for your home that works seamlessly.

You can incorporate a wide variety of features into home security systems, including:

  • Burglar Alarms
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Window Locks
  • Door Locks
  • Security Lights

There are also several other options which you can add to the system. In any case, you’ll also be able to get these systems installed professionally. With Compare Companies, you’ll be able to work with a trusted network of local installers to get your security features fitted. Your investment will be a tested product with immaculate quality, and your suppliers will care for your safety as much as you do.

Make Your Home Secure with Compare Companies

To find out how you can make your home secure for less, work with Compare Companies to invest in stunning security features.

We can put you in touch with local installers frrom our trusted network, who have approval from Checkatrade and Which? so you can be sure of a job well done.

Also, get in touch with us today using our online contact form to find out more about our services. We look forward to helping you make your home more secure and protecting the things that are most precious to you.

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