How To Increase Your Living Space

The inside of a modern Conservatory

Finding out how to increase your living space can transform how your home looks and feels. If you and your family are growing and feel like your home isn’t doing the same, then you may be thinking about moving to a new house. However, if you want to avoid the costs, hassle and the destabilisation of uprooting, then you can get that space in your current home, creating a dream space right where you are.

Today, it’s never been more important to find smart ways to create space. With house prices on the rise, it’s becoming more beneficial to be creative when it comes to your home too. However, creating new space inside your home is entirely possible. You can add new areas to your home, convert existing ones, and add new features that make your home feel more open.

Not only that but improving how you use your living space can also help you to enhance your home’s performance. When you invest in new features for your home, you’ll be existing in advanced materials and designs that put efficiency first. That way, you won’t only feel more freedom inside your home. You can also feel warmer and feel more comfortable too.

Also, you may find that any investment you make in your home can start paying you back. With a modern new space, conversion or even new windows and doors, you’ll be able to reduce your reliance on your central heating. As a result, you can save money on rising energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint as well, all when you increase your living space.

Increase Your Living Space by Bringing the Outside In

One way to increase your living space is to not think of your home as two distinct areas. Instead, you can add new features to bring the outside of your home in and make your whole living space more natural. You could do this by installing a new patio or decking. While you don’t enhance the size of your home, you get a stylish social space that’s ideal for summer.

Alternatively, you could reshape how you connect your home to your garden. If you have a regular wall in between you and the outside, then you could replace it either with beautiful sheets of double glazing, or an expansive new door. You’ll be able to let plenty of sunlight into your living space, and you’ll get uninterrupted views of the natural world.

On the other hand, who’s to say you can’t spend more time outside. You could install an innovative sunroom or a chic garden room into the space to give you a gorgeous place to enjoy outdoors. Sunrooms are astonishingly bright, but the advanced glazing will reduce glare to a comfortable level, and your slimline frames will have thermal breaks that let heat escape, stopping the sunroom from becoming stifling.

Meanwhile, garden rooms can be timber or uPVC constructions that don’t connect to your home. They have more shading to give you better control of the light, and you can design them with an almost endless range of colours and finishes. That way, you can create a unique room in your garden that acts as a secluded escape from your home and can increase your living space.

Increase Your Living Space with New Glazing

Another way to increase your living space is to make your home feel more expansive. You can achieve this by adding new glazing into many of the existing areas inside your home. In your current space, you may have single-glazed glass in your windows and doors. With only one pane of glass and limited space, single glazing loses a lot of heat, making your home colder, cramped and less comfortable.

By replacing the glass in your windows, you can get more transparent glazing that lets more light into your home. Not only that, but you can choose double or triple glazing. Double glazing puts two sheets of glass in your window and triple three, enhancing your window’s performance. You’ll be able to save more money on household bills, and there’ll be less condensation to deal with as well.

You’ll be able to add these designs in your doors and conservatories as well. That way, you can make your doors a bit brighter and stronger too, while your conservatory can become more comfortable to use throughout the year. And, if you want to make your home sustainable and set it up for the future, you can choose solar glazing that generates energy for your living space.

Increase Your Living Space with New Windows

Alternatively, to increase your living space more tangibly, you can add new windows entirely. If you have regular windows in your home that don’t have a lot of character, there’s no need to stick with them, particularly if they’re wearing down. By replacing your windows, you can invest in an array of exciting and bold designs with unique openings and outstanding materials.

You can invest in casement windows, Britain’s most popular design. These designs use a single panel of either double or triple glazing with a slimline uPVC or aluminium frame. You’ll get brilliant performance, plenty of light and unobstructed views, and a smooth outward opening. However, you can get better performance and more space with different styles.

For example, if you have a more traditional home, you could select sliding sash windows. They have a vertical opening that is elegant and functional, helping you ventilate your home with fresh air. Also, you could choose tilt and turn windows, which can open in several ways. As a result, you can use them to increase your living space in rooms you otherwise couldn’t.

But to add a stunning window that can genuinely increase your living space, there are bow and bay windows available. These designs extend a wall in your home outward with a curved window, using plenty of glazing. As a result, you’ll give your living space a new focal point, and make it feel more welcoming. Also, like all these windows, they’ll help you save energy and money.

Increase Your Living Space with New Doors

You can open your home up to more space with brand new doors as well. You’ll have the option to add new openings to the front and back of your home, as well as connecting doors that make entering any room more exciting. For example, you could install a new front door with side panels and a composite frame, letting more light through and keeping more cold air out with the durable design.

However, you can make a more significant contribution by adding new doors to the back of your home. You may have an older back door that looks like your front door, offering a standard opening that doesn’t impress. But with replacement doors, you can turn a wall of your home into a stunning gateway to your garden, full of innovative glazing.

You can also choose between different designs that each have unique openings that stand out. You could select sliding doors which operate on an in-line slider, or bi-fold doors which use multiple glazing panels and fold in on each other. They’ll create an ample open space for fresh air and light that makes your living space feel endless.

Increase Your Living Space with a New Conservatory Roof

You may already have a conservatory in your space. However, an older one of these designs can often have massive problems. It could use cheap materials in its surroundings, such as polycarbonate, that let heat escape and enter your space with ease. Not only that, but you can lose and gain heat quickly through the roof, which makes the space unusable for much of the year.

But by adding a brand-new conservatory roof, you can reclaim a space that may currently be an afterthought. Because the roof comes into the most direct contact with the sun, a new one can also make a difference to your home’s energy usage as well. There are glazing, solid and tiled options available too, so you can take complete control of your new roof’s look and feel.

Glass roofs give you plenty of light and make your space feel airy, but don’t have as much insulation as solid or tiled options. These designs are more durable, fully weatherproof, and won’t weigh your existing structure down. Also, they’ll give you more control of the lighting in your conservatory, ensuring you can style it precisely as you choose to.

Increase Your Living Space with Garage or Loft Conversions

Another way to increase your living space is to use every available inch of your home. In many properties, and perhaps in yours, you can forget about some rooms. These could include your loft, which you may only use for storage, or your garage, which you may only see as you leave and return from work each day. However, with a conversion, you can transform these spaces into stunning new living areas.

By converting your loft, you can create a brand-new floor in your home. While these can be complicated builds, you’ll be able to style the space, so it’s bespoke to you and your needs. For example, it could become a bright home office or a cosy master bedroom. You can also add new cavity wall insulation for increased warmth, and dormers for increased light.

If you have space around your house for your car, then you can convert your garage into a unique space as well. You could create a new kitchen diner, an outhouse if one of your kids wants some time away from you, and much more besides. Also, you can install a glazed walkway between your living space and the garage, so you don’t have to leave your home to get there.

Increase Your Living Space with a New Conservatory or Extension

Finally, we come to the obvious, and most expensive, way to increase your living space. To truly enhance your home and improve your lifestyle, you can add a brand-new conservatory or even a house extension. Conservatories are brighter and more affordable, but you can only use them for specific purposes. A house extension, on the other hand, gives you almost infinite choice and infinite possibilities.

By adding a new conservatory, you won’t have to worry about adding an uncomfortable space. You’ll get stunning glazing, advanced frames and weatherproof design all across the build. For added security and strength, you can add aluminium doors or a dwarf wall to keep your family safe. Also, you can install new connecting doors to let the light from your new space into your current one.

However, while they are more expensive, a house extension lets you combine all the tips and tricks on how to increase your living space. You can customise an extension with new glazing, windows and doors. You’ll also be able to match the brickwork to your existing property or build a glass extension to contrast it. A glass extension will also be exceptionally modern and spacious.

With a new space, you can also free up the rest of your home. That way, you’ll feel more freedom to use your home how you choose, and you and your family won’t have to worry about moving. It doesn’t take much to increase your living space. But, when you do, you’ll feel the difference right away, giving you more room in your home and even putting money back in your pocket.

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