How much value can a conservatory add to your home?

It is estimated that a conservatory can add up to 5% to a property’s value, which is around £15,000 on average! A great investment for your home, you can compare conservatory prices using our easy-to-use quote form at the top of the page. However, if you’re still not convinced that a conservatory is right for you, we’ve explored the topic of ‘how much value does a conservatory add?’ in more depth.

Are uPVC conservatories good value for money?How much value can a conservatory add to your home?

uPVC conservatories are the most common and with good reason; uPVC is a material renowned for its strength and durability, especially if the quality of uPVC is high. However, uPVC is also naturally-insulating, plus the glazing you find on today’s conservatories possesses excellent heat retention properties. Innovations like low-e glass, which has a special layer that reflects heat back into a conservatory, allow even glass roofs conservatory to stay warm in winter too. Therefore, you will have a comfortable and long-lasting extension on your home, which you can then use in a huge number of ways.

Does a conservatory’s location affect the value it can add to a property?

It can, yes. Conservatories that are not fit-for-purpose are unlikely to be considered a valuable asset, and a conservatory’s location can affect just how fit-for-purpose (or not) one is.

If your home is south-facing, for example, opting for a glass roof conservatory will allow you to make the most of the sun. However, you might also consider having it fitted with solar-control glass, so it is protected from overheating on scorching hot days. If the area surrounding the proposed conservatory is particularly attractive too, then their glasshouse design means these stunning views can always be enjoyed.

How long should a conservatory last?

Any reputable installer should provide you with a 10-year guarantee on a new conservatory, although they can last for much longer than this. Glass and polycarbonate roofs tend to last for around 20 years, whilst solid/tiled roofs have a life expectancy of around 50 years.

However, there are various things you can do to ensure a conservatory lasts as long as possible:

  • Find a reputable seller (you can do this by getting a quote at the top of the page)
  • Inspect it regularly and carry out any necessary upkeep
  • You might even choose to replace the roof after a certain amount of time

Does adding a solid roof to a conservatory add value?How much value can a conservatory add to your home?

For those who already have a conservatory, you might have wondered whether a solid conservatory roof replacement will add value to it. Well, if your current conservatory is incapable of staying cool in the summer or warm in the winter – issues that are commonly associated with old glass and polycarbonate roofs – it is unlikely that it is adding any value to your home.

Replacing the roof, however, can eradicate these issues, turning a conservatory into a year-round usable space. As such, you will essentially be adding an extra room to your home, which should have a positive knock-on effect on property value.

Will replacing my conservatory roof make my home more energy-efficient?

When replacing an old conservatory roof with a tiled replacement, will be making your property more energy-efficient. This is because they offer superb heat insulation, meaning there is less need to rely on a heating system to keep the conservatory warm.

This is important because making your property more energy-efficient can increase its value; according to Money Super Market, homes with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of A can be valued as much as 14% higher than a property with an EPC of G.


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