How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

Have you ever noticed while shopping that two different stores can manage to sell the exact same item for completely different prices? Double glazing is no different – it’s all about knowing where you can find the lowest possible price for the best quality.

If you’re looking to replace old, unattractive, or inefficient windows, it’s always wise to compare quotes from a number of different installers. Not only will you get an idea of what you can afford within your budget but many installers, particularly in quieter times of the year, run special offers meaning even better value for money.

Double Glazing cost in 2019
When thinking about investing in double glazing for your home, you should know what exactly what your budget is. Your budget could be a fixed amount of money if you plan to pay for it in cash or it could be a maximum monthly repayment if you want to take out a loan to pay for it.

Prices vary greatly from provider to provider and this is why comparing prices from local installers is so important. That’s the case whether you’re paying in one lump sum or spreading the cost over a few years.

You should make sure your budget includes everything – your window frames, glass, installation, and guarantee. To provide you with a completely 100% accurate double glazing quote, an installer will need to visit your property first and find out exactly from you what you want. This is so that they know what the raw materials are going to cost them and so that they can rate the difficulty of the installation so they can calculate how long it’s going to take and how many people will need to be on site

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The size of your windows will also have a big influence on the price. Again, we asked some of our installers for quotes based upon window types and size and this is what they sent us back:

Type of Double Glazed WindowSize of a WindowPrice per UPVC Window
Casement window50cm x 50cm£275 to £360
120cm x 120cm£375 to £465
Tilt and Turn Window80cm x 80cm£415 to £590
120cm x 120cm£525 to £690
Dual Turn Window80cm x 80cm£440 to £675
120cm x 120cm£550 to £725
Sash Window50cm x 50cm£540 to £750
120cm x 120cm£750 to £950
Bay Window250cm x 150cm (3 panels)£950 to £1,350
250cm x 150cm (5 panels)£1,950 to £2,550


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As you can see, the prices for each of window type varies greatly. That’s because different installers have their own charging scales for installing your double glazing. If you were to purchase a small sash window, one company may charge you £540 whereas another may charge £750 for the same installation

That’s why it is so important that you should always compare double glazing prices from a number of providers before selecting one.

Many installers offer discounts on your installation if you have ten or more windows fitted. Make sure you ask your chosen double glazing provider whether they reduce their prices when you buy more than a number of windows from them at the same time.

What affects a double glazing quote?

The amount an installer quotes you on your double glazed windows depends on a number of things – in particular, the type of windows you choose for your home.

Everything from the design and size of your double-glazed windows to the type of glass and frame you choose has an impact on the final quote you receive from your installer.

Let’s look at the main aspects that affect your double glazing quotes.

Energy efficiency ratings

The main reason so many homeowners choose to upgrade to double glazed windows is because of their increased energy efficiency.

All windows made and sold in the UK are given their own energy efficiency rating. They are graded between A++ and E depending on how good they are at keeping heat inside your home.

According to the Energy Savings Trust, a three-bedroom family home could save between £75 and £100 a year on its energy bill by replacing single glazed windows to B-rated double glazing. If you were to upgrade to A-rated glass, you could save as much as £85 to £110 a year.

If you’d like to revamp your home with brand new double glazed windows, we’ve gathered together:

  • the average price you’ll pay for a standard sized, double glazed, single opener uPVC window and
  • how much you could save on your electricity bill each year on average if you replaced every window in your property.
Energy ratingAverage price per windowDetached houseSemi-detached houseMid terrace houseBungalowMid-floor flat
A++ ratedN/A£110 to £115£80 to £110£75 to £85£60 to £75£40 to £55
A+ ratedN/A£105 to £120£75 to £100£60 to £75£55 to £70£30 to £40
A rated£550 to £650£100 to £105£65 to £70£50 to £65£50 to £65£30 to £35
B rated£300 to £450£95 to £100£65 to £70£50 to £55£50 to £60£30 to £35
C rated£250 to £350£95£65 to £70£50 to £55£50 to £60£30 to £35


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As you can see, the higher the energy efficiency rating of the windows you choose to install, the greater the savings you make on your energy bill. Of course, higher energy-efficiency double glazing will increase the total price you pay for your double glazing but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find a good deal by shopping around.

For every installer charging more than you’re willing to pay for a higher energy rated window, you can find many other local double glazing experts offering the same windows for an amount within or close to being within your budget by comparing quotes and encouraging competition between installers.

The most important thing for any homeowner to remember is that shopping around for the best price for the type of window you’re looking for is always going to save you money.

The type of glass you choose

Some double glazing providers offer ’designer glass. It’s beautiful but there is often a substantial premium you have to pay to have it. If you’re looking for etched glass, bevelled glass, coloured glass, minster glass, stippolyte glass, or any other aesthetic effect for your windows, you can expect prices to be much higher.

Something else to consider is that, if a window reaches to within 80cm of your inside floor or it is within 30cm of a door, you need to fit a window with toughened glass to reduce the risk of shattering.

Talk with your installer about this to see what options are available to you and at what price.

Your chosen frame material

Frame materials influence the cost of your windows more than almost any other factor.

The material you choose for your new double-glazed windows will be a decision based on the style that you like but don’t forget to consider maintenance, longevity, and the resale value of your home before you select one.

White UPVC is the standard material of choice by homeowners for windows in the UK. They’re easy to clean and maintain, they are great at insulating your home, and they are also generally much cheaper than other types of windows.

Wooden windows are extremely popular with homeowners in the UK because of their high aesthetic qualities – they look great. They are highly flexible once installed – you have a wide range of colours, finishes, and more you can choose from. Wood is also naturally very good at insulating heat so they make for very energy-efficient window frames.

Aluminium window frames are often used in more modern homes including many new-builds. The main attraction of aluminium windows is that they are extremely strong allowing for a much thinner frame to support the weight of the glass. This means that you benefit from a greater glass surface area and this lets more natural light into your home.

We asked our partner installers to provide us with sample quotes for double-glazed windows (including installation) based on the material that a window’s frame is made from and this is what they came back with:

Material of casement window60 cm x 90 cm90 cm x 120 cm120 cm x 120 cm
UPVC frames£250 to £570£460 to £625£625 to £895
Aluminium frames£500 to £605£655 to £735£770 to £875
Wooden frames£845 to £910£1,245 to £1,300£1,365 to £1,405


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UPVC generally needs replacing every fifteen to twenty years. Aluminium and wooden frames can last anywhere between thirty and one hundred years.

If you’re planning on selling your home in the future, having new and energy-efficient windows installed may increase the value of your property by more than you paid for them when you list it with an estate agent.

Window type and size

The most popular types of double glazed windows are casement, sash, tilt and turn, and dual turn.

Casement windows are the cheapest because their design is rather simple and because they’re easier to make.

Bay windows are a very popular style of window design. They are normally made up of three or five different sections meaning that, instead of one pane, you have to be three or five instead.

Get the right quote for you

As a rule of thumb, most experts and consumer protection organisations recommended that you get at least three quotes for any major home project you’re looking to carry out. Because prices differ greatly from business to business, shopping around is the only real way to know you’ve got the best possible deal on a double-glazing installation that’s right for you.

Getting at least three quotes for your double-glazed windows means that you’re likely to get the competitive price for the work you want doing. Please however do make sure that each company quotes you on exactly the same products and materials so you can compare them fairly.

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Choosing a reputable double glazing company

One concern many homeowners share is the nightmare ’cowboy’ trader experience. You want to be absolutely certain that your double glazing installation will go smoothly. You don’t want anything to go wrong and you don’t want the final bill to be different from the quote. The only way to do this is by choosing a reputable, trusted, and experienced company to fit your new windows.

Make sure that any company you deal with is fully certified and registered with CERTASS, FENSA, or BM Trada. Membership of these respected associations shows that the work your chosen double glazing firm completes complies with building regulations and that it comes with an insurance-backed guarantee. An insurance-backed guarantee is very important because if anything does happen that means your installer has to cease trading, your windows will be repaired by a company trusted by your insurer.

To put your mind at rest, you can ask to see examples of a company’s previous work and your check the internet for reviews and testimonials.

What to do before you compare

Make sure you know exactly what it is you’re looking for before you start looking around for double glazing quotes from installers. You should have an idea of the design of window you’re looking for as well as the frame material you like, the number of windows you need for your home, and rough measurements of each of these units.

When you purchase your double glazed windows, you’ll also need to factor in the cost of installation. This is often where many customers applying for quotes directly get caught out.

That’s because, in the past, some double glazing companies have tried to add things onto the quote like:

  • labour costs for installation,
  • additional finishings costs,
  • VAT, and
  • other unexpected premiums like the window being on a first floor

For reasons like this, you should only ever get quotes from double-glazing companies which show all their prices clearly and promise that the quote you’ve been given is the quote you’ll pay.

By doing that, you know that you are working with a reputable provider and that there are absolutely no hidden costs to your installation.

Compare Double Glazing Prices

We work with an extensive panel of expert double glazing installers from across the UK. They’ve all been credit-checked by our own internal compliance team and we also confirm their registration with FENSA or CERTASS.

We’ll put you in touch with three or four firms close to you. One of their team will, with your permission, visit you to find out what you’d like from your double glazing. Each one will provide you with a quote tailored to your specific needs.

Our service is completely free and all of the quotes you receive come with no strings attached.

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