How does the fascias, soffits, and guttering fit in the conservatory roof structure?

A matching red brick Conservatory

Modern conservatories offer year-round comfort, providing a cozy haven during the coldest months and a seamless connection to the outdoors throughout the warmth of summer, thanks to their well-designed conservatory roof structure.

If you’re contemplating installing a new conservatory or updating an old one with a rejuvenating conservatory roof replacement, it’s always handy to know which parts are which to get your installation just right. So, if you can’t tell a fascia from a soffit, we’ve broken down each part and provided an explanation for each to make the process as smooth as possible.

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Need-to-know protective components of a conservatory roof structure

Conservatory fascia board

Providing a solid base to fix the guttering to and protect the roof from water ingress, fascia board is fixed along the length of the ring beam that the conservatory roof sits on. The fascia trim is then hooked over the top edge of the start bar top cap and fastened in place and covered with a protective ridge cap.

Conservatory soffit board

A soffit board is fitted underneath the fascia board to provide effective ventilation to the conservatory roof space.

Conservatory guttering – Do you need guttering on a conservatory?

Gutter support brackets fit into the groove of the eaves beam. Designed to prevent rain from entering the roof space and direct it away from the structure, the front edge of the gutter hangs on to the front of the bracket. Where there are stop ends of outlets on the gutter, gutter joint clips are required to fix them in place. Once these are in place, the guttering can be clicked into its final position and the downpipe fixed into position.

Conservatory gutters generally have a bigger capacity than standard house gutters. Fitted level, if your conservatory gutters hold more than 25mm of water adding extra outlets is recommended.

How does the fascias, soffits, and guttering fit in the conservatory roof structure?

What is a conservatory box gutter?

Usually used for classically styled pitched roof conservatories, like Victorian conservatories and Gable conservatories, box gutters are installed between the conservatory and adjoining house to catch and expel rainwater that falls between the walls. Effectively draining away, conservatory box gutters also prevent damp spots and leaks from forming.

Conservatory cornice

Suited to a wide range of roof styles, decorative cornices are designed to hide the gutter and rafter ends for a stylish, streamlined external finish.

Can you get coloured conservatory guttering?

Available in a wide range of colours and woodgrain effects, modern fascias, soffits, and gutters can be tailored to your exact specifications. For example, Supalite tiled conservatory roofs come with colour coordinated fascias, soffits, and guttering as standard.

How does the fascias, soffits, and guttering fit in the conservatory roof structure?

How do you fix a leaky conservatory gutter? – Do roofers do fascias and soffits?

Leaking conservatory gutters should be addressed immediately, as they can cause cracks, bubbles, or discolouring if ignored. If you are experiencing guttering issues such as damp spots or leaks, it could be due to the gutters being clogged up with leaves, gradual wear and tear, or your gutters may have been installed incorrectly and will need to be replaced by a local double glazing expert.

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