Home Improvements After A Burglary

Making home improvements after a burglary can ensure it doesn’t happen again. When you experience something as traumatic as that, it can be challenging to feel safe in your home. You might feel like every part of your living space is exposed, and that you and your family are at the mercy of endless threats. But there are so many ways you can enhance your home to make sure intruders can’t get near it again.

Many homes, perhaps including your own, use old features in their designs and feature outdated security systems. Nowadays, a burglar alarm might not be enough. Even if you have sound security systems as well, the rest of your home may let you down. You could have older windows and doors made with timber or single-glazed glass, materials that can become fragile over time.

Many would-be burglars will target homes with older windows and doors. Intruders are more likely to break in through these spaces, as a poor design can lead to easy access. So, with brand-new windows and doors, you can make sure you close your home off in the most vulnerable areas. As a result, a durable and secure window or door can give you precious time to make the threat to your home disappear.

But investing in new security features can make a vital contribution to your home as well. Instead of relying on a burglar alarm, you can invest in an entire system of cameras and sensors that give you eyes and ears around your home at all times. Because of all this, you’ll be able to make you and your family feel safe inside your home again. And, with Compare Companies, you can get that feeling of security back for less.

How Can I Stop Another Burglary in My Home?

If you’ve already experienced a burglary, you may think that at least the worst is over. But people who’ve already gone through this are more likely to go through it again. Close to a third of burglary victims become repeat victims of intrusions, while close to one in ten people will experience them more than once. However, many of the people who suffer this fate may not have made the necessary investment in their home.

When you make home improvements after a burglary, you can make sure you don’t suffer the same fate again. Of course, you could start by enhancing the area they broke into your home through. For example, the most likely place a burglar will target is your front door. If you have a timber door or one that uses cheap plastic in its design, then investing in a new entrance that uses a uPVC, aluminium or composite frame can secure your home from the front.

Another way is to install new security systems around your home. While burglar alarms can alert you to intrusions quickly, they don’t let you know what’s going on. Due to this, installing cameras around your home can let you know what’s happening quickly and discretely. You can hook up your cameras to a central hub in your home, meaning you can see everything, and smart systems even connect to phones and tablets too.

You may not want to invest in new products for your home. However, that means you’ll have to be incredibly vigilant, always double-checking door locks and windows. Because of this, you could end up becoming more worried, and still feel like your home is a sitting duck. Instead, an investment in home improvements after a burglary will make you feel calm inside your home.

Where Should I Install New Home Improvements?

Installing home improvements after a burglary can remove any weak spots from your home. Because of this, it can be useful to check which areas in your home are becoming older and outdated. Windows and doors can lose their performance without you knowing over time. In bad weather, timber can crack and lose its shape, for example, while single-glazed glass can chip and crack as well.

Once you find which areas of your home could be prone to another break-in, it’s vital to solve the problem. As a result, you could invest in modern window and door styles that put security at the heart of their design. In these advanced products, you’ll get a durable, robust frame that can resist impacts and extreme forces. But these frames also protect internal hardware that helps to keep windows and doors locked.

Also, you can check your security systems to see if they have any flaws too. Even if you already have a camera network around your home, you may have left some blind spots which you haven’t yet covered. Additionally, if you don’t have a burglar alarm monitoring system, it is worth doing so. That’s because you can hook up your alarm system to the emergency services, so they’ll be able to get to you more quickly when you need them.

Not only that, but locks around your home can become easier to tamper with over time too. For example, the locks in your windows and doors may start to rust in poor weather if they use cheaper materials. If you want to invest in full security for your home, making sure your locks use durable hardware and have anti-tamper measures is vital. You can get brand-new locks in home security systems to make investing in them more relaxed as well.

What Home Improvements Should I Get After a Burglary?

You can invest in several home improvements after a burglary to make sure you don’t go through it again. Each one is a different design that can give you an extra layer of protection, making you and your family a little bit safer. While investing in one of these products can make a genuine difference, the best way to fully secure your home is to invest in several of them. That way, you’ll get a connected security system that is a nightmare for intruders.

Security Features

Camera Systems

While a burglar alarm can ensure you hear any threats, camera systems allow you to see them. You can install any number of these effective systems inside and outside your home. Not only can they work alone, but you can connect them into one complete system either through a hard-wired system or a wireless network. Your cameras can always turn on as well, as their batteries can last for days at a time.

You can add a security camera to your home for as little as £20, making them incredibly affordable. However, for a more protective system that uses multiple cameras, you should expect to pay a few hundred pounds. However, that’s not a hefty price to pay for invaluable peace of mind and to deter intruders from targeting your home. You can even connect some cameras to your smartphone or tablet, making your home even more secure.

Monitored Alarm Systems

If you already have burglar alarms, they can wake you up if anyone tries to enter your home in the middle of the night. But they’ll only serve to wake up the street, and not the people who can stop the threat. That’s why ensuring you add monitored alarm systems to your home can make a crucial difference. With a monitored system, your sensors will trigger the emergency services quickly, alerting them to your plight.

When it comes to investing in home improvements after a burglary, one of the most important things you’ll gain is time. Some thefts are over in seconds, meaning each one can count in stopping them taking what matters most. A monitored alarm system can help you speed up your response to the threat. Not only that, but your local emergency services will be on your side faster.

Home Improvements

Brand-New Windows

Older windows can become targets for burglars because of two things. Firstly, your window could use single-glazed glass, which an intruder can shatter more quickly as it doesn’t have the durability to resist impacts. Not only that, but the frame of your window could also be prone to a break-in. A wooden frame, for example, can crack under excess water, making the structure more fragile. A burglar could even separate the glass from the frame altogether.

Modern windows don’t suffer from any of these issues. You’ll get durable double glazing in your new design as standard, and you can upgrade to triple glazing for even more protection. Also, for added privacy, you can choose obscured glass which stops people staring into your living space. You’ll also get a choice of robust frames for your new windows too. With aluminium frames, you’ll add a sturdy and reinforced frame that is a nightmare for intruders.

When you add windows to your home, you can also select from a broad range of unique and innovative styles. Secure options include the tilt and turn window, which you can open to ventilate your home without unlocking it, as it locks in the centre. Also, you could select sash windows which sit flush within the frame to reduce gaps intruders could attempt to prise open. Because of this, you’ll have choice and control in securing your home.

Brand-New Doors

Your front door is the most likely target for a burglar. Because of this, it’s vital to make sure you welcome them with a solid and secure door they can’t get through. Brand-new front doors can use the same durable frames as you can get for windows. As a result, you could choose robust aluminium or even a composite option, which gives you the strength of timber without the drawbacks.

You don’t only have to install new front doors either. Even if a burglar can get into your home again, you can stop them in their tracks with secure connecting doors. That means you can add a further layer of protection to the areas of your home that are most valuable to you. With reliable, modern doors protecting each room, you can keep an intruder in one place, making it an awful lot simpler to catch them or to force them to try and escape.

When you invest in new doors, you’ll also get a wide variety of styles to choose from as well. For example, you could add sliding or bi-fold doors to the back of your home, making sure nobody can get in through the back garden. Sliding and bi-fold doors sit on an in-line slider, meaning these doors are anti-crowbar designs. You’ll get frames that protect the hardware, keeping your doors robust, and you can add a low-threshold option as well.

How Much Do These Home Improvements Cost?

Investing in home improvements after a burglary can cost less than you may think. For example, a brand-new window can cost as little as £150 to fit in your home. However, the best way to prevent your home feeling exposed is to invest in more than one feature. Because of this, you’ll be able to create a fully-integrated home security system, including cameras, sensors and locks, that give you total protection and peace of mind.

While these systems can have a more sizeable initial cost, these investments are hugely worthwhile. When it comes to feeling safe inside your home, you can’t put a price on comfort and calmness. However, at Compare Companies, we do think you can make that cost go down a bit. When you work with us, you can get in touch with the best suppliers and installers in your local area and compare their costs to get a better deal on new home improvements.

Home Improvements with Compare Companies

Invest in home improvements after a burglary and make your home safe and secure with Compare Companies today!

You can use our free home improvement cost calculator to find out prices for a range of options. You’ll be able to pick windows, doors, and home security systems to compare their prices, so you make the investment that suits your needs and your budget too. Once you’ve picked out your new products, we can put you in touch with suppliers in your area. Your local specialist can even install them as part of your quote, and many have approval from bodies like Checkatrade and FENSA.

If you want to find out more, talk to Compare Companies today!

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