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Five 2021 home improvement and décor predictions


2020 was the year that significantly changed the way that we use, and view, our homes. We no longer view them as simply our family homes where we can relax and unwind after a busy day’s work, but instead a multi-functional area where we work, rest, and play all in the same space.

So, it comes as no surprise that our predictions for home improvement and décor predictions focus on comfortability, convenience, and calmness.

Scandinavian-Japanese interiors are hot on trend

The fusion between the sleek lines and clean minimalism of Japanese interior design with the cosiness typical of Scandinavian styles, the Scandi-Japanese design style also known as ‘Japandi’ is all about bringing simplicity and calmness to our homes – something we all need at this moment in time.

Featuring a neutral colour palette which includes whites and beiges, and the use of natural materials such as bamboo, this aesthetically pleasing style focuses on functionality and tranquillity; the items of which would go perfectly well next to your new slender aluminium black windows.

Farmhouse style set to be replaced with ‘country chic’

Has the traditional farmhouse style run its course?! I can hear all the farmhouse style lovers gasping in shock.

But do not worry – although this style may perhaps be becoming less popular, there is an alternative called ‘country chic’ or ‘shabby chic’ as some may call it, which embraces vintage furniture, distressed furniture and a neutral colour palette, one very similar to the Japandi colour palette.

Have you ever considered updating the style of your lounge (perhaps even with new double-glazed windows timber effect windows and doors)? You could perhaps combine a vintage Stag unit with a distressed coffee table. This would be ‘country chic’ style. 

Sales of home gym equipment set to continuously rise

The 1st of January normally means the start of our fitness journey. We grab one of our friends for morale support, buy the latest fitness clothing, and sign up to one of the local gyms.

However, this year is different.

The gyms are a tumbleweed environment, face-to-face personal training sessions have been replaced with virtual zoom sessions, our lunchtime classes have been replaced with attending Facebook live classes from our conservatories and talking with our friends whilst we’re on the treadmill has been replaced with going on a treadmill whilst watching This Morning. 

How many virtually exercise classes have you been involved in? 

This year we have seen a huge increase in the sales of gym equipment with lots of us introducing our gym environment somewhere into the household. Whether it be converting our garage into a fully functioning gym set-up or, setting up your yoga mat in your lounge; having access too, and setting up your gym equipment will help you stay consistent with your fitness plans.

Also, whilst being locked inside, creating a space – such as a conservatory - for your personal fitness is a valuable tool for your work life balance and perhaps more importantly, your mental wellbeing. What’s even better is that a conservatory can even add value to your home too!

Indoor plants will be seen in every household

We all love them, don’t we? Bunny ear cactus, asparagus fern or string of hearts, to name a few of our favourites. They’re the perfect addition next to our double-glazed windows or bringing the outside into glorious garden rooms. 

With indoor plants being available to buy at our fingertips via websites such as Gardens4You or Waitrose, it is very easy to transfer our lounge, with its new multi-functional furniture, into a peaceful green haven where we can relax and maintain our work life balance (something which is very important during this time).

You could even opt to transform your old conservatory into a new room for your plants by replacing the conservatory roof. That would look beautiful. 

What is even better is that you do not need to be green fingered to look after your new beauties – most of them are self-sufficient and tell you when they need watering, such as a peace lily. 

Dual-purpose furniture set to optimise space

As many of us have been forced to spend more time in our houses due to the global pandemic, the use of our living rooms, extensions or even our bedrooms have changed tenfold. We no longer view them as simply a room in our house, but now an office space, working out space, or even an entertaining space. These once single rooms now have a lot of different purposes.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Searching for that quiet spot in the house where we can create our home office only to realise that our three other family members have already got the best spots, and every other surface has clutter on it.

Let us introduce you to dual-purpose furniture. The furniture, such as a fold-down bed or a coffee table that turns into a laptop table, eases the pressure of trying to find your own calm working area.

Have you been thinking of replacing your double-glazed windows, or even installing a conservatory? You could even opt for dual colour to suit the current aesthetics of your home. 

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