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Your double glazed window prices will vary on the size – the bigger the window, pricier they’ll be – this sounds like common sense. However, it’s not always true, especially if you’re having all (or nearly all) of your home fitted with double-glazing rather than just one or two windows at a time. You’ll get better prices per window from installers on bigger jobs.

Today, CompareCompanies considers:

  • How window prices vary in size – including Britain’s top six window types,
  • How much a standard whole-house double-glazing replacement job would cost,
  • The seven factors which influence price, sometimes just as much as window size,
  • What you need to look for in a trustworthy installer, and
  • How to get the best price for your double glazing.

If you’re thinking about replacing your windows with brand new double glazing, the best thing to do is to get 3-4 quotes from installers with the right certification and experience behind them. Fill out the form at the top of this page and we’ll put you in touch with double glazing companies local to you whose trading histories we’ve thoroughly checked out and that our team are happy to introduce you to.

How do window prices vary by size?

There are five main designs of windows installed on UK homes. With all of the different styles, you can expect to pay more for larger windows however the difference in prices between the sizes may not be as big as you might think.

Casement windows

Very energy efficient with superior draught-exclusion properties, casement windows are the most popular type of double-glazed window installed in the UK.

They’re very well sealed and look very contemporary. When there is a lock on the window allowing you to open it, they’re very easy to open and close and they’re also very secure as the lock is built into the casing itself.

Although the vast majority of installations are white uPVC, there is a wide range of colours and finishes you can choose from to make the windows work very well with you home (although you will pay extra for non-white finishes).

HeightWidthFeaturesPrices range from
500mm500mmFixed(no opening)£155-£170
1000mm500mmFixed(no opening)£180-£195
1000mm1000mmFixed(no opening)£205-£245
1200mm1200mmFixed(no opening)£230-£270
500mm500mmOne opening£255-£295
1000mm500mmOne opening£280-£315
1000mm1000mmOne opening£310-£340
1200mm1200mmOne opening£360-£390


French style casement windows

French casement windows really open up your property providing you with a grander view of the outside, a great traditional look (even in uPVC white), and superb ventilation when it’s required. They’re brilliant for security too as they’re fitted with really tough locks and they’re ideal for emergency fire escapes because the windows open up fully.

And when the windows are open fully, because of the central mullion they use, there’s no bar down the middle obstructing the view you wish to enjoy. For French style casement double glazing, think of the way that French doors work.

HeightWidthFeaturesPrices range from
500mm500mmFrench style£460-£490
1000mm500mmFrench style£485-£510
1000mm1000mmFrench style£515-£535
1200mm1200mmFrench style£540-£560


Sash windows

Georgian in style and commonly seen on period homes, sash windows have two or more panels (or sashes) which slide up or down whenever you want to open the window. You can purchase sash windows which open either horizontally or vertically however vertically-opening sash windows are by far the more popular. The sash stays in place when it’s opened by a series of internally-contained spring, pulleys, and weights.

Sash windows can be easier to open than casement windows if you have furniture or another obstacle in front of a window. They generally enjoy a very low failure rate too because of the simplicity of their design and, even if they do go wrong, they’re a lot easier for a homeowner to fix than other types of window.

If you live in a traditional or period property, a sash window will look more in keeping with both the interior and exterior architectural styling. If your window is close to a wall or some other form of outside obstruction, sash windows don’t need additional outside space to manoeuvre in as they simply slide up and down the rail of the frame.

HeightWidthFeaturesPrices range from
500mm500mmStandard sash£540-£585
1000mm500mmStandard sash£615-£685
1000mm1000mmStandard sash£640-£705
1200mm1200mmStandard sash£745-£805
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