Do I really need to replace my windows?

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Too often than not, people delay things that should be looked at. Everybody is guilty of it, with thoughts like ‘it’s probably not that urgent’ or ‘I’ll get around to it later’ but when it comes to your windows, you really shouldn’t leave them neglected for too long. You may have recently come to the conclusion that your windows need replacing, either due to their visual appearance or because of performance issues like increased internal condensation or noticeable draughts.

Signs that a window needs replacing

If you’re unsure if your window needs replacing, there are a number of signs that they’re not up to the standard they should be. Whether these issues can beold window resolved via repairing them instead of replacing them is entirely situational, but more often than not the problems would be better resolved with a whole new window. There are many reasons to replace a window but here are some of the most common justifications for a window replacement:

1. Increased noise levels heard through the window

If you’ve noticed more noise coming from outside than usual, it’s normally a sign that your windows are not sealed correctly, or they’re just poorly made windows. By replacing these windows with new ones that utilise high-quality double glazing or triple glazing, you’re sure to eliminate any outside noise being heard within your home.

2. Experiencing problems when opening, closing or locking a window

One of the more pressing issues concerning windows is their security, as the last thing anybody wants is to feel unsafe within their own home, that’s why it’s important to remedy any issues with closing or locking mechanisms you may have noticed. You may be experiencing these problems because the window wasn’t installed correctly, which can create balancing issues. If your windows are rotten or rusty, this may also be impacting the opening, closing, or locking process.

3.  Condensation build up or cracked window glass

It’s immediately apparent that something is wrong with your windows if you’re noticing an increase in condensation or have seen cracks in the glass. Increased condensation within the window pane itself usually means it will soon lose its energy efficiency, resulting in your home being a lot colder. The danger that comes from your glass being cracked should go without saying, if a glass crack is left untreated, it can grow into something larger.

4. Noticeable draught coming through closed windows

When you begin to notice a cold draught within a room even when your windows are closed, it should tell you that you need to get some new windows. A draught coming from your windows can be caused by a number of things, such as faulty seals or an improper installation. When your windows aren’t protecting your home from the cold, it means you might have to resort to measures that increase your energy bill so it makes sense to have the windows replaced.

The benefits of replacing your windows

Replacing the windows of your home doesn’t need to be done purely out of necessity, and it doesn’t need to be seen as just another task on a checklist. A new set of windows can help you take more pride in your home, after all, there might have been many advancements within the window industry since you last had windows installed. There are plenty of materials to choose from such as uPVC, timber and aluminium, as well as endless colour choices and hardware options.

In recent years there have also been a number of improvements to things like the security of windows, making it a wise decision to be certain that you have the most up-to-date protection and functionality that windows can provide.

Now that you’ve decided your windows need replacing, get ahead of the problem by comparing double glazing window quotes here. You can also discuss your options further by giving our knowledgeable Customer support centre a call on 0800 084 5076.

Replacing windows is a big decision but rest assured it’s an investment in your home & it’s resale value. So, how do you choose what material to get your windows in? It can be difficult to know so our next article breaks down simply by the four main materials, click here to read.

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