Customise Your Conservatory

Customise Your Conservatory

It’s easy to customise your conservatory when you work with Compare Companies. If you’re looking to add a new space to your home, then there’s no need to compromise. Instead of choosing from a range of templates, you should be able to have total control of how a new room in your home looks and performs. That’s why, by using our services, you can fully customise your new conservatory.

There’s plenty of parts to your build that affect its style and its performance. From the glazing you use to the roof over your head, everything can play a factor. By adding a new conservatory to your home, however, you’ll be in control of each one. You can choose from a range of stunning materials and innovative designs so that you can use your conservatory all-year-round.

With Compare Companies, you can get the big picture on a whole range of options to customise your conservatory, such as:

  • Conservatory Styles
  • Conservatory Glazing
  • Conservatory Roofing
  • Conservatory Colours and Finishes
  • Conservatory Features
  • Conservatory Costs

As a result, you’ll be able to create a unique space you and your family will love. Not only will you be able to style your new conservatory, but you’ll be able to ensure it has terrific performance. Older builds are known for becoming uncomfortable in both hot and cold weather, but your new space won’t suffer from this. Instead, you’ll have an advanced design that works to keep you comfortable.

Because of this, you won’t have to rely on your central heating to make the space usable in winter. Not only that, but you can add doors with wide apertures to the design to improve ventilation when the weather turns warm. That way, you could even save money on energy bills in your home, meaning you’ll make an investment that can put money back in your pocket.

Customise Your Conservatory Style

A strong starting point to customise your conservatory is to choose a style. But selecting your style is by no means the end. On the other hand, it’s a starting point on which to build your ideas. You’ll be able to choose from a vast range of styles, each one suiting different types of home. Because of this, you’ll have the options to make sure your new build suits your home perfectly.

Victorian Conservatory

Victorian builds are the most popular in the country. They have the classic look of a traditional conservatory, but with plenty of modern benefits. You’ll be able to combine the excellent design features, including roof crestings and a bay front, with advanced glazing and other options. As a result, these spaces will stay warm throughout the year, saving you money.

You can customise Victorian builds extensively too. One way is to choose the number of windows you want, with three and five-facet designs the most popular options. With a broader front, you’ll get more glazing and better views of the outside world. Additionally, to give the space added protection and robustness, you can also fit a dwarf wall with durable brickwork to support the structure.

Edwardian Conservatory

The Edwardian design is also an excellent option for a traditional look. These builds are similar to Victorian ones but use less decorative features and are squared off. Because of this, they are more straightforward to install and to use as well. You’ll get a wider floorspace which gives you the flexibility to use your conservatory for a variety of purposes.

Their simple design means that you can incorporate them into modern homes seamlessly as well. You can customise your conservatory by matching any brickwork to your existing property, and you can choose uPVC or aluminium frames to suit your desired look. Not only that, but the frames will be slim, meaning they won’t block out any natural light from entering your home.

Gable Conservatory

When you customise your conservatory, you can afford to be bold. A gable design stands out straight away. These builds have a vertical roof design to increase the amount of space you have over your head. Also, the design features a stylish front in a range of designs, including the fashionable sunburst look. These opulent builds are perfect for elegant, traditional homes or cottages.

The roof is perhaps the centrepiece of these designs, and you can customise your conservatory roof as well. You can choose from a fully glazed build, or you can use more durable materials, such as lightweight tiles. You’ll also be able to customise the colours and finishing of tiled or solid roofing. Not only that, but you can choose to partially use these materials, leaving glazed areas for sunlight to rush through and warm your home.

Lean-To Conservatory

If you want a versatile conservatory, then a lean-to could be the ideal choice. Lean-to conservatories have a flat roof with a slight angle that leans up against your home, giving these designs their name. Also, they have a square floorplan and are often smaller than more traditional builds. As a result, you can fit them more easily into smaller spaces, meaning you can expand your home no matter it’s size.

You can customise the size of your lean-to to suit whatever home you have. That means you can stay in control of the cost, and you could be more likely to meet building regulations. Because of this, lean-to builds often don’t need planning permission to install. Also, they are the most affordable conservatory in the range, meaning you can add a unique space for less.

P-Shaped & T-Shaped Conservatories

Alternatively, you could want a space that takes up a little more room. To expand your home with an original conservatory, then P-Shaped and T-Shaped designs do it in style. A P-shaped build combines a Victorian and Lean-to conservatory into one distinct room, with one extending much further into your garden. T-Shaped builds have more full sides, as well as a protruding front that brings nature closer too.

One crucial way you can customise these spaces is doors. You can choose French doors which swing outwardly for a dramatic entrance to your garden. However, you could also choose doors that disappear when you open them. With sliding and bi-folding doors, you’ll get a durable design with clear double glazing that protects your space when closed, and a clear pathway to the outside world when you open them.

Bespoke Conservatories

Customise your conservatory from the ground up with a bespoke build. You can work with the trusted suppliers in the Compare Companies network to design any conservatory in any shape or style that you want. If you already have a clear idea of how you’d like your new addition to look and feel, then you can get advice and expertise from suppliers who’ll make your vision a reality.

Customise your Conservatory Glazing

The glazing in your conservatory plays a significant role in how it performs. Older designs are famous for their poor heat transfer, but this is mainly because they use single-glazed glass. One sheet of glass doesn’t provide a lot of insulation. That means that heat can easily escape your space, cold air can replace it, and the glass mists up and becomes harder to maintain as well.

When you invest in a brand-new conservatory, you can choose between double and triple glazing for your space. Advanced double glazing traps heat between two panes of glass, creating a layer of thermal protection for your home. You’ll be able to preserve your home’s natural temperature, and the glass will be more secure as well. As a result, you can save money on bills and stay comfortable in your space.

Triple glazing has an even more dramatic impact, though. With three panes of glass, you’ll trap more heat, and get better protection from the elements too. Conservatories with triple glazing are more expensive, with triple glazing costing between 30-40% than double glazing to fit. But you could save even more on your energy bills, making it a worthwhile investment too.

Customise your Conservatory Roofing

Another area of your conservatory to look at is the roof. Glass roofs are popular options, but they do have some drawbacks. Even roofs that use double glazing don’t have as much insulation as you can get with other materials. While glass roofs brighten up your conservatory, the light can bounce off the glass walls, creating a greenhouse effect and making the build blindingly bright.

A better option is to install solid or tiled roofing. Solid roofs have a modern appeal, with clean lines and durable materials. You can get a room-like feel with these roofs, making your new space feel more connected to your home. These roofs offer far more insulation than glass, and they have excellent sound insulation too. That way, you can enjoy your warm conservatory without distraction.

Tiled roofs are also a superb option. You’ll be investing in hundreds of tiles that seal together, ensuring strength and robustness. Also, you can colour them in any way that you choose to make a stylish impact inside and outside. While solid and tiled roofs do cost around double the price of a glass roof, you get more warmth, more control of the lighting, and better customisation.

Conservatory Features

Once you’ve got the main elements of your conservatory nailed down, you can look to add features to lift the design to a new level. For example, if you want to relax in your space and control the lighting, installing blinds could help. Not only will they block out the light when you want them to, but they can help to insulate your home in the winter as well.

Also, adding brickwork to the sides of your conservatory can help to protect it more effectively from the weather. A dwarf wall can soak up any standing water, and it’ll insulate your floor so that you don’t lose as much heat through it. However, you could add more extensive brickwork, perhaps a whole wall if there’s something particularly unsightly on one side you don’t want to see.

You can even modify your conservatory flooring to make it warmer underfoot and more comfortable to clean. For a modern look, you could select laminate flooring. The design uses wood, but protects it underneath a laminate, which means dirt doesn’t stick and stain the material. As a result, it’s easy to clean, and its exceptionally useful if you’re planning to go in and out of the space a lot.

Conservatory Colours & Finishes

With Compare Companies, you can also add a splash of colour when you customise your conservatory. When you work with the suppliers from our trusted network, you’ll be able to pick from a range of RAL colours and authentic finishes for each aspect of your design. Choose custom brickwork, roofing and even tinted glass to create the unique look you’ve always wanted.

Conservatory Customisation Costs

The cost of your conservatory can start from as little as £6,000. However, the price will probably be larger than that, depending on the style, size and shape of your conservatory. Also, when you customise your conservatory, you’ll affect the overall price as well. For example, solid or tiled roofing is double the price of glass to install, and triple glazing is 30-40% more costly than double glazing.

However, you can cut the cost of customising your conservatory by using Compare Companies’ services. When you get a quote from one of the suppliers in our network, it’ll include several customisable options. You’ll get choices of colours and finishes as part of your quote, and your installers will also fit your custom design made-to-measure too. That way, you can customise your conservatory for less.

Customise Your Conservatory with Compare Companies

Talk to Compare Companies today about how you can customise your conservatory for the best price.

Use our conservatory cost calculator today to compare the prices of several customisable options, including conservatory styles, roofing and other features. Then, once you’ve got the design for you, we’ll refer you to our network of trusted installers. You can compare their offers to get a broader picture of the market so that you can make the best possible investment in your unique space.

You’ll also be able to trust in our installers. Most of these local specialists have approval from bodies like FENSA and Which?, meaning you’ll get a high-quality build with an expert installation too. That way, you can customise your conservatory with confidence, and you can enhance your home with a unique space you and your family will love.

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