Conservatory Roof Replacement Ideas

Conservatory Roof Replacement Ideas

Are you looking for a conservatory roof replacement or a conservatory roof conversion but you’d like to be walked through your options first? If you do want to re-roof your conservatory and are looking for information and support, welcome to our guide. We’ll cover everything you need to know including:

  • how do you get a new conservatory roof? Is it expensive to change a conservatory roof?
  • are there alternative conservatory roofs to the one you have now?
  • replacing a conservatory roof with a solid roof (including detailed tiled conservatory roof cost run-throughs)
  • what options do you have if you currently have a glass conservatory roof (and can you fit a glass roof extension)?

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Why would you need a conservatory roof replacement?

Conservatories are sturdy structures built to last. They’ll provide you and your family with years of enjoyment. However, even with the quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship employed in the construction of your conservatory, a conservatory roof is prone to wear and tear as the years goes on – just like every other part of your home.

Over time, as it holds its own against everything the Great British climate can throw at it outside, your conservatory roof also has to contend with indoor environmental challenges, particularly fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Eventually, those little areas of wear and tear you start to notice over the years will mount up to what an installer would call actual physical damage to your conservatory roof.

That damage can either be structural or aesthetic. Either way, it begins to impair on the enjoyment of your conservatory and something needs to be done about it. It might not be wear and tear over time that means it’s time to replace your conservatory roof – it might be accidental damage – something that happened in your home or in your garden.

Homeowners in this situation can either replace their conservatory completely or look for a replacement conservatory roof. In this article, we’ll look at all the options available to you on replacement conservatory roofs – whether you want to replace the roof you’ve got now with something identical or something different and brand new.

Conservatory roof replacement costs

Replacing your conservatory roof will probably cost you between £2,100 and £7,900. That price includes all the materials, the installation work, and the normal multi-year guarantee you would expect on parts and labour. If you have a particularly large conservatory or an orangery, the price you pay will likely be high.

Conservatory roof conversion prices – guidelines

In this article, we’re going to look at the average prices you’ll pay on standard size conservatories for roof replacements.

You have a choice. You’re not just confined to replacing your conservatory roof with exactly the same type of roof. You can select either a polycarbonate roof, a glass roof, or a tiled roof. We’ll start first by looking at tiled conservatory roof costs and why a homeowner might want to replace their glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof with a solid conservatory roof instead.

Tiled conservatory roof cost

More and more UK homeowners, when replacing their conservatory roofs, are switching over to a tiled roof rather than keeping their polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof. It’s something that divides homeowners down the middle because, while tiled conservatory roofs are generally less prone to wear and tear and damage, they don’t let as much light in.

So, is a tiled conservatory roof for you? What are the pros and cons of a tiled conservatory roof? And what would you reasonably expect to pay for a replacement tiled conservatory roof?

For some homeowners with a polycarbonate conservatory roof or a glass conservatory roof, they love their conservatory except for certain points of particularly sunny days when the glare from the sun makes it difficult to fully open their eyes when they’re trying to read or relax in their conservatory. The power of the sun can feel oppressive and you may only be able to stay in the conservatory for a short while until it gets too much.

But would getting a tiled conservatory roof keep out too much light? No – not according to most installers and homeowners. While it’s most certainly true that less light gets in, your conservatory is still essentially an extension to your home whose walls are all windows. It still lets a lot of light in but, on those days when the sun is powerful and high in the sky, the amount of light getting in doesn’t overwhelm you.

By switching to a tiled conservatory roof, you might actually be able to spend more time in your conservatory.

What about insulation? We all know that the double-glazed panes in your conservatory are superb at making sure your conservatory is nice and cool on sunnier days and warm and cosy on cold, frosty days. Will replacing the double-glazed panes in your conservatory roof negatively impact on your conservatory’s insulation properties?

No – you’ll barely notice a difference. Conservatory roof tiles, and particularly the way they’re installed, have superb insulation properties and, just like with your existing glass or polycarbonate roof, you won’;t have to turn up the heating when it’s cold outside or switch on the cooling fans on a really hot day.

How much does a tiled conservatory roof cost? Again, it depends on the size of your conservatory but you should expect between £3,400 and £4,600 for an average sized conservatory. If you have a larger standard conservatory, you should expect to pay between £5,400 and £6,600.

One word of warning though – not all conservatories can support a tiled conservatory roof and you may have to stick with either your existing polycarbonate conservatory roof or glass conservatory roof if the structure of your conservatory can’t be strengthened. When an installer is out quoting you, he or she will be able to advice whether your conservatory’s structure will be suitable for a tiled roof conservatory.

Glass conservatory roof options

If you want to replace your existing conservatory roof, what are your options and how much will they cost?

Conservatory TypeHeightWidthPolycarbonate PriceGlass Price
Lean to2,500mm3,000mm£2,100-£2,300£2,300-£2,500
Lean to3,000mm3,000mm£2,450-£2,650£2,650-£2,850
Lean to3,000mm3,500mm£2,500-£2,700£2,800-£3,000

Prices shown include parts, labour, and VAT. And here’s a quick guide to conservatory types for your information…

Conservatory typeFeatures
Lean toThe most popular type of conservatory in Britain – three-sided structure where the roof leans to the building in a slope with a small brick wall
VictorianA conservatory with 3 or 5 panes giving a smooth, curved frontage and panoramic views
EdwardianWith roofs in the shape of an inverted V, the roof slopes to the incline of both sides of inverted V
Gable-frontedA conservatory with a triangle-shaped pane at the end of the conservatory used to form a triangular-shaped roof. Often uses decorative effects.
GeorgianOne of the larger types of conservatories, they are reminiscent of Edwardian conservatories
LanternContaining a roof space opening with the glass element of the roof at the same level as the rest of the roof or sitting on its own raised area
Double-hippedVery much like lantern conservatories and chosen by homeowners where the height of the conservatory is a factor.

Choosing an alternative conservatory roof – pay by instalments

As we’ve seen, average conservatory roof replacement prices can vary from £2,100 to £7,900 depending on the size of your conservatory and the type of roof you choose.

For many homeowners, that’s a lot of money to find all in one go so is it possible to pay for your new conservatory roof by instalments? The answer is, in many cases, yes – and here’s how it works.

First off, your installer must get a “consumer credit licence” from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA vet every application thoroughly, particularly the backgrounds of every shareholder and director of a business. Your installer does not actually lend you the money themselves – rather they’re a broker. They work with an FCA-approved lender who agrees to help your installer’s customers pay for their new conservatory roof over a period of years.

Generally, the loan for your conservatory roof will last between three and five years. There will often be interest to pay on those instalments but, from time to time, installers might offer interest-free loans to homeowners to give them an incentive to order.

If your installer does offer finance, make sure you ask the person who visits you what finance deals are on offer. Our tip is to find a deal where the monthly repayments are very manageable for you and your family so that you’ll still be able to afford all the things you did before and you don’t have to go without.

Conservatory roof replacement costs – big national company or should I stay local?

There are dozens of companies close to where you live who would love to install your replacement conservatory roof. Some of them will be big national companies and others will be smaller, local installers with one branch.

With a big installer, you get the peace of mind that you’re dealing with a brand name – a company people have trusted over the years. They generally install to a very high standard and the quality of the equipment and products they use is excellent. You will generally find yourself paying a bit more with a big brand name because they carry a lot more costs -; rent, rates, sales teams, head office costs, and everything else.

You could alternatively choose a smaller, local supplier but you may be nervous about doing so. Smaller suppliers don’t have the financial strength of a big player so you might be worried about how long they’re going to be around for.

Because they’re smaller and because they don’t have all the costs associated with being a big high-street brand, you’ll more likely than not end up saving hundreds (if not thousands) on your conservatory roof replacement installation. Reputation and internet reviews matter a lot more to smaller companies than big companies so you can, in nearly all cases, be absolutely assured of a quality installation using the best materials available for the price. These installers don’t want a bad review – it could be terrible for their business – so they’ll be keen to impress.

Whether you go big or small, it always pays to make sure an installer has been recognised by their peers as installing replacement conservatory roofs to the standards expected in the industry.

Make sure that your installers are members of or approved by at least one of the following:

Conservatory roof conversion – free quoting service

We work with over 100 regional and national expert conservatory roof replacement companies in the UK based local to their customers. We’ve done the vetting and the checking – we’re really confident that the installers we work with are the very best in their field because of how long they have been in business and the feedback they get from customers.

At the top of this page you will see a form – leave your details in the form and we’ll get three or four local companies to get in touch with you to give you a quote. All the quotes you get are free of charge and there’s no obligation on you to accept any of the quotes you’re given.

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