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Getting a new conservatory roof can really refresh both the look and feel of your conservatory. That’s why more and more homeowners are choosing to do so because it’s a much cheaper and quicker option than getting a brand new conservatory altogether.

The team at CompareCompanies have done our research and we’re going to share with you the latest information on:

  • glass and polycarbonate conservatory roof replacement costs by size
  • tiled conservatory roof replacement costs by size
  • how to find the right conservatory roof installer for you

To get the most for your money out of a conservatory roof replacement, the best thing to do is to get 3-4 quotes from local and national installers with a proven record in business and with up-to-date accreditations to the right industry schemes. By filling in the form on this page, we’ll put you in touch with 3-4 trusted installers happy to give you their most competitive quotes at a time to suit you. Our service is free and there’s no obligation on you to take up any of the quotes you receive.

Conservatory Roof Prices by Size

Polycarbonate conservatory roof prices by size

The cost of a replacement polycarbonate roof for your conservatory depends on a few factors, but is mostly determined by the shape and size of your conservatory roof and the style of polycarbonate roof your choose.

Lean to conservatory roofs

This is Britain’s most popular type of conservatory. That’s not only because it’s the least expensive style available but because lean to conservatories balance space, light, and comfort with a compact and elegant design.

Given this name because the roof “leans to” the edge of the sides of your conservatory, these “sun rooms” or “garden rooms” are ideal for those where price and value are strong considerations.

On a straight-forward installation, a lean to conservatory roof replacement should cost you between £2,050 and £3,150 on more standard sized conservatories.

DimensionsRoof frame materialInstalled price rangeRoof frame materialInstalled price range
2.5m x 3mPolycarbonate£2,050-£2,350Glass£2,300-£2,600
3m x 3mPolycarbonate£2,450-£2,750Glass£2,650-£2,950
3m x 3.5mPolycarbonate£2,550-£2,850Glass£2,850-£3,150
Conservatory Roof Prices by Size

Edwardian conservatory roofs

Edwardian conservatories’ pitched apex roof give a sense of both drama and space to home owners – even though a conservatory might only be a decade or two old, it looks like it could have been there for much longer because of the timelessness and the elegance of this aesthetically-stunning style.

For an Edwardian conservatory roof replacement, a budget of between £3,350 and £7,400 would be realistic on the most widely-installed sizes.

DimensionsRoof frame materialInstalled price rangeRoof frame materialInstalled price range
3m x 3mPolycarbonate£3,350-£3,650Glass£3,650-£3,950
4m x 4mPolycarbonate£4,750-£5,050Glass£5,150-£5,450
5m x 5mPolycarbonate£6,450-£6,750Glass£7,100-£7,400

Victorian conservatory roofs

The most popular of the larger conservatory styles, Victorian conservatories look great on new and old homes. Benefitting from a bay window which lends the view outside a panoramic, widescreen feel, they’re superb at visually framing your back garden and all the effort you’ve put into making it look perfect.

If you’re looking for a Victorian conservatory roof replacement, you should budget between £3,350 and £6,950 depending on the size.

DimensionsRoof frame materialInstalled price rangeRoof frame materialInstalled price range
3m x 3mPolycarbonate£3,350-£3,650Glass£3,550-£3,850
4m x 4mPolycarbonate£4,650-£4,950Glass£5,050-£5,350
5m x 5mPolycarbonate£6,350-£6,650Glass£6,650-£6,950

Georgian conservatory roofs

Seen most on period properties built from the early 1700s right up until around 1910, Georgian conservatories are one of the UK’s five most popular types of conservatory installation.

Square or rectangular in form, Georgian conservatories benefit from an elegant pitched roof with either three or four sides to it. Expect to pay between £3,350 and £7,440 for a Georgian conservatory roof replacement although the price will go higher for larger installations.

DimensionsRoof frame materialInstalled price rangeRoof frame materialInstalled price range
3m x 3mPolycarbonate£3,350-£3,650Glass£3,650-£3,950
4m x 4mPolycarbonate£4,800-£5,100Glass£5,150-£5,450
5m x 5mPolycarbonate£6,500-£6,800Glass£7,100-£7,400

Gable-fronted conservatory roofs

Gable-fronted conservatories are sometimes known as “pavilion conservatories” because of the sweep and the length of the installation at the back of a home. Featuring a beautiful apex roof comprising multiple panes of glass which slope seamlessly and elegantly towards the top of the structure, its minimal detailing and lack of fussiness makes these conservatories feel much bigger than they actually are.

Quotes for standard size gable-fronted conservatory roof replacements will generally vary between £3,400 and £7,400.

DimensionsRoof frame materialInstalled price rangeRoof frame materialInstalled price range
3m x 3mPolycarbonate£3,400-£3,700Glass£3,650-£3,950
4m x 4mPolycarbonate£4,750-£5,050Glass£5,150-£5,450
5m x 5mPolycarbonate£6,500-£6,800Glass£7,100-£7,400

Double hipped conservatory roofs

Best suited for bungalows and for other properties where there may be height restrictions, double-hipped conservatories eschew the sloped roof characteristic of lean to conservatories replacing them with a stylish sloping roof.

You should expect quotes of between £3,850 and £7,850 from your installers for a double hipped conservatory roof replacement.

DimensionsRoof frame materialInstalled price rangeRoof frame materialInstalled price range
3m x 3mPolycarbonate£3,850-£4,150Glass£4,050-£4,350
4m x 4mPolycarbonate£5,300-£5,550Glass£5,750-£6,050
5m x 5mPolycarbonate£6,900-£7,200Glass£7,550-£7,850

Lantern conservatory roofs

Homeowners have so much choice with lantern conservatory roofs. A lantern roof looks and feels like a “statement” and the design lends itself very well to the natural flow of your home. There are many different styles, orientations, and flourishes to choose from and the level of personalisation you apply really bestows both a timelessness and elegance to the finished product.

What is the lantern? Imagine the height of your normal conservatory roof and then, on to the top of that, raise a part of it up with stylish glass walls and a lantern-like, sloping roof finish.

Lantern conservatory roof replacements will vary more than other types of conservatory because of the high degree of personalisation available however a budget of £3,850 to £7,800 should accommodate most quotes you receive from qualified installers.

DimensionsRoof frame materialInstalled price rangeRoof frame materialInstalled price range
3m x 3mPolycarbonate£3,850-£4,150Glass£4,050-£4,350
4m x 4mPolycarbonate£5,250-£5,550Glass£5,750-£6,050
5m x 5mPolycarbonate£6,900-£7,200Glass£7,500-£7,800
Conservatory Roof Prices by Size

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Supalite tiled conservatory roof

Unlike the quotes above where your roof is built from scratch mainly on site on top of your conservatory’s existing structure, Supalite offers something different. Your Supalite conservatory roof is actually built in the company’s factory and delivered as a whole unit to your property.

Many roof replacement projects require that part of your existing conservatory is demolished and that the structure of it is remodelled and strengthened to cope with the weight of a new roof. Supalite is designed to be so lightweight that no other modification to your existing conservatory is needed – it takes a lot less time to install a Supalite roof than any other type of conservatory roof.

Supalite roofs can be installed on lean to, gable, Victorian, P-shaped, Edwardian, or double-hipped conservatories. The installation company you choose to do the work will take all the precise measurements needed for your replacement roof and then send them back to the Supalite factory for production.

Growing in popularity, some of Supalite’s biggest advantages to homeowners are:

  • superb noise and temperature insulation,
  • 20 year guarantee as standard,
  • tiles available in a choice of slates and colours (perfect for matching to your existing wall and house roof),
  • it lets in lots of light (you can choose as many skylights as you want for your installation),
  • it will cost less to heat your conservatory,
  • external and internal lighting options,
  • external flashing if required,
  • fully compliant with Building Regulations.

Standard tiled conservatory roof prices by size

You can also choose to go for the more traditional standard tiled conservatory roof replacement option where, like with the glass and polycarbonate options, the construction and placement of the roof is done on site. For the most standard installations of this type, you would look to pay between £7,250 and £19,200.

Roof frame materialInstallation heightInstallation widthReturned quotes

Please bear in mind that, depending on the age and construction of your conservatory, that the frame may need to be strengthened to support the weight of the new roof. This may increase the ballpark figures quoted in the table just above.

There are three types of tile you can choose for your replacement conservatory roof:

  • concrete – the heaviest of the three options and your tiles actually become heavier over time because the concrete absorbs rainwater. There is a wide range of styles and colours available for you to choose from so make sure you ask your installer to see their suppliers’ catalogues.
  • slate – slate looks stunning but it is a very expensive option. Synthetic slate tiles have recently been introduced to the market for homeowners working on a budget, so do ask your installer if you’d like that particular look for your home.
  • composite tiles – the cheapest of the three options, composite tiles are available in a wide selection of different colours and they’re very light.

The main benefits of installing a tiled conservatory replacement roof are:

  • condensation reduction – tiled conservatory roofs provide much greater protection against condensation thanks to the multiple layering which lies between the tiles and the new ceiling of your conservatory.
  • energy bill savings – a tiled conservatory roof is up to 10 times more energy efficient than a conservatory with a glass or polycarbonate roof, according to the latest industry tests.
  • noise insulation properties – many homeowners find it too noisy to sit in a conservatory with a glass or polycarbonate roof when it’s hailing or raining outside. This, and nearly every other outside noise, is no longer a problem with a tiled roof.
  • rooflights – less light will get into your conservatory with a tiled roof but one or more rooflight will mitigate the loss of light greatly. Even without rooflights, industry tests have shown that a conservatory with a tiled roof receives 95% of the light that a conservatory with a glass or polycarbonate roof receives.

Should my installer belong to certain trade bodies?

Whether you choose a polycarbonate, glass, tiled, or Supalite conservatory replacement roof, we strongly recommend that you only work with companies approved by one or both of the following:

Do I need planning permission from the council for my replacement conservatory roof?

Conservatory roof replacements are generally considered as permitted developments under the Building Regulations code. Unless your home has recently been listed or unless where you live has been declared either a Directive 4 area or a conservation area, you will probably not need planning permission for a polycarbonate, glass, tiled, or Supalite conservatory replacement roof.

However, it is always best to speak with the local authority’s Planning Department prior to committing to any work with any installer.

Getting the best quote for a new conservatory roof

Instead of getting a new conservatory, more and more homeowners are choosing to refresh their existing conservatory with a replacement roof. They’re stylish, practical, affordable, and they improve both temperature and noise control within your conservatory though modern, superior insulation.

You should never settle on just getting one quote though because you can save up to 40% on exactly the same conservatory by shopping around. Conservatory roof replacement installers will give you a great deal and even better customer service if they know they’re up against their local competitors for the work.

We can put you in touch with 3-4 experienced, FENSA- or CERTASS-registered installers and they can give you a quote on the work you want to do. Register your details in our form here for us to help you get multiple quotes easily.

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