Comparing Boiler Prices

With Compare Companies, you can compare boiler prices without getting hot under the collar. Our innovative comparison service makes finding a fantastic deal on a new boiler for your home straightforward. You can get quotes a wide variety of boilers from our network of trusted suppliers and installers.

Adding a new boiler to your home is a terrific way of making it more efficient. With our quoting system, you can get prices from leading manufacturers like Ideal, Worcester Bosch and many more on a brand-new boiler. These smart designs can transform your home and create massive savings as well.

Some of the main questions about boilers that we at Compare Companies hope to answer are:

  • Why should I get a new boiler?
  • Which boiler is right for me?
  • How do different boiler types compare with each other?
  • Which boiler costs the most?
  • How worthwhile is my investment?
  • Why should I compare boiler prices?

Compare Companies offers a genuinely unique home improvement service. Rather than going direct to an installer, you can use our quoting service to find the best deals across the market. You can also have peace of mind working with us, knowing that we only allow Gas Safe-approved installers and suppliers into our trusted network.

With us, you will receive free online quotes, and we’ll put you in touch with four trusted companies. Then, you’ll be able to find the best. That way, you’ll get an installer that’ll value your home as you do and ensure that you get a boiler that works for you.

Why should I get a new boiler?

Your current boiler may already be showing signs that it is declining. For example, you might feel like heating your home takes longer and longer, and it’s becoming more uncomfortable in cold weather. Additionally, the boiler might be leaking and losing its reliability over time.

By getting a new boiler, you can put a stop to all of these problems and add a whole host of other benefits to your home too. While you may think a boiler is a pricey investment, it can often be worth far more to install a new one than shell out for expensive repairs. A new boiler with our suppliers will give you total reliability.

Working with Compare Companies, you can have peace of mind when investing in a new boiler too. When you go directly to installers, they may have an incentive to install a particular brand or type of boiler. With us, you can get the whole picture of the market and make an informed decision yourself.

As well as that, you’ll also find a professional engineer who you know will install the exact type of boiler you want. That way, you’ll get just what you’re looking for at an affordable price. Not only that, but our trusted suppliers and installers meet regulations in every aspect of their fittings.

When you compare boiler prices with us, you can also compare their efficiency. A significant benefit of a new boiler is that you’ll transform the way your home uses energy. You won’t need to use as much to heat your home, meaning you could save hundreds of pounds on energy bills straight away, immediately rewarding your investment.

Which boiler is right for me?

When you start to compare boiler prices, the first thing you’ll notice is that there are three main types. These forms are prominent throughout the UK, with each offering particular benefits. The main difference between them is the way they use and store water, which means that each suits different styles and sizes of home.

Conventional boiler

A conventional boiler uses a storage tank to hold water. That way, you’ll be able to take water from storage and heat it up exactly when you need it. These boilers aren’t conventional when it comes to performance, though. They can either use condensed gas or oil to make them incredibly efficient.

Conventional boilers are ideal for homes with two bedrooms or more, as they have the power to heat multiple rooms effectively. That means you can store more water in the tank, and you can benefit from a more reliable boiler. That way, you can make irritating repairs a thing of the past.

These systems are often known as ‘heat-only’ boilers, but they offer much more than that. As well as reducing your energy bills, they can stop you using as much energy. That means you could make your home more environmentally friendly with a conventional boiler.

System boiler

A system boiler is similar to a conventional boiler, but it features more components to create a complete system. When you compare boiler prices, you may find that a system boiler costs a little more because of this. However, you’ll be able to get more components straight away.

System boilers are also well suited to more substantial homes, as they have a storage tank. However, because all of the elements are built-in, the tank doesn’t take up as much space. Not only that, but system boilers are quicker to install, meaning they’ll give you and your family little disruption.

You can fuel your boiler either with condensed natural gas, or LPG in areas where there is no mains gas supply. Because of this fuel system, a system boiler is smarter in the way it uses its energy, making your home warmer for less. And with reliable performance, you can enjoy it with total peace of mind.

Combination boiler

A combination, or combi, boiler is a smart and sleek addition. Unlike the other main boiler types, this design eliminates the need for a storage tank. Instead, the system heats water when you need it, meaning it is perfect for smaller homes and flats where space is at a premium.

When you compare boiler prices, one of the main factors to look at is the flow rate of the boiler. Combi boilers offer fantastic flow rate, meaning that the system can handle more water than others. When you get a quote from us, we’ll put you in contact with suppliers that offer boilers with market-leading rates for your home.

Combi boilers are also a more cost-effective option, even though they still have outstanding efficiency. These systems can even reach A-rated, meaning that they use 90% or more of your gas and redirect it to your heating. That way, you waste less fuel and less energy, putting money back in your pocket.

How do different boiler types compare with each other?

With Compare Companies, you can get the big picture when it comes to boiler prices across multiple types. Many factors can affect the cost of your boiler, however, and some are incredibly subtle. For example, the size, output and flow rate are all elements that are worth considering.

In conventional boilers, you can get a range of outputs, from 15 to 30 kilowatts in some cases. The output rate refers to how much heating power your system can produce. With a more substantial output, you can warm up your home more effectively and without needing to worry about overstressing the boiler.

Alternatively, a system boiler can also have a wide range of quotes. That’s because you also have to factor in the installation costs. Fortunately, system boilers have an easy installation, meaning these costs can be lower. That way, you’ll get all the components quicker so that they can reward your home instantly.

With a combi boiler, you can cut out the storage tank for a more compact design. Not only that but with less cost, you can save space and save money for the things that matter to your most. As always, the boiler you choose depends on the size of your home, and which installer you want too. With Compare Companies though, you can compare all the options.

Which boiler costs the most?

When you compare boiler prices, the first thing to do is to check the dimensions. With combination boilers, you can get compact designs that fit snugly into even the smallest homes. If you have a larger property and need more heating power, however, then you can upscale to a heat-only or system design.

Combination boiler prices can start from around £1500, including installation fees. Because the average cost of repairing an old boiler is more than £200, it’s an investment that could pay off more quickly than you think. Additionally, the amount of savings you’ll create for your home will help to make your money back.

You can expect to pay towards the £2000 mark for a system or heat-only boiler. That reflects both the larger size and more detailed component list, but also the fact that these boilers include storage tanks. However, you’ll get more power and more heat, meaning you can make any home feel more comfortable.

Other factors to consider in the costs are the flow rate and output. For a combi boiler with 34kW output, you can expect to pay about £1200 more. However, you’ll be able to benefit from much more power and more efficiency, meaning you can stay warm every day of the year with no worries.

The main thing to remember, however, is to compare boiler prices with a trusted group. Compare Companies is the ideal choice for comparing prices across a vast array of home improvements. Thanks to our extensive network, we can refer you to a trusted supplier immediately, and you’ll be able to get a quote that works within your budget.

How worthwhile is my investment?

With Compare Companies, you can turn an investment in a boiler from a smart one to a stunning one. Our quotation service can save you up to 30% on installing a new system for your home when compared to going direct. That way, you can be confident of installing a boiler for less, that also gives your home more energy-saving potential.

Working with us, you’ll only get quotes from some of the top boiler specialists in the UK. They are trusted installers and suppliers with accreditations from Gas Safe and others, and they’ll meet and exceed building regulations all across their service. You’ll also benefit from their commitment to quality in every aspect of their boilers.

The main benefit of installing a new boiler is its increased reliability. As technology continues to advance at an exponential rate, these systems are becoming bulletproof, and able to perform for much longer without losing their performance. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about extra repair costs with your new addition.

And, of course, you’ll be able to make money back from the first day of installation. With all boiler types, you can add an innovative boiler to your home that transforms the way it uses energy. That way, you can turn your space into a warm, green and ideal space for you and your family to enjoy.

Why should I compare boiler prices?

In summary, you can save a considerable amount of money, and find a boiler that suits you and your home, when you compare boiler prices. At Compare Companies, we make it straightforward to find a trusted supplier and installer at an affordable price.

You’ll be able to make a more informed investment when you see the whole picture. We believe that you should be in total control of every aspect of your investment. That’s why we refer you to only the best suppliers who offer terrific build quality and will factor in crucial installation elements such as moving pipes into the cost.

Compare boiler prices with Compare Companies

Compare boiler prices with ease when you use Compare Companies’ innovative quote system.

To start the journey to installing a new boiler that offers outstanding performance at an affordable price, then use our online form.

Additionally, you can call us on 0800 084 5076 to ask us anything about our process and talk to a friendly member of our team. At Compare Companies, we work with you to ensure you and your family make an investment that rewards you every single day.

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