Compare Patio Door Costs

Compare Patio Door Costs

Could you install patio doors for a lower cost? If you compare prices from a range of companies, then you might be able to. Investing in patio doors is a superb option for any home. You can fit these versatile designs around your home or even a conservatory or extension to open it up. These designs use an in-line slider, meaning you can push them away to reveal a completely open space to access a room or your garden through.

Patio doors, or sliding doors, also use full panels of double glazing. That means you’ll get a far better view through them, regardless of whether you open or close these doors. However, their design won’t expose your home. That’s because doors like these use advanced materials, including glazing and stunning frames, to make them perfect for modern homes. These doors will be efficient, secure and air and watertight, offering your home stunning performance.

You’ll also be able to compare different features for patio doors to get them at a cost that suits your budget. You can choose how many panels you’d like in the design, as well as the type of glazing and frames you’d like. Also, you can customise almost every aspect of these doors. If you want a futuristic design, you can choose a bold RAL colour, while you could also select authentic woodgrain finishes for a traditional look.

No matter your decisions, though, you can benefit from patio doors for decades. Unlike older entries, the patio style is an exceptionally durable option for your home. You’ll have hardware that won’t rust in adverse weather and a door that won’t lose its shape. That means you’ll get a smooth operation time and time again, making them a long-lasting investment.

Are Patio Doors Worth the Cost?

Patio doors are certainly worth the cost of installing them. When you add a remarkable entrance like this one to your home, you’ll feel the benefits right away. Firstly, patio doors offer more natural light than almost any other door option. With floor-to-ceiling glass panels and a slimline frame, there’ll be nothing in between your home and the sun. In the summer months, the light will flood your living space, and you can open the doors seamlessly to make your garden more accessible.

Because of this, you can also make your home more naturally warm. Many homeowners rely on their central heating, however, to keep their living space comfortable. Instead of doing this, your patio doors will allow you to make your living space a far warmer space to spend your time. Not only do they have fantastic insulation, thanks to their advanced glazing and frames, but their wide aperture means you can ventilate your home with ease.

As a result, you can save money on your energy bills with these doors. That way, you can start paying the cost of your investment back immediately. Also, you’ll be able to save money year after year, thanks to the durability of modern patio doors. These doors use robust hardware which your frames will protect from poor weather. Due to this, your doors won’t rust or lose their shape, meaning you can slide them smoothly time after time, and for an astonishing amount of time too.

Why Compare the Cost of Patio Doors?

If you compare the cost of patio doors, you may find you can save money on that initial cost. Patio doors aren’t a ‘one size fits all’ design. You can modify them endlessly, meaning no two doors are ever the same. Because of this, the cost of installing them can vary wildly depending on the features you choose. Not only that, but you may find that different companies will charge different prices for the very same design.

As a result, it can be a nightmare finding the right price. But, if you compare the cost of several designs and installers, you can get a broader picture of the market. That way, you’ll be able to make a sensible investment in sliding patio doors, and one that won’t leave you with an underperforming door. However, it can be challenging to find the right supplier, especially one you can trust with improving your home.

That’s where Compare Companies can help you save on your patio doors cost. We can do most of this work for you, rather than you taking up your precious time scouring the market for a suitable supplier. We’ve spent years building an extensive network of companies across the nation who can fit patio doors and give you stunning designs. That way, you’ll be sure of making an excellent investment, working with specialists who’ll treat your home like their own.

With us, you can make a more informed decision on investing in patio doors. You’ll also be able to work with suppliers who let you fully customise your new design. There will be plenty of options to choose to make your doors as unique as your home already is. That way, you can keep the cost down, and bring the performance of your new doors up too.

The Cost of Glazing for Patio Doors

So, how can you compare patio doors to get a lower cost? The best way is to examine the choices you’ll have for the design. Firstly, you’ll get plenty of options when it comes to the glass in your new doors. Most older models only use single-glazed glass, which you may currently have in your home. However, this glass doesn’t offer a lot of insulation, meaning that you can lose a lot of heat through the doors, making your living space colder.

However, you’ll get double glazing as standard with your new patio doors. With two panes of glass, you can create a thermal barrier for your home. Double glazing traps your home’s natural heat in the space between the panels, meaning that you can stop heat escaping and the cold coming in. That means you’ll make your living space much warmer, and you’ll get greater control of your home’s climate as a result.

But you could also install triple glazing. Triple glazing, naturally, has another pane of glass. It offers even better insulation and security, and you could save as much as 50% more energy. Triple glazing does block out more natural light though, and the heavier design could put a strain on the functionality of your door. You’ll have to pay between 30 and 40% more for triple glazing, but it will pay that premium back in the amount you could save on your bills.

The Cost of Frames for Patio Doors

The frames of your patio doors can also be significant. With a weak structure, you can lose a lot of heat from around the door. Older entrances use wooden frames, which aren’t weather resistant. As a result, they can crack and twist, creating gaps for cold air and even dampness to get into your home. By investing in new patio doors, you can make heat loss a thing of the past though. You’ll be able to choose from several weatherproof materials.

The most affordable option is uPVC. uPVC is a lightweight and flexible material that doesn’t lose its strength. Because of this, you can improve your door’s security, and the uPVC coating will insulate any gaps in the design too. When you compare uPVC patio doors against the cost of aluminium ones, you’ll find they’re around 15% cheaper. That means you can cut the price of your investment, while still fitting them with a durable, modern frame.

Aluminium does cost more to add to your doors, but the material is more robust. That means its an outstanding option for keeping your home safe, as the frame will also stop intruders tampering with any of the internal hardware. Patio doors are also one of the most secure entrances money can buy. Because they use an in-line slider, the doors are anti-crowbar, meaning a burglar won’t be able to get under them, keeping you safe.

The Cost of Panels for Patio Doors

When you compare the prices of most doors, the cost can rise depending on how many glass panels you have. However, patio doors work oppositely. In these doors, you’ll want fewer interruptions in the design. As a result, dual panelled models are more affordable than single panel designs. In dual-panelled patio doors, you’ll have two panes of glass connected by a frame, while single-panelled designs take this away for an unobstructed view.

With fewer panels, you’ll be able to add more natural light into your living space. That, in turn, allows you to open up your home from almost any angle. Also, patio doors work as a superb partition. As they use a sliding opening, there won’t be any swing arcs getting in the way. Because of this, you could put them in between a larger space, separating it into two when you need to but without blocking one room from the light.

The difference between these models can be significant. If you want a single-panelled sliding patio door, then you can expect to pay at least £400 more than a dual option. However, for the increased natural light and a sleeker design, it could be a price worth paying. The best way to ensure your new doors suit your budget, though, is to compare the cost of patio doors with Compare Companies.

Long-Lasting Patio Doors

No matter how you style your new patio doors, you can be sure your choices will last. When you invest in modern designs like these, you’ll be investing in your home’s future. Even with a uPVC frame, which is the least durable option available, your doors will be able to last for 30 years or more, and they’ll still perform at their peak. However, if you choose an aluminium frame, these doors could perform for closer to half a century.

Because of this, you’ll be able to save money every day for decades, and you’ll be able to pay your investment back and then some. Also, you won’t have to clean the doors regularly to maintain them either. Your patio doors will be scratch-resistant, they’ll clear water, and you could even choose self-cleaning glass that breaks down dirt for you. That way, you’ll save time day-by-day with these doors, and you’ll gain time for you to save money.

How Can I Compare the Cost of Patio Doors?

The cost of patio doors can start at around £975. However, if you compare patio doors from a range of suppliers, you could find that the cost may come down. One way to save money on your investment is to search for a local supplier in your area. That way, you won’t have to pay them as much in travel costs, and they can complete the job quicker as well. You’ll disrupt your life less, and also pay less for a stunning new door.

With Compare Companies, you can find the supplier you need in no time at all. Rather than leave you to search for one yourself, we can put you in contact with several of them. Once we refer you to them, you can speak to each one in turn and compare their offers. Because of this, you can get the big picture on patio doors, and invest for less, making sure you get a fantastic deal. Many specialists from our network have approval from Which? and CERTASS too, ensuring a superb sliding door and fitting service.

Patio Doors Cost

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