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When you compare bay window prices, you can make your investment go further. For a grand design like these, the savings you make can make an enormous impact. Bay windows are a premium design for your home, and it’s easy to see why. Bay windows started as an indication of wealth in 19th Century Victorian homes. Nowadays, however, they can transform modern homes with their traditional appeal, stunning light and unique design.

Bay windows are angled designs that extend a wall of your home outward. As a result, you can create more space inside your living area and light it up from several angles. Bay windows use multiple panels of glazing, connecting them with durable frames at angles ranging from 33 to 90 degrees. These angles give the bay windows their distinctive look and allow them to extend outward, giving your home a front-row seat to nature.

Bay windows have a timeless visual appeal. With panels of glass on all three sides of the windows, they can expose your home to natural light and warmth, with sunlight shining off modern frames. Today’s bay window builds are a beautiful blend of the old and new, using a combination of classic looks and advanced performance to lift any home. These designs can even help you to cut your heating costs, as they are incredibly efficient.

Because of this, you can stand to benefit enormously by investing in bay windows. And, when you compare bay window prices, you can get an even better deal on these fantastic designs. You’ll be able to customise your bay windows to suit your budget, with a wide array of widths, frames and glazing options available. That way, you’ll get the right windows to transform your living space.

The Benefits of Bay Windows

A house with bay windows tends to stand out on the street. Their designs are impossible to ignore, adding genuine space to your home with a unique and timeless look. Bay windows have superb curb appeal, giving a new lease of life to your current home if you feel it needs refreshing or revamping. Also, you’ll be able to choose from a vast range of decorative finishes for the design too, so you’ll be able to add a splash of colour to reflect your home’s unique style.

With bay windows, you can also do something to your home no other window can enable. You’ll genuinely improve your home’s space. Many different designs can enhance the feeling of space in your living area, but bay windows have an extended layout that creates a small cove in your home. Also, thanks to their angled design, you could fit more storage into bay windows than in similar bow windows, which have a curved shape.

Finally, bay windows have a versatile design that can suit all needs. You can fit them in a variety of rooms, including living rooms and kitchens, to create an open communal space full of light and warmth. However, these models are also ideal for bedrooms, with a quaint look that feels cute and cosy. However, behind the stylish exterior of bay windows lies leading hardware. As a result, you’ll get outstanding insulation and security, offering your home total performance.

What’s the Difference Between a Bay Window and Bow Window?

A lot of companies will discuss ‘bow and bay windows’. But what’s a bow window, and why do so many people talk about them in the same breath? Bow windows follow a similar design philosophy to bay windows but have some crucial differences. While a bay window uses an angled design, benefitting more from robust frames, bow windows have a curved one. That means they rely more on glazing, which doesn’t offer as much insulation.

As a result, bay windows have a more striking design. That means they’re the ideal option if you want to make a statement with your home’s style. You can choose from authentic woodgrain finishes for a period look or a bold RAL colour that won’t fade over time. Both bow and bay windows are fully weatherproof, but bay windows could soak up more water due to the increased use of frames. That means bay windows can prevent draughts and damp spots developing inside your home.

If you compare bay window prices to bow windows, then you won’t find many differences. That means the choice you’ll make is mainly a stylistic one. If you want a softer look, then bow windows can offer similar performance. However, bay windows have a striking style that gives your living space a stunning focal point. Also, they offer more natural light, and more panoramic views, than any other window style.

Compare Bay Window Prices to Other Window

When you compare bay window prices to other window styles, though, you’ll see that bay designs are more costly. To add a bay window to your home, you can expect to pay at least £1050. Compared to some other styles, that is a substantial increase in price. For example, standard casement windows with a uPVC frame can cost as little as £150, while even sophisticated windows like the sliding sash build cost around £600.

However, bay windows offer your home benefits that other windows can’t come close to providing. Bay windows have a panoramic shape and an ultra-wide aperture. That means, when you open the windows, you can ventilate your home to make it feel at one with the outside world. Not only that, but you’ll still get superb insulation from the moment you close them. That means they’ll give you unrivalled views and climate control.

Also, unlike most traditional windows, you can install bay windows without having to deal with any drawbacks. If you want a period window, you often have to choose a wooden frame which needs regular repainting. You may have to do this as often as once a month, and it can take hours to do. Rather than spend your precious free time sanding down wood, you can instead invest in a bay window that uses uPVC or aluminium. These materials can perform for decades with little to no maintenance at all.

What Factors Affect Bay Window Prices?

It can be challenging to compare bay window prices. That’s because no two designs are ever the same. You can alter almost any element of your new window, including the glazing, frames and even how many panels of glass you’d like in the design. That way, you can control the cost of your investment more closely. Each one can affect the overall price dramatically, though, so factors like these are useful for getting the best possible deal on bay windows.

Bay Window Glazing

Choosing the right glass can make your investment better fast. While traditional bay windows would use single-glazed glass, new designs don’t leave you with their lack of insulation. Instead, you’ll be able to choose between double and triple glazing. Double glazing is the standard for homes across the UK, saving energy and creating a thermal barrier for your home. Triple glazing is even more efficient though, and it could cut your energy losses through the window by as much as 50%.

Not only can you choose between those options, but you can customise your glazing in other ways too. You can select self-cleaning glass, for instance, that can break down dirt for you, meaning you won’t have to wipe the windows down as often. Also, for a striking traditional look, you could select stained glass with a bespoke pattern. With unique tints and obscuring foils available too, you can get the glazing that’s right for you.

Bay Window Frames

Bay windows initially used wood in their designs. However, timber has become outdated in recent years. That’s because the material isn’t weather-resistant, and water can get into cracks in the wood and expand them. That means that there are more gaps for cold air to rush into your home through, making your living space much colder. With modern bay windows, though, you can choose from durable frames that are much better at dealing with the British weather.

You’ll be able to select from three unique materials. uPVC is the most affordable, offering superb durability and performance that can last for up to 30 years. However, for 15% more, you can choose a stunning aluminium coating for your window that not only lasts longer but is much stronger. Finally, if you want a bay window that appears traditional, then a composite frame is perfect. The material uses a timber core but protects it with uPVC and GRP for a stunning, weatherproof structure.

Bay Window Panels

If you decide to compare bay window prices, its crucial to pay close attention to the panels. In contrast with most windows, bay designs are multi-panelled. That means that they combine more than one sheet of glazing together to create an angled design. However, the wider your windows are, the more they will cost. Your choice in panels can affect the price of bay windows by as much as £800, meaning they have an enormous impact on the overall cost.

With a three-panel design, you won’t have as full of a window. However, these fittings are ideal for smaller spaces, opening them up with natural light without changing the character of your living space. If you have a detached home or a substantial living area, though, then four or five-panelled options are outstanding. You’ll get more glazing and more of your frames, meaning you’ll provide your home with more sunlight, security and savings.

Bay windows can range from three to five-panelled. Three-panel options cost around £1050 at their cheapest, while five-panelled models cost closer to £1850. That means it’s essential to invest in the windows that suit your living space and your budget. The more panels you add, the more natural light and warmth you can let into your home, meaning you could save more on your energy and electricity costs. That means, no matter your choice, you’ll be making a worthwhile investment.

Why Should I Compare Bay Window Prices?

As we’ve seen, bay windows can be a more costly window to invest in than other designs. However, that means you’ll have more opportunity to save money. You can add windows like these in a broad range of designs and with different features to cut the overall cost. For example, you can choose double glazed glass over a triple glazed design, a more affordable uPVC frame, or a design that incorporates three panels instead of four or five.

Also, your window design isn’t the only method you’ll have of saving money. Hiring the right installers to fit your new window is crucial. If you select a prestigious, national installer, then you’ll guarantee a quality fitting. However, you’ll have to pay a ton in travel costs to get them to your home, and the whole process will take longer and be more disruptive. Finding a local installer can also be difficult, as it’s hard to know who to trust.

That’s why you should compare bay window prices with Compare Companies. We’ve built a trusted network of local suppliers across the land, meaning we can put you in contact with one that’ll do the job for less. You can benefit from a quicker installation, a friendlier service, and the build quality that your home deserves. Many of these specialists also have approval from bodies like Checkatrade and Which?, meaning you can trust their quality.

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