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10 Tips To Get A Cheap Conservatory

A cheap conservatory can make a huge difference to your home – without making too big a dent in your finances. We know that any conservatory is a big investment, but there are ways to lower the cost without sacrificing on quality so you can still get the extension you and your family want. Cheap conservatories add value to your home without the worry and stress of more expensive options.

Despite being one of the most expensive home improvements on the market, the popularity of conservatories remains popular among British homeowners. Getting a cheap conservatory doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you consider what it brings to your home.

How Can You Get Cheap Conservatory Prices?

To reduce the cost of a conservatory, you need to consider a wide range of factors, such as the size of your conservatory, the type of conservatory roof, the materials used, colours, the glass, and much more.

One big consideration for homeowners wanting a cheap conservatory is the build time. Installing a conservatory always causes disruption, so getting it done quickly is the ideal scenario, but this can affect the cost. Make sure you get clear timescales for your project and consider what might affect it before agreeing to anything.

Your installer should go through all of these options with you. You might need to compromise on some areas to reduce the cost of your conservatory, but a breakdown will help you budget for all the work needed. Make sure every detail is covered so you don’t run into unexpected costs later on that could make your cheap conservatory much more expensive.

Picking an installer is a big decision, and you want the work to be done right to avoid paying more for the work to be fixed down the line. There are a number of different bodies and schemes that an installer can belong to, which gives you confidence that their work will be up to the standard you expect. These include:

How Much Can You Expect To Pay For Cheap Conservatories?

With different styles of conservatory available, the price can vary depending on what you choose. This means there are options for cheap conservatories to suit a range of budgets, no matter the design or size you want.

A lean to conservatory, for example, is a good option for cheap conservatories, with quotes starting from £5,000.

Compare this to an Edwardian conservatory, which can easily cost up to £17,000 – although there are cheap conservatory options for this style of extension. It just shows how much flexibility and choice you have.

10 Cheap Conservatory Ideas To Save Your Bank Balance

All good conservatory manufacturers and installers want to offer help create a low cost conservatory that fits within everyone’s budget. To help you get the best value, we asked our partner installers for their best cheap conservatory ideas and tips to help the project fit into more people’s price range.

1. Have A Brick Dwarf Wall

A brick dwarf wall is the wall (normally two or three feet high) that rises from the foundations and where the glazing panels are placed on top of. Homeowners like dwarf walls because of their appearance, and the feeling of continuity that the bricks give the conservatory as part of your overall home.

You don’t have to have a dwarf wall with your conservatory. You can choose to have full glass sides to your extension or you can choose more ornate walls. In most cases, though, a brick dwarf wall can help in your search for a cheap conservatory.

2. Choose White uPVC

There are plenty of materials you can choose for your cheap conservatory, but uPVC is a great choice for anyone looking to keep the cost as low as possible. uPVC conservatories come in a range of colours, but white is the most affordable, making it the go-to choice for budget conservatories. You can avoid the premium that comes with different colours and materials, and still end up with a smart and attractive conservatory.

3. Reduce The Number Of Opening Windows

The number of windows you can open will make a huge difference to any cheap conservatory prices. Most homeowners choose to have two frames which open to the side and one to the front. This allows for plenty of fresh air to flow without breaking the bank.

4. Split The Work

There are two parts to a conservatory installation: foundations and installation.

The first part is the base work needed to create the foundation together with alterations to the outside of your house. If the layout of the pipes and cables under the ground in your back garden requires some or all of the connections to be moved, this will add to the cost of your installation. Depending on what’s actually under your lawn and your patio, planning permission may be needed.

Sometimes it works out cheaper to use a builder for the first part of your conservatory project and then use your conservatory installer for the second part, the installation. This can save you money, although it will require organisation and management to make sure that the right people are there doing the right job at the right time.

5. Choose A Simple Style Of Conservatory

The difference in price between a lean to conservatory and an Edwardian conservatory is considerable. Generally, the more ornate the style, the more expensive the extension.

Conservatories were originally meant to be occasional rooms, rather than additional rooms to your home. The amount of work needed to make a conservatory an integral part of your home, as a kitchen for example, will significantly add to the cost, but there is a long term benefit for growing families.

The simpler the style, the cheaper your conservatory.

6. Decide The Size Of Your Conservatory

A cheap conservatory tends to be smaller in size, so this is something to consider when planning your budget.  Larger conservatories are more expensive as they require more maintenance, take longer to build, and are more difficult to maintain temperature and moisture levels. For larger conservatories, you might want to ask your installer about low-E glass and insulation. To achieve a low cost conservatory, try talking to your installer about different size options for your home.

7. Consider What Material Your Conservatory Is Made From

While uPVC is the best material for a low cost conservatory, there are other options you can consider. Aluminium and wood are generally more expensive, but they can vary in price depending on type, size, and effect. This means you have plenty of cheap conservatory options to choose from when deciding on your building materials.

8. Be Careful With The Type Of Glass You Choose

Polycarbonate is cheaper than glass. It’s also a lot lighter, meaning that it’s quicker and easier to fit for your installer. However, it is less durable than glass and it requires a lot more looking after post-installation. This is an example where an initially cheap conservatory could cost you more in the long run. It might be a compromise you’re willing to make, though.

9. Forego Underfloor Heating

Many conservatory installers offer underfloor heating to add warmth or cosiness to your home extension. Because of the way conservatories are constructed, they are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. As such, underfloor heating is an enjoyable luxury, but not a necessity.

A much cheaper option to underfloor heating is to insulate your conservatory, and ask for glass which lets the light through but also keeps heat inside.

10. Make Installers Compete For Your Business

There’s always healthy competition between conservatory installers, and there’s nothing they like more than beating their local and national rivals. It may sound strange but every company in your local area wants to be the best installer and they don’t like to see any of their competitors fitting your conservatory when it should be them.

When you have an installer quoting you for the business and discussing conservatory ideas on a budget, let them know that you’re getting 3-4 quotes from other suppliers before you make your decision. Competition means that you can get a cheap conservatory without sacrificing quality. You’ll be able to enjoy the extension while saving as much money as possible.

Find Out More About Cheap Conservatory Options

We have vetted, checked, and worked with hundreds of quality and accredited conservatory installers across the UK, so you can be sure of getting a cheap conservatory through our online quotes. Fill in the form through the button below or get in touch with our team and talk to your local installers about cheap conservatory ideas to transform your home.

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