Casement Window Replacement

Casement Window Replacement

With a casement window replacement, you can add a stylish and affordable new window that enhances your living space. Casement windows are one of the UK’s most popular replacements, and they can suit all types of home. They use a straightforward design that puts space and light first. As a result, you can make your home warmer, brighter and more aesthetically pleasing.

By adding a uPVC casement window to your home, you’ll be making a brilliant investment for you and your family. These designs are at the height of home improvements and use materials that help to save energy, and therefore money, in your living space. Also, casement windows are the most cost-effective style on the market, meaning they’re an affordable option for your home.

At Compare Companies, we hope to answer questions like these on getting a casement window replacement:

  • Why should I get a casement window replacement?
  • Can a casement window replacement save energy?
  • Can a casement window replacement improve security?
  • What glazing can I fit in my casement window replacement?
  • What frames can I fit in my casement window replacement?
  • What other features can I customise in a casement window?
  • Is a casement window replacement right for me?
  • How much does a casement window replacement cost?

When you work with Compare Companies, you can reduce the risk and save the stress of replacing your window all on your own. Instead of finding a supplier, which takes time and can cost a lot more, you can get in touch with our trusted network of local companies. These specialists will help you realise your vision and offer you new windows with market-leading build quality.

By using our services, you can compare prices from several suppliers to get the best deal possible. That way, you can save money on your initial investment, and you’ll get a new window that pays your investment back from day one. Our suppliers will even install your window for free as part of your quote with a service that has approval from bodies like Checkatrade, ensuring a stress-free fitting.

Why should I get a casement window replacement?

Your windows are crucial parts of your home for maintaining warmth. Older windows can often lose heat because they use less efficient materials. For example, you might have a window that uses single-glazed glass or a timber frame, both of which can be prone to poor performance over time. As a result, your home becomes colder, especially in the winter months.

Also, you may have a window in a style that you don’t feel suits your home. For example, you could have a traditional sliding sash window, which over time begins to slide less smoothly, creaking and cracking. Because of this, bolder window designs can become increasingly expensive to maintain, costing you money and losing energy too.

With a casement window replacement, you’ll get an efficient window with durable materials, and a straightforward design that is smoother for longer. You’ll get a choice of glazing and frames, both of which can help to trap heat inside your home. Also, you’ll get a window style that lights up your home and opens seamlessly to ventilate it with fresh air and warmth.

Also, new windows can give you benefits older designs cannot. For example, advanced casement windows are completely weatherproof. Because of this, wind and rain won’t affect them or cause the windows to become misshapen. Not only that, but draughts and damp spots will have far less chance of developing inside your home, improving your comfort.

Can a casement window replacement save energy?

Perhaps the best benefit you’ll feel when you get a casement window replacement is the savings you’ll enjoy. With these new designs, you’ll get glazing and frames that work together to preserve your home’s warmth. That way, you’ll be able to channel your home’s energy much more effectively, meaning your home will have more natural warmth.

As a result, you can make rushing to turn on your central heating in the cold a distant memory. You’ll have far more control of the temperature in your home throughout the year, without needing to waste energy on doing it. That way, you’ll be able to save money straight away, with a casement window replacement can save you between around £75 and 115 a year on energy bills! Find the best double glazing prices to make an excellent investment for your home.

Not only will you be able to cut down your household costs, but you’ll be reducing your energy usage and waste too. Because of this, you can make your home more environmentally friendly, as you’ll reduce your carbon footprint. With our climate becoming more fragile, you’ll be making a vital contribution inside your home to making our planet better.

Can a casement window replacement improve security?

When you invest in your home, you want to make sure that your investment helps you stay safe. Your old windows can lose their structural integrity over time, making them easier for intruders to get through. To give you and your family total peace of mind, however, a casement window replacement from one of our suppliers has market-leading security features.

Not only will you benefit from robust glass and a durable frame, but you’ll also get internal hardware that keeps intruders out. For example, you can fit toughened glass as an option, and you’ll get reinforced handles and locks as standard. Additionally, your frame will help to protect these features from rust and wear, ensuring your home’s security.

Also, by using Compare Companies’ services, you can make sure you work with a trusted local supplier to install your windows. They’ll make sure your new additions are made-to-measure and fitted precisely, ensuring there will be no design flaws for intruders to exploit. Also, they test all their components regularly to ensure that your windows won’t fail you.

What glazing can I fit in my casement window replacement?

An important choice you’ll make for your casement window replacement is the glazing you’d like to have. You can choose from a range of glazing options, with each one helping you to save energy, improve security and fill your home with natural light and warmth. The prices can vary depending on what you choose, but you can compare their costs to make sure you pick the right one for you.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is becoming the benchmark for windows across the UK. With two panes of advanced glass, you get brilliant insulation and security, while still getting plenty of natural light. In a casement window, double glazing gives you a bright and airy design that makes your living space feel more welcoming and far warmer.

Triple Glazing

Alternatively, you can add even more energy-saving benefits to your home with triple glazing. As the name suggests, you’ll add three panes of glass to your window, meaning you could save up to 50% more on your energy bills. While it does cost more than double glazing, it gives you more control of your home’s temperature and your privacy, with obscured glass as an option.

Solar Glazing

While both double and triple glazing can save energy inside your home, solar glazing allows you to create it yourself. In these innovative designs, your glazing will have a coating of transparent materials that enable you to turn sunlight into electricity. While solar glazing is more costly, you’ll save even more on bills, and you could benefit from government grants for installing it.

What frames can I fit in my casement window replacement?

Your window frames play a massive role in making your casement window replacement perform for your home. While they help to save energy, they’re arguably more crucial for making sure your window is robust, durable and can last your home for a lifetime. With a choice of materials and even colours, you can add a frame that doesn’t fade with a stunning finish that stays vibrant.


For a traditional and timeless look for your new windows, look no further than timber. These wooden frames are classy and sturdy, offering you brilliant insulation and firm security. However, wood isn’t weatherproof and is prone to losing its shape over time. Also, it costs much more than other materials and often requires a lot of maintenance. You may want to consider the style compared to these drawbacks to see if timber replacement window frames are the right choice for you.


uPVC is a flexible material that you can add to your casement window replacement. It’s lightweight and slim so that it won’t block out any natural light coming through your new window. Additionally, the material is impressively durable and can last for up to 30 years with little-to-no maintenance. uPVC is also the most cost-effective finish in the range too.


Finally, you can also give your new windows a metallic sheen. Aluminium casement windows are stunning, with a combination of stylish looks and superb strength. These frames are the most robust available on the market, giving you total security and the freedom to enjoy your newly enhanced living space. While it costs more than uPVC, the benefits make it worth the price.

What other features can I customise in a casement window?

When you work with Compare Companies, you can take total control of how your new windows look. You can customise almost every aspect of your new design. These include the dimensions of your window to even the tiniest details, like colours and accessories. That way, you can get a bespoke window that’s as unique as you are.

Because of this, you can make sure your new window complements your home’s stylings. If you have a traditional home, you could add Georgian or Astragal bars, for example, which add period quality and class. Also, you can choose how your casement window opens, to ensure that it can fit your space without getting in the way.

Is a casement window replacement right for me?

A casement window replacement can suit any type of property with their classic look. However, you may think that a bolder style of window may suit your home better. With Compare Companies, you can choose from a vast array of bold window designs, including the sash, tilt and turn and bi-fold windows. However, these can often be more costly than the casement style.

With casement windows, you’ll also get a less complicated installation, which will save you time as well as money. More unique styles, such as the tilt and turn window, can also be more challenging to maintain. That’s because they have bespoke opening mechanisms which can lose their smoothness more quickly, meaning you could end up spending more money on repairs.

Also, a casement window offers you similar savings to other styles for a smaller initial cost. You’ll still be adding a panel of advanced glazing and a reliable frame, while the sleek style lends itself to several types of property. As a result, they’re the flexible choice, and you’ll be getting a window that performs brilliantly for a more affordable price.

How much does a casement window replacement cost?

A casement window replacement can cost between £150-450 to install in your home. However, the price can go up depending on how many windows you’d like to fit, as well as the glazing and frames you’d like to fit into them. For example, adding uPVC casement windows with double glazing in a smaller home can cost you around £2,100.

The price can also vary if you want to install triple glazing into your window. Triple glazing can cost anywhere from 20-40% more than the same amount of double glazing. However, it can lead to considerably better savings on your household bills. Also, you can choose from toughened or obscured glass for your windows, which are available at a small premium too.

The best way to control the cost of your casement window replacement, however, is to work with Compare Companies. We can put you in touch with reliable trades from our network around the country, so you can compare prices for a range of different aspects and get multiple free quotes for differing designs. That way, you can choose the features you want to suit both your home and your budget.

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