Bow and Bay Window Prices

You can find lower bow and bay window prices when you work with Compare Companies to find them. We’ll help you find the best price for your new windows. Bow and bay windows are a dramatic addition to any home that can be a new focal point for your space. Unlike many other designs, they extend a wall of your home outward to fit their impressive, angled shape. That way, you get light everywhere you look.

Bow and bay windows are very similar designs, but they are slightly different. Whereas bow windows use a softer curve to give the impression of continuous glazing, bay windows have tight angles that use more frames. Each one, however, gives you incredible coverage and slim sightlines, meaning you’ll get outstanding views of the outside world.

Some of the questions we hope to give you information and advice on about bow and bay windows include:

Why Should I Get Bow and Bay Windows?

How are Bow and Bay Windows Different?

What Glazing Can I Fit for My Bow and Bay Windows?

What Frames Can I Fit for My Bow and Bay Windows?

How Can I Customise Bow and Bay Windows?

Are Bow and Bay Windows Right for Me?

How Much are Bow and Bay Window Prices?

With Compare Companies, you can answer all these questions by investing in stunning bow and bay windows. We think that there’s a better way of getting new windows for your home. Rather than looking for a supplier yourself, which can take time, you can use our service to get instant online quotes. We will refer you to trusted installers in your local area.

Why Should I Get Bow and Bay Windows?

In your current home, you may feel like you lack space and light. That could be because your windows are older designs that don’t prioritise these benefits. For example, you could have a window that uses wider timber frames. Although they provide a sturdy structure for your home, a more expansive window like a bow or bay, will open you home to more light and space.

Timber windows can have weatherproofing limitations. The wind can get into any cracks in the wood and expand them, particularly in cold weather. This process augments the gaps in the frame and creates more space for air to travel through. As a result, your home’s natural warm air can escape through these gaps, and the cold weather outside can replace it.

Bow and bay windows may be a traditional style, but their design uses modern materials. These advanced windows use innovative double glazing and more robust frames that give your home complete weather protection. Because of this, they won’t wear away as quickly, and they’ll give your home long-lasting performance.

And the performance these windows can provide for your home is superb. They’ll give your home more space, as they extend a wall of your home outwardly, and offer more light than any other window style through their panoramic look. Their advanced materials also reduce the gaps your home’s warmth can escape through, making you more comfortable and even helping to save money.

How are Bow and Bay Windows Different?

Bow and bay window prices are broadly similar, but their designs are a little different. Therefore, it’s crucial to decide which is right for your home and to understand how these differences affect the window. Fortunately, as the prices are similar, you can have the freedom to choose the right style for your home.

Bow windows have a much softer curve and use more glazing in their design. They’re perfect for any traditional homes, or for adding a period feature to a more modern space. You’ll get a window that extends outward with a stunning view, and brilliant light from any angle. With the suppliers in the Compare Companies network, you’ll get a choice of advanced glazing to make the window even better too.

Meanwhile, bay windows use tighter angles and clean sightlines to create a superb style for your home. They take more advantage of the frames, which means you could get a more robust window with this design. As a result, you’ll be able to secure your home effectively, with bow or bay windows. You’ll get a choice of frames when you use Compare Companies’ services as well, putting you in total control of the design.

Both bow and bay windows can make your living space more open and more welcoming, giving the impression of endless space. They’ll help to free up your home, allowing you and your family to enjoy the increased warmth with more freedom.

What Glazing Can I Fit for My Bow and Bay Windows?

Glazing makes a significant impact on how your bow and bay windows perform for your home. Each choice, however, has air and water-tight design that insulates your living space and keeps you warm. That way, your glazing can help to trap heat more effectively, and you can save money on energy bills. Your bow and bay uPVC window prices can vary, however, depending on your choice of glass.

Double Glazing

Your current windows may only use single-glazing glass, which doesn’t offer much protection from the cold. Double glazing has become increasingly popular for its more durable design. You’ll get two panes of advanced glass that trap heat in between, giving your home a thermal barrier. As a result, they can help you save a considerable amount of money on your central heating, so you can find the best double glazed window cost.

Triple Glazing

Alternatively, you could choose triple glazing for your bow and bay windows. Triple glazing uses three panes of glass, offering your home better insulation and even firmer security. Because of this, you’ll be able to save even more money on your bills and have peace of mind. Although you’ll get less natural light, their performance more than makes up for it.

Bespoke Glazing

When you work with Compare Companies, you’ll be able to get in touch with a trusted network of local suppliers. Because of this, you’ll be able to get unique glazing that suits your needs. Our suppliers can install glazing that curves on its own, perfect for bow windows. While the service costs more, it sets your home apart from the rest.

What Frames Can I Fit for My Bow and Bay Windows?

As well as glazing, you can choose the material of the frames in your bow and bay windows. These structures play a crucial role in the window’s design, helping to ensure your new addition will last for years to come. While they have slightly different price points, each option can make a genuine difference to your home.


uPVC is a durable material that uses a polymer base. As a result, you’ll get stunning flexibility and brilliant protection for your home. uPVC coats your bow and bay windows with a slim solution, that helps preserve your home’s heat without getting in the way. Additionally, it is weather-resistant, and wind and rain won’t be able to warp or twist the frame.


Aluminium frames, on the other hand, offer exceptional strength. These frames are robust enough to make your home almost impenetrable, meaning intruders won’t be able to get near your home. In bow and bay windows, aluminium helps to secure the glazing with multi-point locking systems, and it keeps internal hardware safe from rust and away from sight.


Your current windows may have timber frames, and their traditional design is an attractive option. But you can add the style of timber to your bow and bay windows with none of the drawbacks. Composite frames use a blend of materials, including wood and uPVC, to give you a timber window that is weatherproof and energy efficient, creating a timeless design.

How Can I Customise Bow and Bay Windows?

You can also customise your bow and bay windows in several other ways to give them a personal touch. You can choose from a vast range of RAL colours and finishes for the frames. That way, you’ll be adding a splash of colour to both the inside and outside of your home. Also, you could even add Georgian bars, a traditional design feature.

The design is in your hands when you get bow and bay windows through Compare Companies. We’ll put you in touch with the suppliers that’ll give you market-leading windows, with performance that can put money back in your pocket from day one. You’ll also get an installation for free as part of your quote, and companies like Checkatrade, for their quality service, back these installers.

Are Bow and Bay Windows Right for Me?

Bow and bay windows are a stunning addition to any home. However, there are plenty of other window styles available from the suppliers in the Compare Companies network. The bow and bay styles are a stunning addition to any home, their performance and style make your investment worthwhile.

You could choose casement windows for a more straightforward design. However, they use less glazing, meaning you’ll get a more restricted view of the outside world. Also, they don’t offer you much more space in your home, and their single-opening system doesn’t offer you a lot of flexibility. Alternatively, you can choose tilt and turn or sliding sash windows, that use more complex opening systems.

Bow and bay window prices can be significantly more than other styles. However, for your investment, you’ll get more double glazing, and you’ll extend your home with new space. Also, you’ll be able to make your home feel closer to nature with stunning views of your garden, and the natural warmth can help you save more on your energy bills than the other styles.

How Much Are Bow and Bay Window Prices?

Bow and bay window prices start from around £1,100. The cost of bow and bay windows can vary though, depending on how many panels of glazing you’d like, the dimensions of your new build, and your glass and framing options. However, when you work with Compare Companies, you can get all these options at your fingertips and choose the ones that suit your style and your budget.

You can use our online bow and bay windows quote builder, to choose the options that are right for you and get free, no-obligation quotes. That way, you can compare prices for a wide variety of features and design options with ease. This interactive tool is quick and easy to use, and you’ll get your quotes within minutes.

Then, you’ll be able to get in touch with our trusted network of local specialists, who have years of experience transforming homes in your local area with their bow and bay windows. You’ll be able to chat with several of these suppliers to compare their prices and get a broader picture of the market. That way, you get the best deal and make the best investment for you.

Bow and Bay Window Prices with Compare Companies

To get bow and bay windows at prices you’ll love, Compare Companies is the ideal choice for you.

You can get started today by using our online bow and bay windows quote builder. You’ll be able to create your new window and get a quick quote for your design. Then, we’ll put you in touch with our trusted network of approved installers, who’ll help make your vision a reality.

To find out more about Compare Companies services, you can either fill out our online contact form or call us on 0800 084 5076 to speak to our team directly.

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