Best Replacement Roof For A Victorian Conservatory

Victorian conservatory roof

What is the best replacement for a Victorian conservatory roof? If you have an older model, probably not the one you already have. That’s because, in builds from years ago, you’re likely to have a single-glazed roof or one that uses cheap materials. These roofs have a significant problem storing heat. Because they only use thin materials, warmth can escape the space quickly, leaving it cold and uncomfortable.

However, solving this issue is straightforward. You can replace your roof with a far better, modern design. Thanks to advanced technology, these roofs have much better insulation, and they use more durable materials. As a result, you can stop your home’s heat from escaping, and prevent cold air from playing havoc with your living space too. Also, with a brand-new roof, you can get more natural light and warmth in your Victorian conservatory.

If you have a Victorian conservatory, you may already know how bright these spaces are. They can even be too bright if you have a cheap roof, as they are prone to intense glare. With a brand-new roof, you can retain the brightness but bring it under your control. You could choose a design with double glazing that offers spectacular insulation and lighting, or solid and tiled options that add a new dimension to your space.

Not only that, but you can customise your replacement roof for a Victorian conservatory that stands out. You could add colours and finishes to the tiles, or even go for a hybrid roof that mixes glazing with other materials. The choice is up to you, putting you in command of the look, style and the budget of your new roof. Thanks to Compare Companies, you can fit a replacement roof to your home for even less as well.

The Benefits of a Replacement Roof

Your old roof can cause significant issues in your home. Because they don’t have a lot of insulation, heat can escape quickly out of your home, meaning you have to spend more on your heating to make up the difference. Not only that, but this leads to more condensation building up on the roof, reducing the amount of light getting through and causing maintenance problems. These roofs will also need repairing after only a few short years in many cases.

Repair costs can start to pile up quickly, too. If you have a roof with single-glazed glass, then it’s more likely to chip and crack. Also, your roof may use timber support beams, which can also wear away under excess water. In a worst-case scenario, leaving an older roof on your conservatory could cause it to collapse. As a result, investing in a replacement roof for a Victorian conservatory can make an enormous difference.

For a start, brand-new roofs use robust materials that all have superb insulation. Even a double glazing option can trap more heat within the two panes, giving your space a thermal barrier that keeps warmth in and cold out. Also, your glass won’t mist up as quickly, and you can even get a self-cleaning option that breaks down dirt by itself. Because of this, your roof won’t cause you nearly any hassle, and you won’t need to maintain it as much.

You’ll get all these benefits with a double glazing roof. However, there are more durable options that can offer you even better thermal protection. With a solid or tiled roof, you’ll get more insulation and greater control of the lighting in your home. You can also style these elements with portions of glazing too. As a result, you can save more money on your energy bills.

What Replacement Roofs Can I Get For a Victorian Conservatory roof?

There are three main types of replacement roof for a Victorian conservatory. Each one uses different materials in their design that can enhance your space. You’ll be able to be more comfortable in your home, as well as more secure with some options as well. And, with total weather protection across every roof, you’ll always have the right temperature in your home too.

Glass Conservatory Roof

The most affordable option is to install a new roof with double glazing. Glass roofs are ideal for Victorian conservatories: they let in more light than any other option, suiting their bright and open design. You’ll already get gorgeous views of your garden through the bay front and multi-faceted design of your space. However, you can also get beautiful views of the sky above with a glass roof.

With double glazing, you can also reduce some of the issues of single-glazed glass too. With more glass between you and the sun, there’ll be less glare, but the transparent glazing means you won’t lose any light. Also, there’ll be no gaps or weak points for cold air, wind or rain to enter your home. As a result, these roofs make draughts and damp spots a thing of the past.

Glass replacement roofs are also the most affordable option in the range. Glass roofs can cost around 40% less to install than solid or tiled equivalents. However, you don’t get as much control of the light in your space, and double glazing still can’t prevent all the heat in your home from escaping. While you can get better performance with more robust roofing, though, glass roofs are a worthwhile investment at their price point.

Solid Conservatory Roofs

For a roof that can enhance your conservatory massively, the solid design is the ideal choice. Usually using a blend of slate and concrete, these roofs can dramatically improve the way your conservatory channels energy. Solid roofs have a stunning modern appeal, making your extended space feel more like a natural part of your home. Also, they’ll preserve far more natural heat thanks to its insulation, making your conservatory more comfortable.

A crucial benefit of installing one of these roofs is your privacy. With a solid roof, you won’t have to worry about people breaking in from overhead. The roof is incredibly durable, and wind and rain won’t cause the system to weaken either. Not only that, but solid roofs can be fireproof options as well. Speak to your installer about fire-tested roofing for a design that gives you invaluable peace of mind.

Solid roofs can cost 40-50% more to install than a double glazing roof. But they can trap more energy in your home, meaning you can save more money on bills over time. And, while glass can often chip and crack over time, solid roofs are usually long-lasting designs. Because of this, you and your family can benefit from its stunning performance for decades to come. You can add glazing portions to get the best of both worlds as well.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Alternatively, another durable option is choosing lightweight tiles. Tiled designs make for one of the best replacement roof options for a Victorian conservatory. They balance out period styling with modern performance, giving any build a timeless quality. With tiles, you get similar performance and costs to solid roofs. But, for the same price, you can add a stylish roof that suits cottages and traditional homes perfectly.

Compared to glass roofs, tiled roofs have superb insulation, giving you year-round comfort in your living space. Also, tiled roofs are as secure and weatherproof as solid options. That’s because, while these roofs use individual tiles, they all seal together in an air and water-tight design. That way, wind and rain still can’t get through into your living space, giving you greater control of how it feels.

You’ll also be in total command of how your tiled roof looks as well. You can customise each tile with a unique colour or finish, that won’t lose its vibrancy for years to come. You can match the tiles to your property seamlessly too, meaning you can blend your space in more naturally with your home. Compared to solid roofs, you can get the same level of privacy and performance, but with a timeless style too.

Which Replacement Roof is Right For a Victorian Conservatory?

The big question you may be asking is which is the best replacement roof for a Victorian conservatory. These roofs are flexible designs, which means they can suit any style and build. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about not being able to get the roof you’d like, as you’ll get a made-to-measure roof that suits you perfectly. However, the Victorian conservatory is a unique build that has specific demands.

For a start, Victorian builds have a bay front, meaning they have a more curved design. Because of this, you may want to prioritise the light around the front of the space. If so, then a glass roof is the ideal option for letting natural light and warmth into your space. However, with a solid or tiled roof, you can leave the front portion of the ceiling above the bay front glazed to light up that area.

Another consideration that’s worth making is how you’d like to use your conservatory. At the moment, you may not use the space often, especially in the winter months when conservatories can become unusable. But with a brand-new replacement roof, you can reclaim the area and open your home to new possibilities. Victorian builds, in particular, are ideal spaces for socialising, relaxing and even dining, thanks to their open and airy design.

If you want a beautiful social space, a double glazing roof would be ideal. However, for relaxation, it may be better to install a tiled roof that offers more shading, reducing uncomfortable glare. And, if you feel that creating a new dining area would improve your home, then a solid roof with a roof lantern is the perfect option. Roof lanterns are overhead skylights that you can eat underneath for a gorgeous view.

How Much Does a Replacement Roof For a Victorian Conservatory Cost?

A replacement roof for a Victorian conservatory can cost as little as £2,600. However, the price can rise considerably depending on the size of your build and the materials you select. For example, if you’d like to install a solid or tiled replacement roof in a small build, then you can expect to spend at least £4,000. Glass roofs are around 40% cheaper than this, but don’t offer the same performance and privacy.

Another factor that can affect the cost is the type of materials you use for your tiles. Tiles usually have square metre prices, making the calculation to work out how much your roof will cost more straightforward. Concrete tiles cost between £12-22 per metre, clay options cost £28-40 per metre, and the incredibly durable slate tiles can cost up to £70. Because of this, it’s vital to pick the material that suits your style and your budget.

There are plenty of ways you can save money on adding a replacement roof as well. For a start, you’ll be saving on the cost of buying a new conservatory entirely. While a new roof won’t fix every issue, it’ll go a long way to helping you reclaim the space. Another way to save on the build is to choose a partially glazed design, using fewer tiles to save money on the cost of your materials.

Not only that, but the installer you choose can have an enormous bearing on the price. Some suppliers can oversell shoddy service, and it’s hard to know who to trust. Also, national installers who have name recognition can charge a lot more in travel costs and for their materials. Because of this, it’s best to choose a local specialist in your area. And that’s where Compare Companies can make a genuine difference.

Compare Replacement Roof Prices for a Victorian Conservatory

To get a replacement roof for a Victorian conservatory that transforms it completely, talk to Compare Companies.

Use our online conservatory roof cost calculator to compare the prices of a range of roofing options. You can see how different materials, sizes and shapes affect the price, and you can select colours and finishes too. Then, we’ll give you an instant online quote and refer it to local installers in your area. Many of our specialists have approval from bodies like Which? and CERTASS, ensuring a reliable installation and superb quality.

For more information about our services and replacement roofs, get in touch with us today!

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