Best Boiler Brands

Best Boiler Brands

With new boilers costing an average of between £1,650 and £3,500, homeowners have to make extra sure that the decision they make on the boiler they choose for their home is the right one. Often, it’s not just the best boiler you need to choose to meet your household’s needs, you have to choose the best boiler company too.

You can see on many different internet review sites just how big the difference is between the best boiler companies and the worst performing boiler companies. In this article, we’re going to take seven of Britain’s most popular boiler companies and compare them by how users have rated them on the internet.

Quite often, you need extra work doing to your home when you install a boiler so your final bill could end up anywhere between the figures below:

Quote from an InstallerAverage Cost
How much your boiler costs to supply£625-£6,190
How much it costs to install your boiler£630-£780
costs to supply and install new radiators£190-£310
the cost of a mechanical flush£440-£535

The experts at Energy UK have worked out that 60% of the money you spend on your energy bills is produced by your boiler. Choose the wrong boiler and you will be missing out on significant savings on your gas and electricity over 10-15 years.

Best Boiler Brands in UK

BrandFoundedRoyal WarrantOFTECType of BoilersTrustPilot
Worcester Bosch1962YesYesCombination, System, Conventional9/10*
Baxi1886NoYesCombination, System, Conventional4.5/10*
Glow-Worm1934NoYesCombination, System, Conventional8.9/10*
Ideal1906NoYesCombination, System, Conventional5.3/10*
Viessman1917NoYesCombination, System, Conventional7/10*

What guarantees do each boiler company offer?

Boilers are far more reliable than they used to be. They break down a lot less than they did ten or twenty years ago because the technology has moved on so much. As a result, boiler manufacturers generally offer much better guarantees on their products than ever.

Cheaper boilers will, in the main, offer shorter guarantee periods although this is not always the case. At time of writing, these are the guarantees being provided by the seven top boiler companies we’re comparing in this article.

Baxi2 years10 years
Glow-worm2 years7 years
Ideal2 years10 years
Potterton1 year7 years
Viessmann2 years5 years
Worcester Bosch2 years5 years

Finding the right installer for your boiler

Be sure to speak with your installer in-depth about the right make and model for you. Although it’s important to remember that the reviews we read online about the best boiler companies have been written by real customers, please don’t forget that people feel the need to write about negative experiences they’ve had far more than they feel the need to write about positive experiences.

Ultimately, your installer knows best on most occasions. He or she spends his or her day meeting with homeowners helping them choose the right make and model for them. Installers make far more installing new systems than repairing existing systems so they’re unlikely to recommend a boiler to you that’s going to pull them away from more profitable jobs because they’re around at your home repairing your boiler.

To get the best price and the widest range of recommendations, you should speak to 3 or 4 trusted boiler installers and we can help you do that.

We work with boiler installers up and down the UK. We’ve vetted every single company that we pass enquiries onto meaning that you can spend more time deciding on the right boiler for you rather than worrying about the qualifications and experience of the person who might be installing it.

Our service is free and you’re under no obligation to accept any of the quotes provided for you.

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