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There are enormous benefits to installing uPVC bow windows. Their design is from the 19th Century and was a staple of wealthy Victorian homes. However, today these windows have an updated design that uses modern materials. As a result, you can add these to any home, no matter its look or style. Bow windows have a beautiful curved design that both stands out and is subtle.

Because of this, you can make your living space appear elegant and classy. You’ll also be able to make it bigger. Bow windows are panoramic designs that need a lot of space to fit their shape. Therefore, you could turn a wall of your home into one of these beautiful designs. Also, the bow window extends that wall outward, as it has a curved shape. That way, you can genuinely enhance your home’s space with one of these additions.

You’ll also create a brighter living space. uPVC bow windows use minimal frames, and the structures they do use are slim options. Because of this, you’ll get outstanding natural light, slim sightlines, and you can open your living space up to the outside world. You’ll be able to combine a range of advanced glazing options with durable frames for a blend of light and strength. A uPVC frame is the most affordable, keeping the cost of these designs down.

uPVC bow windows are one of the more costly designs to fit into your home. These windows will start from around £1050, and the cost can grow depending on the size of the design, and how many customisable features you’d like to add. However, you can keep the cost down with Compare Companies. We let you compare prices from several trusted local installers to get a stunning deal.

The Benefits of uPVC Bow Windows

The benefits of uPVC bow windows are almost endless. For a start, these windows have a beautiful curved edge and soft angles, giving them a welcoming look and feel. They use full glass panelling, but the design blends these panels in with each other seamlessly, as your bow window won’t have any sharp corners. Because of this, you’ll add a subtler design to your home, which can blend in seamlessly with the existing build.

You can help your uPVC bow windows blend in by customising their design. You’ll be able to choose from a vast array of bold colours and authentic finishes. uPVC is a material that won’t fade for decades, meaning whatever style you select won’t start to wear down for years to come. That way, you can invest in a unique window with confidence, and you can style it to suit any home.

When you add uPVC bow windows, you won’t only be adding a window to your home. You can transform one of these open and spacious designs into a space that helps you live more comfortably. If you install these windows, you’ll be adding a small alcove to your home, perfect for storage or as a space for a mirror. As a result, bow windows are versatile designs, ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and even kitchens.

But, perhaps above all, uPVC bow windows can save you money. While the initial investment is costly, you can start to pay it back instantly. You can fit uPVC bow windows with advanced glazing, including triple glazing options. Because of this, your new addition will have impressive insulation, and it’ll be able to preserve more of your home’s natural heat. As a result, you can stay warm without relying on your central heating, cutting your energy bills.

What’s the difference between Bay and Bow Windows?

uPVC bow windows often come with a description of bay windows as well. That’s because these designs have a lot of similarities. They both extend a wall of your home to fit their protruding model, and because of this, they can both make your home more spacious and brighter too. However, there are some noticeable differences between the two. The most obvious one is its shape. Bay windows have an angled design with 33 to 90-degree edges, while bow windows use a subtler curve.

Bow windows don’t lose out as a result of their more understated look, however. While you’ll have less uPVC, you’ll still benefit just as much. Instead of having to deal with cumbersome frames and tight angles, you’ll get the same strength and security with a slimmer look. That means you can benefit from better views inside your living space, and there’ll be less in the way of natural light entering your home.

Also, you won’t be compromising on your home’s safety. Bow windows have the same durable build, and will also have the same internal security hardware. Because of this, intruders will see an open window, but find a design that completely closes the door on them breaking into your home. The cost of both styles is broadly similar too. So, rather than choose bay windows that have a reputation as ‘box windows’, you can go with an understated, softer design.

Why choose uPVC Bow Windows?

When you install bow windows, you can choose between a variety of frames. While there are plenty of choices on offer, uPVC is a superb option that also helps you save money. uPVC is flexible, durable and affordable too, costing less than aluminium and composite frames to add to your window. However, you won’t be losing out on performance. uPVC can reduce gaps in the design to stop cold air entering your living space and making it less comfortable.

uPVC is also a lightweight material. That means it won’t put as much strain on your windows over time. With an aluminium or composite option, you can make your bow window heavier. As a result, the frames put a little more pressure on the glass, which could make it more prone to chipping and cracking. uPVC offers a superb mix of the robust and the light. That makes it perfect for bow windows and their soft look.

Also, uPVC bow windows are the ideal choice if you have a modern home. While bow windows are a traditional design, their use of full glazing panels makes them no different, in some ways, to modern window options. You’ll get the wide apertures and natural light that most new models look to add to your home, but with a classic look. A uPVC frame in a bold colour can give it a splash of personality to suit your property.

Spacious uPVC Bow Windows

uPVC bow windows are a design that can genuinely enhance your home space. Their curved design turns a flat wall of your home into one that opens up to the outside world. As a result, you can get natural light from more angles, as the window has a true, 180-degree radius. Also, the spacious design creates a new area in your home. You’ll be able to use it for storage, sitting down, or other functions.

You’ll also be able to brighten up your living space, giving it the illusion of extra room. With full glazing panes, uPVC bow windows make it straightforward to make your home feel natural. You can also add openers to each panel of the design. As a result, you can ventilate your home as much as you need to. You’ll be able to open each part of the window individually, meaning you’ll control the climate in your home more effectively.

As a result, you could even save more money on your household bills. While uPVC bow windows can save you using your central heating as often, they could also reduce the need for you to turn on your lights. In the summer months, the sun will bathe your home in bright light, giving you a naturally luminous living area. That way, you can keep your lights off throughout the day, putting a little more money back in your pocket.

Customisable uPVC Bow Windows

uPVC bow windows are fully customisable. Because of this, you’ll be able to create a unique addition to your home with ease. Almost every part of the window is changeable. For a start, you can select how many panels you’d want in your bow windows. Most designs range from three to five glass panels, with each one connecting with a slim uPVC frame. Because of this, you can choose how much you open up the inside of your home.

Also, bow windows can make the outside of your home feel more prominent. If you install them at the front of the property, then guests will notice them as soon as they walk up to your entrance. You’ll be able to customise how your uPVC bow windows look on the outside of the design as well. You could add stained glass for a traditional look with a bespoke pattern, and you can also style your uPVC with a woodgrain finish for a similar effect.

When you customise uPVC bow windows, you can also take more control over the cost. You can cut down the size of the build, for instance, to reduce both the supply price and the installation time. Also, with a uPVC frame, you can save money on your windows against an aluminium or composite bow window. That means you’ll be able to design your perfect window, ensuring it suits your needs and your budget as well.

Turret-Shaped uPVC Bow Windows

uPVC bow windows also have a unique party piece. You may want to open up two spaces of your home. However, that would mean that you’d have to invest in two windows to do it. Or does it? When you invest in uPVC bow windows, you could find that you can brighten up two rooms with their open design. That’s because you can fit their curved design around one of the corners of your home, in a configuration known as a ‘turret-shaped bow window’.

The turret-shaped bow window curves right around the corner, meaning it can open up your home more effectively. In both rooms, you’ll create an area which is full of light and space. However, turret-shaped uPVC bow windows can cost an awful lot to install, due to their sophisticated installation. You could expect to pay up to three and a half times more for this design, meaning you should only invest in it if it suits your needs precisely.

uPVC Bow Window Costs

uPVC bow windows can cost as little as £1050 to install in your home. However, the overall price can vary depending on the exact design you want. For example, adding more panels to your window can add to the amount. For a full, five-panelled design, you can expect to pay at least £1800. If you do choose to go with one of these stunning windows, though, you’ll get outstanding natural light and views of the outside world.

There are plenty of ways to stay in control of the cost, however. One of the best methods is to install your bow windows with a uPVC frame. uPVC can cost around 15% less than aluminium to add to your investment, and far less than a composite option. If you want a traditional design that evokes wooden windows, you can still style your uPVC with an authentic woodgrain finish as well.

The best way to save money on uPVC bow windows, though, is to invest in them with Compare Companies. We can put you in contact with a trusted supplier and installer from your local area. That way, you can compare their costs against others to get the best deal. Also, as these specialists are closer to you, you can save money on travel costs. Not only that, but many of these companies have approval from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS, ensuring you’ll pay for top quality.

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